Jean-Pierre Baptiste was a character role-played by xQcOW.


Jean Pierre was a French criminal who fell in love with Olivia Harvey, which also led to the woman becoming a criminal herself. Pierre became quite depressed due to people calling him ugly because of his hair, fashion, style, and his preference of having no eyebrows. He was a very confused man, it seemed. He is also the older half-brother of Jean Paul and Pierre Paul, a criminal with an unknown past, and an aspiring cop, respectively, that have emerged in Los Santos a few years after he did. He shares a mom with them both, not a dad, thus the reason he doesn't have the same last name as them

Background Information

Prior to his arrival in Los Santos, Jean-Pierre was a culinary chef living in France. He unintentionally had his rival killed in a motor vehicle accident after slashing their tires, which landed him a 5-year prison sentence, effectively costing him his career and reputation. After his sentence, he sought out to begin a fresh new life in Los Santos, far away from the dark memories.


On March 19th 2019, Pierre tragically took his own life by jumping off a building to the right of Pillbox Medical Center. In the process, he traumatized his best friend Bogg Dann. Bogg never felt the same again after the saddening event.



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  • His name was originally intended to be 'Jean-Pierre Rolland', however that name had already been in use, so the last name 'Baptiste' was chosen instead.
  • The first person he met upon arriving to the city was Ryan Kindle, a yUBER driver who he called.
  • It was confirmed that he is related to Jean Paul via the same birth mother, making them both maternal half-brothers.


Played By: XQcOW
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