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Jeffrey Bundy is a character role-played by OccamsSabre.

General Description

Jeffrey Bundy is a Captain for the Los Santos Police Department, Badge #451.

He is also one of the Chief of Detectives for the Street Crimes Unit, and the unit's Founder.

He was previously a Dispatch FTO for the Los Santos Police Dispatch, call-sign Delta-5.


Bundy is known for keeping a cool head at all times. He can easily lead a situation and keep an overview, even though he has no problems stepping back and letting others lead. Throughout his time as a Command Member, he has always had an open ear for the problems of other officers, and is known as the Shift Dad/Bundad. His biggest strengths are writing reports and collecting evidence.

Bundy keeps a positive rapport with everyone he meets, whether a Civilian or a Criminal. As such, he has earned the respect of some of the largest criminals in the city as a Police Officer, such as the leaders of Chang Gang, Bondi Boys MC, and The Stable, as well as many citizens across San Andreas, from Business Owners to Burger Shot workers.

Background Information

Bundy first applied for PD Dispatch in Los Santos during the midst of July 2020 but had jobs prior to this: He was a fireman from 2012 to 2014, a police dispatcher from 2014 to 2018 and briefly a police officer in liberty city- working his way to the role of lieutenant in that city.

During his role as lieutenant, Bundy lead a SWAT operation on a notorious "crack den". Having beat down and detained the suspects surrounding the house, the SWAT team- which consisted of Bundy's younger brother- ripped up the floor boards and turned the house upside down in search for illegal drugs. Upon searching the back room, they realised that the wall was false and tore it down; revealing heaps of paper cash. The $300,000 found was loaded into a large sack and instructed, by Bundy, to be carried out to the car by his younger brother. However, one of the apprehended suspects who was detained on scene saw this happen and spread the word that Bundy's brother had taken the money.

Some time after this incident, Bundy's brother was sitting in his police cruiser at a traffic stop when these same suspects pulled up beside him. Upon identifying him and confirming that he was the one who had touched their money, the owners of the drug house shot him. He was pronounced dead on scene.

Since it was Bundy's call for his brother to have carried out that money, he blamed himself. Riddled with guilt, Bundy went back to the "crack den" and found the man who had been detained on the day of the raid. With little thought, Bundy put a shotgun to his throat and pulled the trigger- killing the man who had caused his brothers demise.

Although he wasn't found guilty of any crimes, Bundy was officially discharged, and years later ventured to Los Santos in search of rejoining the police force again.

Official Titles

Captain Jeffrey Bundy,[1] Founder of the SCU,[2] Chief of Detectives,[3] Bar Certified Attorney,[4] The Unburned,[5] The Evidence Goblin,[6] The Scourge of the High Seas,[7] Bane to all House Robbers,[8] FTI,[9] Reluctant Vampire Hunter,[10] BBMCA Road Coptain,[11] Dad of Shift 2,[12] K-9 Certified,[13] Impeacher of Mayors,[14] and the Incorruptible Supreme Commander of the BCPD.[15]

