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Jay Que (pronounced JK) is a character role-played by KristoferYee.


Jay Que is "from the streets" but a bit of a bitch. He's a lot of talk but not really any bite. He talks like he's ready to fight at any given moment but the second shit gets real he is unable to do much or fails to execute on what he says he'll do.

Since talking is all he can really do, he's actually pretty good at things that don't require action, such as rapping. He loves to rap about all the things he says he'll do or does (but actually doesn't do them).

Although he first tried approaching the city with open arms and a big heart, Los Santos has shown him it can be a place where friends are a rare thing; as a consequence there are few people in his life that he loves enough to put before himself.

Approach to Relationships and Conflict

Jay entered the city with an open view on relationships, however, this shifted dramatically after multiple incidents where Jay was screwed out of resources, such as the Vagos taking his Bobcat Security Card and not including him on the job, leading him to have more closed and deal based relationships.

Jay tends to have a more transactional view on relationships, which has led to issues developing deeper connections as Jay tends not to give resources out for no immediate apparent gain, as demonstrated with Jay refusing to give a red dongle to the Cleanbois or seriously discussing May's contributions to the group. However, if he does manage to make a close connection, Jay will place that person above everything, including himself.

Jay's transactional views often clashes with other major groups, who are often willing to help out others to curry favor for future relations. This has led to Jay having minor conflicts with various groups at certain points. Jay does not shy away from conflict, but is very hesitant and disapproving of violence. Jay would rather solve conflict without bloodshed, often willing to put himself and some resources on the table to make a transaction to end hostilities. This is apparent in all of Jay's conflicts except for his spats with Tracy Martell and Emma Dupont, who are the only people Jay has expressed a desire to physically harm.

Jay has at one point or another been in conflict with many major criminal gangs, including Chang Gang at the vault situation, the Cleanbois first through the yellow dongle fiasco with CG as well as with Kitty Dream and Raymond Romanov's relationship, the Vagos for robbing the Barrio, GSF for buying an apartment on their turf, the Ballas due to them kidnapping Mayumi Himura, and the Condemned MC for robbing him repeatedly. Jay often resolves the issues through a deal and retains neutral-friendly relationships with most.

Jay has mentioned his disgust that most conflicts in Los Santos resort to firearms and bloodshed. After the minor conflict with Raymond Romanov over Kitty Dream, Jay mentioned to Goofy that he was proud that there was conflict in the city that did not end in gunfire. Jay later revealed that his view on guns and conflict was partially due to his first encounter with Daisy Dukakis.

As Jay has gotten older, he has reinforced his nonviolent nature, often willing to just drop disputes to avoid any possible drama. His group often is willing to take the violent approach, with Jay often being the only one resistant to partake in conflict.

Approach to Heists

Jay demonstrated interest in robbing banks after witnessing others do it, however, was unaware of how to hack. Jay waited over a month before he received a practice laptop connect from the Angels. After this, he became a prolific bank robber, mainly focusing on lower level heists with the MOJO group. After security changes and with a new (unnamed) group, Jay became a more top tier hacker, practicing the new systems on yellow laptops and the new thermite by using thermite on the outermost vault door repeatedly overtime.

Jay's philosophy on heists is one primarily oriented on business. Jay is willing to put aside all personal feelings and past relationships or conflicts to get a job done, and is willing to help out anyone. If conflict develops from a job, Jay will try his hardest to resolve the conflict or distance himself from it. Jay prefers to let jobs be jobs and sees them as his income, with the exception of themed heists.

Jay has expressed that upon reaching his goal of hacking and getting away from robbing the Lower Vault, he plans on leaving the City of Los Santos for other pursuits. He has since been preparing for his departure, training both Trina Bergström and Mayumi Himura to hack banks as well as figuring out financials. He since has moved his departure date forward, aiming around the opening of the Tuner Shop, instead planning on visiting when the lower vault finally opens again. After receiving an IBM Model M keyboard, Jay decided to remain in the city, but tone down how often he wakes up.

Anytime the system for banks changes, Jay is among the first people to try to explore it. He states that he finds hacking therapeutic and enjoys the process of adapting to the increasingly challenging and upgraded bank systems. Jay significantly slowed down his number of heists after the opening of the Tuner Shop as his crew secured roughly enough money to purchase their vehicles of choice.

Approach to the Police

When new in the city, Jay yielded to the police, most notably in his first traffic stop and arrest by Claire Everly. Since then, he as progressively become less likely to stop, however, often tries to interact with officers.

