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Jean-Pierre Baptiste was a character role-played by xQc.


Jean Pierre was a French criminal who fell in love with Olivia Harvey, which also led to the woman becoming a criminal herself. Pierre became quite depressed due to people calling him ugly because of his hair, fashion, style, and his preference of having no eyebrows. He was a very confused man, it seemed.

He is also the older half-brother of Jean Paul and Pierre Paul, a criminal with an unknown past, and an aspiring cop, respectively, that have emerged in Los Santos a few years after he did. He shares a mom with them both, not a dad, thus the reason he doesn't have the same last name as them

Background Information

Prior to his arrival in Los Santos, Jean-Pierre was a culinary chef living in France. He unintentionally had his rival killed in a motor vehicle accident after slashing their tires, which landed him a 5-year prison sentence, effectively costing him his career and reputation. After his sentence, he sought out to begin a fresh new life in Los Santos, far away from the dark memories.


Listed are notable events of Jean-Pierre's life in Los Santos, from his arrival on March 13, 2019 to his final appearance on March 23, 2019. (Events which took place after Pierre's death on March 19 may not be canon).

Jean-Pierre arrives at Los Santos International Airport on a rainy Saturday in March 2019, he calls an Uber driver from Yellow Pages who helps him get a change of clothes.

He stole crack from a drug dealer Tony, but was caught by his boys Buddha and Saab and accompanied them in their car. After Jean tried to steal their car and name-called them multiple times, he was stabbed by Tony. Jean was taken to the hospital and questioned by Officer James Brown. Jean vowed revenge against Tony for stealing his phone.

Jean-Pierre met Bogg Dann, also an immigrant in Los Santos and they quickly became friends, with the goal of taking down Tony. They got in an altercation with Gladys Berry which ended in five fatalities and an explosion. They were brought in for questioning at Pillbox Medical, where Pierre blamed Tony for the incident. He was free to go.

Pierre and Bogg became news reporters for Weazel News. They both ended up in multiple confrontations at the Pink Cage Motel with residents there and got detained and questioned by police, but were let go. Jean searches far and wide to get his revenge on Khaleesi White and Graham Warren Hauttogs IV.

Pierre is injured in a random targeted shooting, Bogg witnesses him on the ground bleeding.

The Return
After leaving solitary confinement, Jean-Pierre made his return to the city. Pierre met up with Randy Bullet and hanged out at his place to have a hit of the pipe.

He met Sal Rosenberg, a self-proclaimed recovering psycopath, who showed him around town. They bought weapons and blew up a propane tank at the Lost MC's compound.

Pierre reunites with Bogg Dann who is happy to see Pierre alive after believing that he was dead. Together they formed a news crew and went around town trying to conduct interviews with residents.

Pierre and Bogg shared an emotional moment at the motel pool, until they got held at gunpoint and robbed by Rudi's second-in-command Lost MC biker. Bogg vows to get revenge on Rudi.

Pierre and Bogg reported on a fight event at the Vinewood Bowl, they witnessed Ryan Kindle illegally clock his opponent with brass knuckles and fled the scene. At the motel they got a taxi ride from Gladys, who accidentally struck Pierre with the taxi, but he is treated by medic Olivia Harvey, who he then asked out, she declined, but they hugged.

Pierre and Bogg entered the courtroom to report on Ryan Kindle's bench trial after the illegal fight, and provided camera footage to Judge Wayne Ardson for evidence.

Pierre and Bogg interviewed Kiki Chanel but it escalated into a brawl after Pierre mistook Kiki's pronouns, a thief stole Pierre's items and was chased down by Kiki and Bogg, getting away. Pierre later sucker punched Rudi's Lost MC biker to the ground and fled the scene in Louis Hill's taxi.

Desperate for money, Pierre and Bogg contact a job ad on Twitter from a man named Sun Moon, who invited them to the Marlowe Vineyard winery.

The Pool Boys
Pierre continued his quest for money. Pierre spoke with Randy at the motel and he took Pierre around town to rob stores. Pierre paid Randy his cut and got to keep the gun.

Lang Buddha escaped a crime scene in Pierre's stolen car. Buddha repaid Pierre with cocaine for saving him. Cops raided the motel area in chase of Buddha, Pierre hid on the roof when he got into a confrontation with an undercover CID chief, which escalated into a shooting. Pierre was arrested and sent to prison.