Momentous Dates within the Government

Rank Insignia Note Date
Dispatch FTO DispatchFTO.png PD Ranking Restructure; Call-Sign D-5 February 5th, 2021
Cadet CadetBCSO.png Hired to the BCSO; Badge #543 [16] March 8th, 2021
Cadet CadetBCSO.png Passed Academy March 28th, 2021
Solo Cadet SoloCadetBCSO.png Solo Certified; Badge #643 [17] April 21st, 2021
Officer Officer.png Promoted to Officer, Transferred to the LSPD; Badge #451 [18] May 15th, 2021
Senior Officer SeniorOfficer.png Promoted to Senior Officer [19] July 2nd, 2021
Sergeant SergeantSOLSPD.png Promoted to Sergeant [20] August 8th, 2021
Lieutenant LieutenantLSPD.png Promoted to Lieutenant [21] October 8th, 2021
Captain CaptainLSPD.png Promoted to Captain [22] December 13th, 2021
Assistant Chief ACoP.png Promoted to Assistant Chief of Police for 5 Days by Kyle Pred [23] April 9th, 2022
Captain CaptainLSPD.png Returned to Captain April 20th, 2022
Certification Legend Rank Note Date
Major Crimes Division MCD Cert.png Officer Appointed as Detective in the MCD June 17th, 2021
Field Training Officer FTO Cert.png Senior Officer FTO Certified July 22nd, 2021
Major Crimes Division MCD Cert.png Senior Officer MCD disbanded July 28th, 2021
Street Crimes Unit SCU Cert.png Sergeant Appointed as Head of SCU [24] August 8th, 2021
SWAT SWAT Cert.png Lieutenant SWAT Certified October 28th, 2021
K9 Handler K9 Cert.png Lieutenant K9 Cross-Certified; Handler for Watson November 6th, 2021
Field Training Instructor FTI Cert.png Lieutenant FTI Certified [25] November 23rd, 2021
Street Crimes Unit SCU Cert.png Captain Transitioned to Detective Inspector of the SCU [26] December 20th, 2021
K9 Handler K9 Cert.png Captain K9 Certified; Handler for Ted [27] January 11th, 2022
Street Crimes Unit SCU Cert.png Captain Returned to Chief of Detectives of the SCU March 18th, 2022

Notable Case Files

Mr. 9

Throughout the early months of 2021, a Serial Killer later identified as "Mr. 9" was leaving bodies across San Andreas. As a Dispatcher with plenty of time on his hands, Bundy took an interest in this case, curating reports and gathering as much information as he could on "Mr. 9," eventually leading to him contacting Bundy numerous times. Despite his passive role in the case, Bundy ended up being one of the main reasons "Mr. 9," aka Finn Harlow, was caught.

Harlow was charged with 5x 1st Degree Murder and 5x Unlawful Imprisonment. He was convicted on April 2nd, 2021, and was given the Death Penalty, despite Lead Investigator Daisy Dukakis pleading otherwise. Harlow was executed by Firing Squad at 2:19pm UTC on April 13th, 2021. Bundy, accompanied by Corrections Officers Dwayne Carter and Shane Jones, witnessed the event from the sidelines. Bundy notes Harlow as the first person he ever "legally murdered."

While never proven during his life, the Police Department has many theories that Finn Harlow was associated with the Infinity Killer namesake, tieing him to even more bodies than he was convicted of.

The Centipede Killer


Basem Shahin's Murder

On July 31st, 2021, Bundy and Ryan Wright responded to a call at the Chumash Pier. Upon arriving, they found the body of Basem Shahin. An autopsy showed that he had been shot at close range by an AK-47-style weapon. Upon announcing his death to the public, Wright recorded everyone who came to visit his body at the morgue, while Bundy catalogued his recent phone logs.

In the following days, Bundy would go on to subpoena the phone records of everyone recently contacted by Basem. While he lead the investigation around the time of his death, Kyle Pred lead a parallel one on Shift 1, with the support of Jenny Hall, Amber Gold, and Kevin Keyte. Throughout their investigations, the detectives learned that Denzel Williams had some sort of control over Basem, requiring him to pay large sums of money regularly. In addition, Bundy learned from several witnesses at Otto's Autos, including Mila Smoak and James Arsenal, that Andi Jones had brought Basem in a couple of hours before his death, with his fingernails freshly ripped out. Bundy later learned from some Lifers at Bolingbroke Penitentiary that they were ripped out by Andi and Lars "Bjorn" Haverford.

With all of this information, the Police Force placed a 72-hour Investigative Hold on Andi and Bjorn, and conducted Search & Seizure Warrants on properties owned by Denzel and Andi. Unfortunately, no murder weapon was ever recovered, and no further leads were found.

By the end of the investigation, the only provable convictions to be made were that Andi Jones and Lars Haverford ripped out Basem's fingernails shortly before his death, however Judge Devereaux had seen him alone after his portrayal at Otto's Auto's. As the Police Force would only be able to charge them with Assault and Battery, an 8-month charge, they decided a sentence so light would be unfitting for such a serious case, and so no criminal convictions were ever made.