Jay is one of the more notable criminals in the city who gets caught at a higher rate than most. This is due to a variety of factors, including not always assembling the most experienced teams and often trying to improve his own driving. He also does risky jobs alone, such as boosting and drug distribution, which leads to more opportunities for him to be caught off guard without support. Jay's habit of taking new criminals and civilians to bank robberies, who rely on him to do hacking, negotiating, and driving, also leads to a higher rate. Jay additionally always tries to interact with officers, sometimes leading to warrants or arrests.

Jay does not have an issue with most police officers, often trying to have a pleasant conversation or situation after the chase is concluded if caught. He often tries to flirt with female officers and some male ones, often complementing their looks. He once had Terrance Walker perform a prostate exam and remove objects from his ass in Vespucci PD. His two favorite officers to be processed by and to flirt with are Claire Everly and Daisy Dukakis. John Spartan also tends to like Jay, with them becoming good friends. Jay has notably had friendly interactions with notorious police officers, including Randy Wrangler and Brittany Angel.

The only officers who Jay has a problem with are those who refuse to entertain his shenanigans and act hard or petty, such as Jackie Snow and Matt Rhodes, however, Jay just tries his best to avoid these individuals. Officers who Jay has actually wished physical harm on all have done the same infraction in Jay's eyes: they violated his trust. Because Jay often stops to interact with police, he tends to be trusting when they promise that they just want to have a conversation and not push any arrests or charges. In both cases, with Tracy Martell and Emma Dupont, the officers, in Jay's mind, stated clearly that they would not be looking to arrest him and yet they did, betraying his trust and playing sneaky games. Jay has stated that he would rather they be upfront so he could have to opportunity to flee or come up with a story.

Jay places a great deal of trust in the police, respecting their presence and role. Jay on multiple occasions has struck up deals with individual officers and the police as a whole, sometimes handing over information or other resources to continue his mostly positive relationship with the police. Jay has only ever shot at one police officer, Sam Baas, before he was sent in on a HUT charge that was later dropped. Since then, he has vehemently opposed using violence against the police if he could be considered responsible for it. In return, the police have gone lighter on Jay, often giving time served and expediting processing and other favors, with a prime example being the police turning a blind eye to his flagged, VIN Scratched, R1 motorbike parked in the staff area of MRPD.


Jay Que wants to become the greatest rapper of all time. In order to do that, he needs experience life so he has content to rap about. He is a "free spirit" but is definitely afraid to do a lot of shit he needs to do to have those experiences.

One of his side goals is to break away from his bitch like nature. So by trying to be in uncomfortable situations, he feels he can become the man he wants to be.

He would also like to get a girlfriend and some life experience.

As Jay advanced in the criminal world, he has had many shifting heist related goals, such as hitting certain banks and hacking difficult security systems. He also has a focus on becoming a drug lord specializing in weed and meth.

After the renovations of the Alta Street Projects, a hole in the parking lot wall that was often used as escape routes was patched. Jay realized that this change actually hurt the police more than criminals as it blocked a route that the PD would usually use to intercept a popular jump. Jay repeatedly has made it his goal to have the hole be opened up again by abusing it.

Jay has suggested that he may retire after successfully completing the lower vault, expressing that the lower vault may be his final goal. Jay has stated that after hacking a lot of banks and using computers, technology is starting to grow on him, and that he may take some time in his apartment and become a technology youtuber/streamer.

Major Events

Don't Rob the Barrio: Jay and the Vagos

Upon landing on the server, Jay started learning his way around the city with the help of a man named Cam Eleon whom Jay nicknamed as "Nikon". As they went around, the first place they landed at was Burger Shot. While there, Jay was asked to look after Jose Luis Santana, better known as "Cousin", who is one of the Sicario's of the Vagos.

Throughout the day, he was continually pestered by Cousin to keep taking care of him, and eventually got to meeting more and more members of the Vagos throughout the night. Ultimately, everything culminated in him being named "Cousin's Caretaker", after a brief Vagos meeting in the barrio.

Regardless, Jay continued his arm's-length relationship with the Vagos for a little bit, until one night, when he was with Mickey S and Ash Ketchup trying to do house robberies to land a green dongle. The first one that they all landed together was one that happened to be in the barrio.