After his prison sentence was over, Pierre stole a car and crashed on the highway. Olivia picked him up in her ambulance. Pierre is upset that she declined his date the previous day, Olivia apologized for hurting Pierre's feelings and gave him her number.

Randy was accompanied by Pierre who kept lookout while Randy robbed a jewellery store. Randy gave Pierre a $4,500 cut of his money. Pierre considered doing bank robberies in future, but needed a crew.

Bogg and Pierre had a talk by the pool. Bogg said he wanted revenge on the Leanbois for kidnapping him. They vowed the Leanbois would pay, and together Pierre and Bogg formed the 'Pool Boys'.

Bogg tried to perform a jewellery store robbery with Sergei, Louis, and Pierre but they forgot to bring a weapon, they fled the scene and bought masks, Sergei lent Pierre $100 for it. Pierre and Bogg went to the beach in search of getaway vehicles.

Pierre was with Bogg at the beach jacking cars and he got a phone call from Olivia, he asked if she wanted to hangout, she accepted. Before Pierre was able to tell Bogg the good news, the cops showed up, pulled them over and arrested them. Pierre tried fleeing but was taken down by Ripley and brought to hospital, Ripley told Olivia that Pierre was a criminal. Pierre apologized to Olivia for failing her, but she agreed to talk again after prison. Pierre and Bogg got in an argument at the back of the police cruiser and seemingly cut their friendship. They both were sent to Bolingbroke Penitentiary. Pierre apologized to Bogg and he forgave him.

Sergei picked up Bogg and Pierre from prison and returned them to Los Santos. Pierre and Bogg say goodbye for the day and Pierre called Olivia for their date, they met up outside Pillbox.

Pierre took Olivia to Burger Shot, but was unable to pay for the meal, so he gave her an old Heart Stopper from his pocket. Pierre and Olivia visited the Del Perro Pier and Vespucci Beach. Sergei and his crew came after Pierre for owing him money, Olivia paid Sergei the money he owed. Pierre thanked Olivia and they workout at the Muscle Sands Gym. They called a cab and ended the date with a kiss.

TBA (March 20, 2019)
Pierre got knocked out by a bodybuilder at the motel and later awoke from hospital, he stole a medics vehicle. After he wouldn't return the vehicle, she tried to shoot him, but he got away and was chased by police, but escaped them in the subway.

Pierre saw Tony Corleone and apologized over their confrontation from last time, Tony accepted the apology and wanted to move forward from their issues. After a madman attacked them with a hatchet, Olivia brought Pierre to the hospital, Pierre told her he had moved on from her, breaking her heart.

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On March 19th 2019, Pierre tragically took his own life by jumping off a building to the right of Pillbox Medical Center. In the process, he traumatized his best friend Bogg Dann. Bogg never felt the same again after the saddening event.

TBA (March 23, 2019)
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  • Bogg Dann was the best friend of Jean-Pierre. Both arrived in Los Santos as immigrants and became close friends. Together they wanted to make money in Los Santos. They formed their own crew, the 'Pool Boys'.
  • Randy Bullet was a friend of Jean-Pierre. He taught Pierre how to rob stores and often supplied weapons to him.
  • Olivia Harvey was an on and off love interest of Jean-Pierre. Pierre took her on a date to the Del Perro Pier.

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  • His name was originally intended to be 'Jean-Pierre Rolland', however that name had already been in use, so the last name 'Baptiste' was chosen instead.
  • The first person he met upon arriving to the city was Ryan Kindle, a yUBER driver who he called.
  • He is multilingual. French is his first language, English is his second language.
  • He claims to be diagnosed with ADHD during a talk with Officer Scarlett Winters.
  • It was confirmed that he is related to Jean Paul and Pierre Paul via the same birth mother, making them each his maternal half-brothers.


  • "Bonjour"
  • "I come from France"
  • "My name is Jean-Pierre"
  • "American asshole!" or the variations "American idiot!" and "American garbage!"
  • "Bimbo!" or the variations "Stupid bimbo!" and "Crazy bimbo!"
  • "Vengeance is a dish best served cold"
  • "Le crack"
  • "Sé partez!"
  • "Allé, allé!"
  • "Crusty idiot" or "Crusty fuck"


Played By: XQcOW
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