After the investigation concluded, Bundy campaigned for a new "Act of Torture" law to be established in the Penal Code, where the intent of harm (either physical or mental) is more extreme than a simple punch, as Assault is usually charged for.
In addition, Sheriff Pred recommended Bundy to lead the Unified Police Department's new Investigative Department, which was corroborated by Chief Baas, ultimately leading to Bundy's promotion to Sergeant and the founding of the Street Crimes Unit.

Mila Smoak
James Arsenal (Part 1)
James Arsenal (Part 2)
Malcom Vick
Lars "Bjorn" Haverford
Artorius King
Hunter Skye

Namoi Kent's Murder

On September 9th, 2021, Bundy and other officers responded to several 911 calls at Burger Shot, claiming "Mr. K and cohorts pulled out guns at the Burger Shot!" Upon arriving on scene, Bundy found the body of Namoi Kent behind the counter, with two gunshots to the head. A doctor was already on scene attempting to help, but she was dead. Upon interviewing the witnesses, including Burger Shot Workers Hubcap Jones, Tomathy Steampipe, Ursula Leichenberg, and Percy Perkins, Doctor Harlow Mathews, and Corrections Officers Connor Stubble and Jason Crowley, it was determined that Namoi was murdered over a customer not wanting to pay for two burgers. Despite the initial 911 Reports identifying the killer as Mr. Kebun, most witnesses were able to positively-identify Lang Buddha as the one to pull the trigger, accompanied by Tony Corleone.

After a raid was conducted on the Clean Manor in search of the murder weapon, Bundy held an interrogation with Mr. Buddha, in which he Plead the 5th and refused to give any comment. On September 24th, 2021, in the interest of keeping the witnesses at Burger Shot safe, a plea deal was offered for Second Degree Murder instead of First. After Buddha accepted, however, Judge Bailey refused to accept it, as Lead Prosecutor Arthur MacNee was an employee of the Rooster's Rest. It was decided that he, and anyone else who was working on the prosecution with him, were Conflicted, and therefore could not participate any further. To solve this issue, Bundy had Aaron Byson refile the plea deal, which was accepted.

In the midst of the investigation, several unexpected setbacks occurred. After the official autopsy was concluded, and Namoi's body was open for viewing, Mel Rickenbacker stole the body, claiming he was paid in cash by Tomathy. In addition, Mia Beyern and Zoey Marie both claimed to have committed the murder, despite knowing no details about even the murder weapon. In the end, however, Lang Buddha was charged, and accepted a plea deal for Second Degree Murder.

Ursula Leichenberg
Connor Stubble
Jason Crowley
Harlow Mathews
Percy Perkins
Hubcap Jones
Mia Beyern

HOA Warehouse Raid

After HOA members Kian Mercer and Lilith Ailhart were gunned down and robbed next to the warehouse of Mirror Park Tavern bartender Blanden Haster, the police recovered Kian's AK-47 from the robber. Bundy requested a search warrant and locked down Blanden's warehouse on the suspicion of gun trafficking. As Bundy staked out the warehouse, a masked Jesus Antonio Lopez Contreras risked a false flag scheme where he kidnapped Bundy, asked why the police had locked up "The Stable's" warehouse, and gunned him down. Meanwhile, to Bundy's amusement, Judge Alan Crane denied the search warrant. Bundy amended the warrant accordingly, and Crane subsequently approved a raid of the locked up HOA warehouse. Bundy seized over 40 meth pillows from the warehouse, and Blander Haster was charged with drug trafficking. Later, Bundy mused what the gunman had meant by "The Stable".

"The Stable"

Not long after the Warehouse incident, Bundy would turn his attention to the HOA warehouse's next-door neighbor, a warehouse owned by Diamond Casino Hotel CEO Sabith "Bunny" Cohen. On the night of November 9th, 2021, Bundy had searched for illegal firearms inside of Kirk Jerkems' apartment, and discovered three meth pillows of 51-rhinoceros stashed inside. Because Kirk, Abner Vaca, Xavier Valentine, and Felix Volk had accidentally obstructed the raid in Thomas Dwayne's car, the Street Crimes Unit claimed reasonable suspicion that Thomas' Bahama Mamas West CEO Bunny might be storing the crew's illegal drugs inside of her warehouse. Detective Sexton Hardcastle staked out her warehouse for eight hours and one whole morning.