Ash, who is dating Benji Ramos, the Vice el Jefe of the Vagos, warned Jay against robbing this house as the Vagos are extremely territorial. Jay went on to do it anyways, but was disappointed as there was no dongle. When he returned to the car, Mickey was there, but Ash was not.

She had left and snitched on him to Benji and the rest of the Vagos.

Jay and Mickey drove around trying to get more jobs, but to no avail, as there were few coming that night. Mickey got a message from Ash explaining that she snitched on Jay, and Mickey and Jay decided that Jay's best course of action was to reason with the Vagos. They all met up at the Burger Shot, where this relationship began, to see it's heat turn up even more.

Apologies were spoken, but Jay, speaking out of turn, brought up how he was "owed something" by them for having watched over Cousin and how letting him go can be the repayment. He then got punched down by Benji, and continued to speak his demise further, resulting in Ash stealing his shoes and Mari Posa stealing pretty much everything else of his - including a weapon, VPN, Money, and ID.

It's assumed that all ties, for now, are cut between Jay and the Vagos as a group. Jay individually has good relations with some Vagos members, such as Santi, JJ, and Bodhi Mack, however still is not on good terms with their leader Benji Ramos.

Rap Career

Since coming into Los Santos, it has been Jay Que's goal to jump start a rap career and become the best rapper of all time. His dream was to get signed as a rapper to Wu Chang Records. The only thing that has been stopping him has been a lack of material from his life.

After all that happened with the Vagos, however, along with more general experience in the city, Jay gained material to talk about and even had some friends in the city with connections to Mr. Kebun. He decided to write some music to get in contact with Mr. K and hopefully get signed to Wu Chang.

He waited around for a while, as Mr. K is a very busy man, but eventually, he was able to receive an audience at Wu Chang. He played his debut rap single, "Chanclas" to Mr. K and some other members of Wu Chang and, even though he had another song prepared in a more lo-fi style (called "Lo Que"), he was signed on the spot after "Chanclas" finished.

Jay Que is well on his way to becoming the "best rapper" that he dreams of being.

Jay eventually slowed down music production after releasing "Órale", however, will still occasionally freestyle from time to time, most notably to Bjorn at the Rooster's Rest and Claire Everly over the phone. Jay has expressed frustration due to the fact that he has never received any payment from Wu Chang Records despite having an RIAA gold certified song.

The MOJO Group

Jay found a good friend and associate in Olivia Harvey, even joking that they were step-siblings. They proved to each other to be capable criminals, with Olivia competing with Jay for the title of the hacker of the group. They included Oki Doki and Joseph "Majima" Yorinobu into their crew, specializing in Fleeca and Paleto Bank heists. The crew fell apart following internal conflict between Jay and Olivia over Leah Winthers, Majima's vacation, and the fact that both Jay and Olivia were vying to be hackers. It was at this stage that Jay became impressed with Oki's demeanor and started developing feelings for her.

Jay and Olivia had a falling out when Jay decided to take Leah Winthers on a bank and ditch Olivia. This led to loads of conflict as Jay and Olivia both see each other as siblings and one of the same brain cell. After some time, Jay offered apologies to try and reconcile with her, however, she needed time. Jay recognized this and respected the boundary, with each distancing from each other. Whenever they do interact, it is on good terms however, with Olivia mostly over the situation.

The First Vault

After weeks of robbing banks and buying materials Jay finally accomplished his longtime goal of robbing the vault. He did this with Raymond Romanov, Yuno Sykk and Mayumi Himura. He has practiced hacking and has successfully done it multiple times in a row, so when the time came to hack the vault he perfectly executed the hacks and with only one try. He was caught in the resulting chase but the police were expertly outrun by Raymond, Yuno and Mayumi, so the money escaped the bank and Jay was given his full cut of the cash after serving jail time.

Weed Business

Needing a way to clean large amounts of dirty money quickly from bank heists, and being roommates with Rooster's Ranch CEO Eve Summers, Jay joined the underground weed trafficking world. He eventually sought to open a legal weed dispensary with Betch, naming it BJ's after their names. Getting Mayumi Himura and Karina Dawn to help, Jay went through all the legal channels to get the business approved. Following a much anticipated business proposal meeting, the business recieved approval from Mayor Denzel Williams, with Jay handing over a briefcase filled with $20,000. The dispensary was eventually denied by the federal government, however, Jay has continued to run illegal weed. Upon the federal government denying the dispensary, a sympathetic Denzel offered to approve any other business proposals that Jay brought to him, however, he never prepared another business in time.

