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Jenna Tulls is a character role-played by SuperBunneh.


Jenna Tulls was a Paramedic for the Emergency Medical Services, call-sign Papa-11.


Jenna Tulls came from Vice City, she was a gunslinger, drug dealer and was a part of a street racing gang. Her crew had gotten themselves messed up with some bad people and was taken out one by one. She was the crews hood medic, always had a passion for healing and helping. After losing so many close friends, she started doubting her life choices and learning even more about medicine which ignited her passion for it.

A year later after staying away from crime she had decided to leave that life behind for good. She had moved to Liberty City with a clean record to start fresh, and make up for the mistakes she's made. She had passed the EMS Academy and has been enjoying every single minute of it!

Played By: SuperBunneh
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