After subpoenaing the phone records and text messages of Kirk, Abner, Xavier, and Felix, Bundy discovered that Thomas had texted a logo for "The Stable" to Abner. He also discovered a text from Abner to Nancy Drew about whether she could ask her cop boyfriend Dante Wolf about Abner's arrest warrant. This made the SCU concerned that Dante could be informing for The Stable. On November 12th, 2021, Mackenzie Hayes responded to Odessa Glafx's emergency call that she had rescued Dante from an ocean dump. With Dante hospitalized in the ICU with headshot wounds, Bundy, Shane Jones, and Sam Baas interrogated Nancy on the suspicion that she and The Stable had attempted to murder Dante. Hardcastle walked into the room behind the mirror to reveal that the police had just caught Kirk, Abner, Xavier, and Marie Ortiz in a 37A armored car drug run, but that the armored car had gotten away. Hardcastle lamented that the warehouse he had been watching was probably empty now, and saw no point in re-raiding Kirk, Abner, and Xavier so soon after their previous raid. Days later, Dante woke up from his coma and revealed to Hayes and Candice DeFitt that Lang Buddha was the culprit who had shot him and tried to ocean dump him.

As a consequence of the three seized 51-rhinoceros meth pillows, Kirk and Abner accepted Bundy's plea deal, and turned themselves in to Hardcastle and Hayes on November 21st, 2021. Kirk served three years in prison for Drug Trafficking, while Abner served two as an accomplice. Hardcastle finally saw the inside of the warehouse on January 18th, 2022, when Nancy Drew gave both him and Lily Pond a guided tour. It was full of honey and bee's wax for the legal business that Bunny and Nancy ran together, Plan Bee.

Impeaching Mayor Abdul

During the term of Mayor Abdul, several complaints were filed against his administration, including an unwillingness to provide necessary police budgets, a lack of transparency in sharing state funds, and a lack of availability/knowledge among the Deputy Mayors.

On November 14th, 2021, all of these issues came to light at a Town Hall run by Deputy Mayors Salem Yellow and Ursula Leichenberg, where they refused to provide any information about state funds or tax uses without first consulting with Abdul. Spearheaded by Captain Angel, the Police Department launched a full investigation into the State Funds, and discovered several gross expenses, including a fully-upgraded "mayoral vehicle," purchases for "state metal-detecting," and a penthouse room at the Diamond Casino Hotel for over $1,000,000. At this time, Bundy, alongside Serge Cross and Aaron Byson, filed the State's first Articles of Impeachment against Mayor Abdul and his administration.

After consulting with Former Mayors Andi Jones and Denzel Williams, Bundy learned the extent of the gross negligence and incompetence of Abdul's spending, especially when it came to the Hotel Room. With judicial approval from Judge Bailey, Denzel purchased a permanent safehouse for the mayor, at a fraction of the cost Mayor Abdul paid for a temporary penthouse, seemingly without judicial guidance. During the trial itself, Judge Bailey confirmed that he gave no approval for this, or any other, purchases made by Abdul.

On November 29th, 2021, the Impeachment Trial was heard by Senators D W and Sean Davis, alongside Chief Justice Allison Thomas. After hearing the testimony of former mayors, the mechanic who upgraded the "mayoral vehicle," and the CFO of the Hotel Business, Robert Locksley, the judges ruled that Mayor Abdul was Not Guilty of any Criminal Charges (Embezzlement/Fraud), though due to his apparent incompetence in government spending, he was to be removed from office immediately, and a new election would be held for the next Mayor of Los Santos. After the verdict was given, Abdul seemed relieved to be out of office, having a positive conversation with Bundy about their respect and appreciation for each other.