One time after harvesting his crop in Zancudo with Johnny Sinner and Karina Dawn, Jay was spotted by Deputy Sam Baas. Getting in a shootout in an effort to escape what Jay thought would be a held-until-trial (HUT) charge on the grounds of drug trafficking, Jay was downed and taken into custody with multiple weed plants on his person. Jay was placed in interrogation and eventually charged with drug trafficking, getting set up to Bolingbroke Penitentiary indefinitely until his court case. The following day, the charge was dropped and reduced to simply criminal possession with intent to distribute on the grounds that drug trafficking required multiple repeated instances. Jay was then released with time served.

Following this incident, Jay would become much more serious and careful about completing weed runs, but still used them as a method of cleaning cash. He often panics if there is even a hint of police presence anytime there is weed in his vehicle.

Two months later, Jay and his crew ran into Jeff Spencer at the Apartments, the man who snitched on Jay which resulted in him getting sent in for the HUT charge. Jay wanted to just drop the matter, however, May refused to and kidnapped Jeff. May, alongside Karina Dawn and Goofy, then shot Jeff down after warning him not to mess with other people's weed grow operations and that he snitched on the wrong person. Jeff was not ocean dumped and was rescued by EMS, however, the deagle was disposed of and it appears that the crew left Jeff with nothing besides his lesson. Afterwards, Jay remarked that it felt like his first day in the city again, and how, with him planning on leaving the city soon, it felt like things were coming full circle.

Race to the Lower Vault: Jay, CG, and CB

Jay has worked with some members of the Cleanbois, mostly Raymond Romanov, for some bank jobs and heists. After Jay's first vault heist, when the gold dongles were secured, Jay was convinced to trade the dongles to Raymond Romanov for information on how the lower vault is executed. Chang Gang robbed the lower vault one day and Jay was brought down, as a hostage, to help open the vault, Jay was hit in the head and forgot some details of the vault (the payout of the lower vault). Jay then told Ray after he was released about how the lower vault is opened and Ray was told to not tell anyone, but Ray tells Yuno about the process, Yuno Sykk then proceeds to call Ramee El-Rahman about the information (While he likes Jay he preferred to stay on Chang Gangs good side as they likely would've found out anyway, especially since Yuno is not that close with Jay, and has mentioned in a conversation with Ray, that Jay wants all the benefits of having an experienced crew without contributing much to them ). Ramee then threatens Jay with death if Jay does not give Chang Gang a gold dongle for releasing the information. Jay contacts the Cleanbois for help with securing the dongle to save Jay's life, however the Cleanbois only reassured Jay with words of affirmation and when they talked about it between them Ray asked the Cleanbois if they even cared about Jay with Lang Buddha responding with "Jay is a nice guy, but it's not my problem", they then proceed to rob the vault. Jay met with Chang Gang to give them 2 red dongles since Jay could not secure a gold one, during the meetup Chang Gang tells Jay that the Cleanbois did not care about Jay and dropped Jay off at the Cleanbois manor. Ray called Jay to ask for information on what happened to him but he shrugged him off with "we'll talk another time".

Overtime, Jay has returned to doing jobs with Raymond Romanov and has a mostly neutral-friendly relationship with both the Cleanbois and Chang Gang.

A FEMLY is formed

After Jay's first vault heist with Yuno Sykk, Raymond Romanov, and Mayumi Himura, Jay and Mayumi searched for a group members who were not aready alinged with a gang. During this time, Jay and May often worked with Karina Dawn and Betch doing banks and other jobs. After Karina started waking up more sporadically and Betch joining the Guild, Jay and May were again at square one. Gloryon, hearing that they were searching for crewmates, contacted Jay one day saying he had someone to introduce. They met up and Gloryon introduced Jay to Goofy, an illegal streetracer. Jay was interested in Goofy's driving skills and wanted to see them for himself, so Jay asked goofy to take him to a race. Jay was awake for an extended period of time so he fell asleep during the race and woke up after the race had concluded stating that "His [Goofy's] driving was so smooth that I fell asleep in the car." To further test his skills Jay and Gloryon invited Goofy to do a bank truck with a 4 door Buffalo, a vehicle which was known for being slow and bulky. They escaped successfully and Jay invited him to do more jobs. Jay, Mayumi and Goofy would eventually become Jay's main crew to do jobs with. They have become very popular within Los Santos' Criminal and Racing scenes but are yet to create a name for their group. After much debate, the group would evolve and become The FEMLY



