Jay Que is a character role-played by KristoferYee


Jay Que is "from the streets" but a bit of a bitch. He's a lot of talk but not really any bite. He talks like he's ready to fight at any given moment but the second shit gets real he is unable to do much or fails to execute on what he says he'll do.

Since talking is all he can really do, he's actually pretty good at things that don't require action. Such as rapping. He loves to rap about all the things he says he'll do or does (but actually doesn't do them).

As far as loyalty goes, he is most loyal to himself. There are few people in his life that loves enough to put before himself.


Jay Que wants to become the greatest rapper of all time. In order to do that, he needs experience life so he has content to rap about. He is a "free spirit" but is definitely afraid to do a lot of shit he needs to do to have those experiences.

One of his side goals is to break away from his bitch like nature. So by trying to be in uncomfortable situations, he feels he can become the man he wants to be.

He would also like to get a girlfriend and find life experience.


Jay and the Vagos

Upon landing on the server, Jay started learning his way around the city with the help of another man going by the name "Nikon". As they went around, the one place they landed was at Burger Shot, to get some food. While there, Jay was asked to look after Jose Luis Santana, better known as "Cousin", who is one of the Sicario's of the Vagos. Throughout the day, he was continually pestered by Cousin to keep taking care of him, and eventually got to meeting more and more members of the Vagos throughout the night. Ultimately, everything culminated in him being named "Cousin's Caretaker", after a brief Vagos meeting in the barrio. Regardless, Jay continued his arms length relationship with the Vagos for a little bit, until one night, when he was with Mickey S and Ash Ketchup trying to do house robberies to land a green dongle. The first one that they all landed together was one that happened to be in the barrio. Ash, who is dating Benji Ramos, the Vice el Jefe of the Vagos, warned Jay against robbing this house as the Vagos are extremely territorial. Jay went on to do it anyways, to no avail at all anyways, as there was no dongle. When he returned to the car, Mickey was there, but Ash was not. She had left and snitched on him to Benji and the rest of the Vagos. Jay and Mickey drove around trying to get more jobs, but to no avail, as there were few coming that night. Mickey got a message from Ash explaining that she snitched on Jay, and Mickey and Jay decide that Jay's best course of action is to reason with the Vagos. They all meet up at the Burger Shot, where this relationship began, to see its heat turn up even more. Apologies were spoken, but Jay, speaking out of turn, brought up how he was "owed something" by them from having watched over Cousin and how letting him go can be the repayment. He then got shanked down by Benji, and continued to speak his demise further, resulting in Ash stealing his shoes, and Mari Posa stealing pretty much everything else of his, including a weapon, VPN, Money, and ID. It's assumed after this that all ties, for now, are cut between Jay and the Vagos as a group.

Rap Career

Since coming into Los Santos, it has been Jay Que's goal to jumpstart a rap career and become the best rapper of all time. His dream was to get signed as a rapper to Wu Chang Records. The only thing that has been stopping him has been a lack of material from his life. After all that happened with the Vagos (see above), however, along with more general experience in the city, Jay had plenty more to talk about now and even had some friends in the city with connections to Mr. Kebun. He decided to write some music to get in contact with Mr. K and hopefully get signed to Wu Chang. He waited around for a while, as Mr. K is a very busy man, but eventually, he was able to recieve an audience at Wu Chang. He played his debut rap single, "Chanclas" to Mr. K and some other members of Wu Chang and, even though he had another song prepared in a more lofi style (called "Lo Que"), he was signed on the spot after "Chanclas" finished. Jay Que was well on his way to becoming the best rapper that he dreamed of being.


  • "You know... I always knew you couldn't trust white women... I gotta change my tastes up..."



Vagos Associates


  • Kris, Jay's cousin and criminal alter ego


Criminal Records

Registered Crimes

  • Joyriding x 2
  • Robbing Houses x 1
  • Bank Robbery x 1

Unregistered Crimes

  • Grand Theft Auto x ±10
  • Reckless Driving (too many to count)
  • Burglary x 5
  • Drug Trafficking x 2

Other Appearances

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