As a result of this case, Chief of Police Sam Baas rewarded Bundy with the ability to use the Ghost Livery on his Explorer for one week, which he later forgot about, allowing him to keep it until his incidental promotion to Captain two weeks later. In addition, Emma Gaine won the abrupt election on December 10th, on promises of transparency and betterment for government workers and civilians alike.

Green Beans Closure

On September 13th, 2021, Wayne Biggz and Anto Murphy were arrested by members of the Burglary Task Force during a Weed Transportation Run. As such, both suspects were raided. In total, Wayne had approximately 26,620 grams (~59lbs) of marijuana in his properties. After further investigation, it was found that Wayne was the registered owner of Green Beans, a marijuana seed dispensary. Upon closer examination, however, it was determined that Wayne did not have a Dispensary License, and part of his business guidelines prohibited him from growing or possessing any marijuana.

Wayne was charged with Drug Trafficking, and Anto as an accomplice. The trial, held by Judge Schwinghammer on October 1st, 2021, initially concluded with a "Not Guilty" verdict, despite the overwhelming amount of evidence. When pressed for an explanation, Schwinghammer stated that he did not want everyone to have to wait for his verdict, and so he did not look through the evidence "with a fine-tooth comb." Because of this, the case was appealed to The Senate. Senators D W and Sean Davis, alongside Chief Justice Allison Thomas, re-heard the case on October 22nd, 2021. The defendants were found Guilty, with an additional requirement that Green Beans cease operation entirely until a new CEO, with both PD & DOJ approval, was chosen.

On September 5th, 2021, while Green Beans was still attempting to find a new CEO, Deputy Bobbi Russel located marijuana plants growing inside the Green Beans property. An investigation was launched, but no criminal charges were pressed for the time being. Eventually, Bryce Miller was chosen to be the new CEO for Green Beans. Within 24 hours, however, Wayne and Eugene Zuckerberg were found with a Methamphetamine table, as well as numerous batches of raw meth. Upon raiding each of them, even more meth, and more marijuana, was discovered. Upon investigating the Green Beans property once again, the business was found to be violating their guidelines, with more than 30 female marijuana plants growing, and wet bud harvested and stored on site.

Several months later, after Captain Randy Wrangler decided to write his report on the situation, the Green Beans business was tried on January 29th, 2022, and was indefinitely shut down. In addition, The Senate ruled that Seed Dispensary Businesses like Green Beans would no longer be approved whatsoever. With this, the first business of San Andreas was shut down, marking an end to the Green Beans saga.

The Stalker, "I"

On December 11th, 2021, Bundy received a letter in his mailbox from someone called "I". They expressed to Bundy that they hate the spotlight, but wanted to be acknowledged regardless. They also expressed their fascination towards eating human flesh. After a few more letters, Bundy also began receiving phone calls from payphones, during which the caller would not speak. It was eventually revealed that this was "I" calling to hear Bundy's voice, but was not comfortable sharing their own.

After a brief absence of communication from "I", Bundy received a similar unknown call on February 20th, 2022. He expressed to the caller the similarity, and how he assumed "I" had disappeared. Later that evening, Bundy received a letter in the mail stating "I'm happy you remember".

Over the next few days, Bundy and "I" shared interesting facts and trivia from their lives, such as family members, favorite bands, and hobbies. Through these days, it became increasingly clear that "I" was interested with Bundy on a personal level, and cared for his well-being in encouraging him to take more time away from work for relaxation.

Despite this, however, "I" dropped their first victim at Bundy's house the next day, on February 25th. "I" had called Bundy earlier in the day, when he said he would check his mailbox in 15-20 minutes. 21 minutes later, an anonymous 911 call indicated "I" was disappointed in Bundy, and he should check his house. Upon arriving, the body of Molly Russel was on his front steps, having been slashed open and disemboweled. Bundy expressed his frustrations with "I" later in the evening, and how "I" was previously the only person who called him without an agenda or a need, but now he needed to always be available in case they killed on a whim again.