Current Vehicles
  • Sultan MkIII
    • Plate: R7W48VPS
    • Fully upgraded
  • R1
    • Plate: L4C5L75I
    • VIN SCRATCHED by Orange
    • Exchanged Ninja ZX10R for R1 with Orange
    • If Jay loses the bike, he pays Orange GNE and Orange gets to keep the Ninja ZX10R
  • Akuma
    • Plate: 382OJ233
  • Burrito
    • Plate: 75C46608
  • BMX
    • Plate: J58GS9JP
  • BMX
    • Plate: 54H4Q40H
  • BMX
    • Plate: EA6Y2I84
Former Vehicles
  • Brioso
    • Plate: LILHAMMY
    • Nicknamed Little Hammy or Lil' Hammy
    • Fully upgraded with GNE from Jay
    • Sold to purchase Mustang GT
  • Akuma
    • Plate: H2CN48M6
    • Fully upgraded engine and transmission
    • Painted purple with purple xenon lights to match Oki Doki
    • Gifted to Oki on Aug. 24 as a parting gift as he does not intend to contact her anymore
  • Stock Feltzer
    • Plate: 114AK2Y8
    • Gifted to Goofy as he prepared to leave the city
    • Was later fully upgraded by Goofy using his own GNE
  • Ninja ZX10R
    • Plate: QQ80486D
    • VIN SCRATCHED by May from Jay's contract
    • Fully upgraded (M+ contract)
    • Given to Orange in exchange for his VIN Scratched R1
  • Stratum
    • Plate: Y03F654J
    • Nicknamed the FEMLY Stratum
    • Fully upgraded with GNE from Jay and Goofy
    • Gifted to Mayumi Himura as he prepared to leave the city
  • Mustang 2015
    • Plate: TLE85D72
    • Partially upgraded
    • Originally under Mayumi's name
    • Sold to Mando Thompson for cash after being gone from the city for awhile


Current Properties
Former Properties

Notable Heists

As Jay progressed in the criminal world, he robbed many banks with various groups. Included below are only robberies that are considered notable for Jay or are a themed/special heist. To see some of noted banks, see the heist lists of Jean Paul, Raymond Romanov, Irwin Dundee, Mayumi Himura, and Yuno Sykk. Other individuals without comprehensive heist lists that are often on jobs or have done jobs include Fiona Stewart, Jesse Cree, Olivia Harvey, Majima, Oki Doki, Goofy, Gloryon, Trey Romano, Brandon Valentino, Betch/Egg, Karina Dawn, Wingman, Rat, AP, JJ and many others.

After many repetitive bank robberies and after gaining enough wealth and confidence to be content, Jay decided to change up his robberies by doing thematic heists. Testing the waters with the Mario Bros Heist, Jay recognized how it rejuvenated his desire to do heists and how enjoyable it was for all parties involved. Since then, Jay has ramped up the frequency of these heists, often basing the themes on popular video games and television shows.

Notable Heists
Vault June 24th, 2021 Hacker First Vault
Jay completed all the hacks and thermite.
May, Ray, and Yuno escaped with the loot. Jay was captured in the escape.
Bobcat Security July 19th, 2021 Thermiter/Shooter First Bobcat Security Heist
Everyone managed to escape with the loot. Jay received a warrant due to blood left on scene.
Fleeca July 22nd, 2021 Hacker Mario Bros Heist
Jay roleplayed as Mario
Goofy roleplayed as Luigi
The original plan called for a vehicle swap from the intial golf cart to Jay's Brioso, which was thwarted due to scuff. Goofy used a tight space with the golf cart to escape the PD.
Demands involved multiple officers dressing up as Peach.
Jay managed to escape with the loot. Goofy was captured by Selena Mendoza, who ended their relationship.
Fleeca July 25th, 2021 Hacker Mario Party Heist
Jay roleplayed as Mario
Goofy roleplayed as Luigi
May roleplayed as Peach
Betch roleplayed as Yoshi
Chase involved many "red shells" (stolen shoes) being thrown at pursuing officers.
Everyone managed to escape with the loot.
Fleeca July 26th, 2021 Hacker Power Ganger Heist
Jay roleplayed as Santi
Ray roleplayed as Dundee
Brad roleplayed as Mando
Betch roleplayed as Summer
Everyone managed to escape with the loot.
Fleeca July 26th, 2021 Hacker Second Power Ganger Heist
Jay roleplayed as Santi
Ray roleplayed as Dundee
Brad roleplayed as Mando
Betch roleplayed as Summer
Jay and Ray managed to escape with the loot. Brad and Betch were captured in the escape.
Paleto July 26th, 2021
  • N/A
Hacker/Driver/Negotiator Solo Paleto
Jay's first and only solo bank job. Negotiated no motorcycles, vehicle swaps, offroading, and mountaingoating in exchange for no breach.
Jay managed to escape Air-1 and multiple CVPIs with the loot in his Brioso.
Paleto July 28th, 2021 Hacker/Negotiator Lord of the Rings Heist
Jay roleplayed as Gandalf
Brandon roleplayed as Sméagol
Everyone was captured during the escape.
Fleeca August 4th, 2021 Hacker Partial Pirate Heist
Everyone roleplayed as pirates.
Goofy was Captain Sultana.
Everyone escaped with the loot.
Vault August 7th, 2021 Hacker First Vault with Upgraded Security Systems
No 1: First try thermite
No 2: First try laptop
No 3: Fourth try laptop
No 4: First try thermite
No 5: Third try thermite
Everyone escaped with the loot.
Fleeca August 7th, 2021 Hacker/Back-up Driver Environmentally Friendly Heist
T4 introduced Jay to Vin Hybrid, who is environmentally conscious. Demands involved turning off police vehicles when idling to reduced CO2 and for the PD to consider hybrid or electric vehicles in the next 6 months. The chase was initially driven by Vin at around 15 mph to conserve gas until Dan Faily said "Fuck the environment" and littered.
Jay escaped with the loot. T4 and Vin were caught.
Fleeca August 9th, 2021 Hacker Second Mario Party Heist
Jay roleplayed as Mario
AP roleplayed as Luigi
April roleplayed as Peach
Akuma roleplayed as Daisy
Everyone managed to escape with the loot.
Vault August 23rd, 2021 Hacker Pirate Party Vault
The front door, police and hostages included, roleplayed as pirates. The backdoor involved the hostage as a DJ and a dance party.
Everyone escaped with the loot on the SS AYAYA.
Lower Vault November 21st, 2021 Looter/Half-VIP First Lower Vault
Everyone escaped with the loot.
Paleto December 3rd, 2021 Hacker/Negotiator The Posh Gentleman's Club
Everyone dressed in suits and roleplayed as wealthy snobs. Plan involved multiple limousines. T.J. Mack joined the robbers in dressing up.
Jay and Orange were captured during the escape. Everyone else escaped with the loot.


Main Crew (The FEMLY)

After some time after the founding, the crew chose to go by The Phantom Thieves which has since evolved into The FEMLY, but sometimes go by or are called:

  • Oonga Boonga Crew (OBC)
  • Oonga Boonga Squad (OBS)
  • East Side Shoe Gang (ESSG)
  • Pay Day
  • The Zoo
  • VCB Crew
  • The Ghosts
  • 99 Thieves
  • The Peppegas
  • The Outsiders
  • The Offline Crew

Jay, May, Oki, Goofy, Kitty, and K at the end of the camping episode

The crew's overall dynamic can best be summarized as a dysfunctional family, which each of the members recognizing this. Jay and May often argue as the two "parents" of the group, with Goofy often trying to be neutral or break them up as the "child." Despite this, they all care for each other significantly and give each other priority over everything else. Whenever they are in the city together, it is almost certain that they are in contact and either serious crime or SBS shenanigans are about to occur. There is no official leader and they treat each other as equals.

The criminal side of the crew is primarily a part of Los Santos' bank busting, car boosting, drug trafficking, and illegal street racing scenes. In bank heists, the typical roles involve Goofy as the driver, May as the negotiator/comms, and Jay as the hacker. The each are very experienced in their respective roles, each one playing a critical role at one point or another. In boosting, Goofy or May usually drives the vehicle being boosted, Jay hacks, and Goofy or May does the pickup/interference. They all have been shown to be capable shooters and drivers, with each having outdrove the whole PD (Air-1, interceptors, and CVPIs) multiple times.

After the crew's first vault with the new upgraded security systems (third vault overall), Mayumi suggested the name Phantom Thieves, however, both Jay and Goofy expressed some reluctance for the name. When discussing whether to join the meth game, May suggested Pay Day. They still officially remain nameless, however, now consider themselves as all part of The FEMLY.