On March 5th, 2022, Bundy contacted Warden Maxwell to acquire a Burner Phone, which he later left in a dead-drop location for "I" to retrieve. Through the Burner Phone, "I" and Bundy were able to communicate via text messages instead of letters and silent calls, making their communication much more fluid. Despite this, however, "I" continued to refuse to speak.

On March 21st, 2022, another victim was left by "I", this time at the Humane Labs & Research Facility. The victim was Maximilian Delicious, who had an incision in the side of his abdomen, and a kidney-like organ on the ground beside him. Delicious made a full recovery, but "I" became more hostile towards Bundy, accusing him of "poking the bear and continuing to do so".

Since that night, "I" has not contacted Bundy. Perhaps their burner-phone ran out of battery, or one of their victims overpowered them? Perhaps "I" simply became bored with Bundy, and found a new target to stalk.

Bundy never determined "I's" true identity, but he believes "I" is a young, soft-spoken woman from the United Kingdom, and at one point had long brown hair covering one eye. Beyond this, however, Bundy has no inklings of their identity, name, or motivations behind their fascination with him.

Despite this, however, a conversation with Elizabeth Byrne revealed that someone named "Ida" was unhappy with Jessi Adler leaving bodies at his house, a similar sentiment which was shared by "I". Through this, Bundy has his suspicions, but still no confirmation.

Counter Terrorism


Los Santos' Most Wanted


Criminal Record

MDW Profile
Drivers License
0 points
On File
Natural Born Crackheads
Bondi Boys MC
Criminal Record of Jeffrey Bundy
Contempt of Court 1


  • Is very good at writing reports.
  • Chose his cadet call-sign in honor of #344 Lauren Forcer and #444 Johnny Divine, who have served as mentors to him.
  • Transferred away from the BCSO after it took 3 weeks to be informed, by the LSPD, that he passed his Final Evaluation.
  • Once jumped from his Boat Unit to board a Criminal's Boat while mobile in the ocean.
  • Once fought Michael Myers inside the Clean Manor.
  • Entered into the Octopus Games undercover as "Jackson Pope," a participant.
  • During Halloween 2021, Bundy dressed as Randy Wrangler, and turned a Traffic Stop into a Raid into a Drug Trafficking Charge into a Guilty Plea.
  • Performed the first Held Until Bench Trial with Tim Littleman and Jim Littleman for Harboring a Fugitive, presided over by Alan Crane.
  • His Callsign when operating as a Boat Unit is "Boaty McBoatface."
  • Impeached Mayor Abdul with the help of Aaron Byson, Serge Cross, Jenny Hall, and Brittany Angel.
  • Was the first Police Officer hired after the Economic Collapse to be promoted to both Command and High Command ranks. Bundy was also promoted to High Command before any of the other Officers from after the Collapse were promoted to Command, the closest being Sexton Hardcastle and Claire Everly, who were promoted to Sergeant on March 7th 2022, three months after Bundy became High Command.
  • Wrote the most detailed construction request which Andi Jones has seen. [28]
  • Once ruthlessly murdered a child. [29]
  • Successfully boarded a BBMC Vehicle during Pursuit, [30] as well as another Police Cruiser. [31]
  • Is very proficient with the Mk14 Rifle, regularly acting as the Sniper Unit during armed holdouts. [32]
  • Was one of the main targets of Michael Simone, and lost his left eye from a sniper shot. [33]

  • Has an excellent memory.
  • Likes to brag about biking to work every day.
  • Pees in the shower.
  • Used to only sleep in the Dispatch Room at MRPD, and under the desk in the SCU Room, before he purchased a house.
  • Is referred to by Alan Crane as "My OG."
  • His first time being kidnapped was by Chang Gang.
  • Has entered into passionate relations with women who perform such services in exchange for financial compensation.
  • Will only bite a homeless person under dire circumstances.
  • It is on court record that he and Steve Block are both Bitches.
  • Has a list of people to Ocean Dump when he eventually snaps. [34]
  • Used to have three active stalkers: "I.", "G.D.", and one unnamed.
  • Upon hearing about his stalkers, many people offer to join the club, including Sabith Cohen and France Gall. [35]
  • Would arrest his own mother for prostitution following an "I banged your mom" joke.
  • Was officially recognized by Irwin Dundee as BBMCa. [36] [37]
  • Has a Lifetime Membership to Happy Yoga.
  • Was issued a Civilian Class 2 License by Judge Might on April 22nd, 2022. This means Bundy can openly carry a Class 2 Weapon while off duty, but will be punished if he does this on duty with his Police Rifles.
  • Is very insensitive towards disabled people. [38]
  • Is a top. [39]

  • Assets

    Property Address Note

    Route 68 House

    Route 68 #6 Purchased during the "Housing Boom"
    Target of many Serial Killers


    Alta Street #3 Original Alta Street Housing

    Personal Vehicles
    Vehicle License Plate Note

    Daemon Custom

    T15EV23Y Painted "Bondi Blue"


    30GI0KZ5 Purchased for Hunting Trips with the SCU Family

    BD BMX

    No License Plate Purchased from Pedro Frank

    Pro 3

    No License Plate Bundy's Original Bicycle

    Police Vehicles
    Vehicle License Plate Note

    Crown Victoria Police Interceptor

    JB007 Personal Crown Victoria
    Ghost Livery

    Police Explorer

    Police Explorer

    DET CORD Personal Explorer
    Ghost Livery


    BUNCAT Personal Rhino/Bearcat/Bobcat
    Mid-Life Crisis Vehicle

    Baller LE

    Q2PHPRL1 Personal Undercover Vehicle

    Buffalo S

    M4124UA4 Personal Undercover Vehicle


    42NFRBR6 Personal Undercover Vehicle
    Street Crimes Unit Vehicles


    GBB48Y11 Undercover Vehicle


    39C3OQER Undercover Vehicle

    Rancher XL

    X1VNFG51 Undercover Vehicle


    46JX07G4 Undercover Vehicle


    QDX4DQI8 Undercover Vehicle



    1. [Title] Captain Promotion
    2. [Title] Detective Inspector
    3. [Title] Founder of the Investigative Department
    4. [Title] First Objection
    5. [Title] The Unburned
    6. [Title] The Evidence Goblin
    7. [Title] Scourge of the High Seas
    8. [Title] TBA
    9. [Title] Promoted to FTI
    10. [Title] TBA
    11. [Title] BBMCA Road Coptain
    12. [Title] Shift 2 Dad
    13. [Title] First Meeting Ted
    14. [Title] Abdul's Impeachment
    15. [Title] TBA
    16. [Government Dates] Hired to the BCSO
    17. [Government Dates] Solo Certified
    18. [Government Dates] Promoted to Officer
    19. [Government Dates] Promoted to Senior Officer
    20. [Government Dates] Promoted to Sergeant
    21. [Government Dates] Promoted to Lieutenant
    22. [Government Dates] Promoted to Captain
    23. [Government Dates] Promoted to Ass. Chief
    24. [Government Dates] Founder of the Investigative Department
    25. [Government Dates] Promoted to FTI
    26. [Government Dates] Transitioned to Detective Inspector
    27. [Government Dates] Fully K-9 Certified
    28. [Police Trivia] Construction Request for Davis PD
    29. [Police Trivia] Murdering a Child
    30. [Police Trivia] Boarding the BBMC Vehicle
    31. [Police Trivia] Boarding a Police Vehicle
    32. [Police Trivia] Mk14 Shot
    33. [Police Trivia] Sniped by Simone
    34. [Personal Trivia] Ocean Dump List
    35. [Personal Trivia] France Gall offers to stalk Bundy
    36. [Personal Trivia] BBMCa Bundy becomes Official
    37. [Personal Trivia] Dundee asks for Club Dues
    38. [Personal Trivia] Bucky looks "lighter"
    39. [Personal Trivia] Staying "on top" of things

    Played By: OccamsSabre
    Characters: Jeffrey BundyRay MontagBenjamin CraneGemma KnightBusta BlockTheodore Dahmer