They were caught for the first time as a crew on their fourteenth heist with all members, a vault, after Goofy flipped the car on a turn offroad. Goofy, with the help of a lawyer, dodged charges and jail time by pretending to not have been involved. After this incident, the crew collectively decided to consider to do other escape tactics other than just driving, such as bikes, squeezes, and swaps. On their next vault together, they had a backup plan of Jay's new Akuma stationed, however, Goofy ended up outdriving the PD due to favorable negotiation terms.

Throughout their criminal endeavors, the crew has run into individuals who have tried to harm, kidnap, or rob members of the crew. This has always been met with a swift response, with the crew leaving a warning if the individual has connections or shot otherwise. The crew does not ocean dump their victims so they remember their lesson.

Outside of heists, the crew often hangs out around the city. The crew has had a few notable all civilian days, most notably the beach episode and the camping episode. The group also occasionally plays videogames together in their apartments.

Since there are only three primary members, the fourth spot usually goes to whoever is around who is a part of the extended femly, such as Betch, Oki, or K if an additional is needed. Kitty Dream, despite her status as a civilian not engaged in crime, often hangs out with the group and is considered as a part of the extended femly by everyone. The criminal side of the crew developed over time, mainly through connections in the racing scene, with many prominent drivers becoming a part of The FEMLY

Before Jay pursued his passion in technology, he made sure to take care of his femly to the best that he could, handing over vehicles to May and Goofy, keeping the warehouse operational, and leaving behind over one million dollars in dirty money.

After Jay's departure, The Phantom Thieves declined in power and resources due to a myriad of reasons, including conflict with GSF, banks being unprofitable, less time together, and racing scene drama. When Jay came back, he sold off his Mustang 2015 to fund May and Goofy, criticizing the state of the warehouse and how the group had fallen. After this event and many members becoming more active, the group rebounded larger and stronger than before. Jay has taken a less grinder focused role, and has instead slipped into his place as the femly dad, taking care of all the "new grinders." Jay's focus recently has been on developing a femly business, Onifans, in addition to getting a femly house.

Role in OG crew: Primary Hacker, Secondary Negotiator, Tertiary Driver

Mayumi Himura - Femly (Primary Negotiator, Primary Shooter, Secondary Driver)

Jay and May first met outside Digital Den after Jay twatted at May after she got a new phone. At first May was weary of Jay's eagerness to meet her, believing that he was some sort of human smuggler. After breaking the ice, Jay tested her driving, and, upon deeming it sufficient, took her along to do a bank heist with Yuno Sykk. After successfully juking the PD and escaping, May and Jay then took time together, cleaning money and talking about their goals. Over this time, Jay developed some interest in May, asking if she was single, however, this was eventually dropped when Jay learned about Karina Dawn, her girlfriend.

Over repeated jobs, Jay and May grew closer, often bantering with each other. Jay eventually brought May to Goofy, who both had already met through the racing scene. These three formed a crew together after many successful jobs. They constantly give each other shit about each other, lightheartedly arguing to the frustrations of Goofy. Jay brought May on to all his various criminal activities, giving her access to his warehouse, revealing his stash house, and sharing all his resources and vehicles. Jay and May have had a few points of conflict, such as May's financial contributions to the club and May's conflict with the Ballas, however, at the end of the day, both care deeply and would be willing to help each other if the need arises.

Jay has been teaching May how to hack to take over his role in the event he is hurt or when he retires. After Jays incessant complaining about her never cleaning money, May went on a grinder arc after the Tuner Shop opened to gather the necessary funds to buy her S15. It was around this time that Jay began to leave his apartment less and less, with May expressing sadness about his absence. May vowed to continue his legacy and keep The Phantom Thieves active and operational, hoping that if he ever returns, he will come back to a femly that is up good. May has expressed that she feels that she let him down and failed her role because after Jay's departure, no banks were hacked and the femly finances declined. Jay, upon hearing this, sold off his Mustang 2015 and sent the cash proceeds to May and Goofy.

Octavio "Goofy" Stenberg - Femly (Primary Driver)

Jay was introduced to Goofy by Gloryon after he heard that Jay was looking for a skilled driver for jobs. Jay decided to test Goofy's skills by sitting in on a race. Jay was awake for an extended period of time so he fell asleep during the race and woke up after the race had concluded stating that "His [Goofy's] driving was so smooth that I fell asleep in the car." To further test his skills Jay and Gloryon invited Goofy to do a bank truck with a 4 door Buffalo which was known for being slow and bulky especially with multiple people in the vehicle, they escaped successfully and Jay invited him to do more jobs. Along with Mayumi Himura, Goofy would become part of Jay's crew.

"Jay, May, stop fighting!"

Jay has stated that he sees Goofy as a son to him, often admiring his willingness to go along with plans and help out. Overtime, Jay has overtly refered to Goofy has his son, even disputing with Fiona Stewart, Goofy's adoptive mother, his status. Goofy would always ask Jay for advice whenever he was unsure on anything. As Jay grew older, he met with a lawyer and placed Goofy in his will.

Jazz Roast Freestyle

"I'm gonna say something that's not too deep,
motherfucka, Goofy please go to sleep.
You've been up for like 24 hours,
you don't have these superpowers,
please, put your head in the bed,
please do it before you wake up dead.
Bout to escort you into the ocean.
The last thing that we know is,
this dude ain't gonna be sleep deprived,
cause we need him to be alive.
You need to, rest up,
go to sleep.
What the fuck is wrong you creep?
Also, one more thing,
that I probably should not sing.
I can't believe the things you do,
like telling Mendoza "I love you."
That's aggressive, you need to calm the fuck down.
You can't sit next to girls cause you look like a clown.
You need to come off, slow and smooth,
you need to be a real clean type of dude.
Now she's gonna think, that you're a weirdo.
Nothing rhymes with weirdo."

Extended Femly

Adam "AP" Peterson - Extended Femly

Jay met AP through the racing scene along with Goofy and Mayumi Himura. Since AP is good friends with his crew, AP and Jay naturally became decent friends, working together on jobs and interacting often as AP often hung out with May and Goofy.

One time when Jay was cross-faded from meth, weed, alcohol, and NOS, AP drove him after a Paleto bank heist to Pillbox Medical Center after he overdosed. After getting EMS to assist, AP remained by his side and actively participated to resuscitate Jay. He took care of post-operation Jay, who had forgotten most of the events of that day.

"So if you hear me Jay, this is the last time this is ever going to happen; I'm not letting this shit happen to you again man. It fucken...It hurts me every time to see you in here man.

AP and Jay have worked together on larger jobs after Jay recovered, including vault heists. With Jay's continuous addiction to meth, AP was involved in interventions and resuscitating his life multiple times. AP has vowed to save Jay from his meth addiction, stating that it hurts him to see him overdosed and high.

Bodhi Mack - Extended Femly

Jay and Bodhi sometimes due jobs together, however, since both of them are hackers, this rarely happens. Jay and Bodhi are "cool with each other," despite multiple incidents that could have divided them, such as Jay's relationship with the Vagos or an incident when Irwin Dundee and X robbed him for a laptop which was then used on a job with Jay, their relationship has remained friendly. Both respect each other as hackers and their affiliations to their groups. Jay as offered to have Bodhi on as a fourth in his three man crew if things ever go sour between him and the Vagos, a deal that Bodhi brushed off as the Vagos treat him well. Months later, after Bodhi left the Vagos and was blooded out, Bodhi became a member of Jay's group, The FEMLY. Jay has expressed his happiness of his joining, particularly respecting him as the primary hacker and grinder for the group.

Bryan "Orange" Chapman - Extended Femly

Jay and Orange met through the racing scene, with Jay bringing him on jobs as other high profile racers began to integrate with his crew. Jay and Orange's relationship is similar to the other racers, however, Jay hasn't interacted as much with Orange as he does with the other racers.

Jay struck up a deal when he realized his VIN scratched Ninja ZX10R had terrible handling that did not fit his driving style with Orange, trading the Ninja for Orange's VIN scratched R1 bike. Jay agreed that if the R1 is crushed, he will pay Orange in GNE and let him permanently keep the Ninja.

In one of Jay's short return stints to the city, he asked about Chap, with May revealing that he left Los Santos. Jay then mentioned his deal, stating he doesn't have to pay him back.

Karina Dawn - Extended Femly

The first time Karina was introduced to Jay by Mayumi Himura outside the Alta Apartments, Jay and K both seemed to have a strange distaste for each other. This was quickly put aside however, as Jay roped both May and K into his illegal weed operations. Since then, Karina and Jay have worked together on many illegal jobs, along side May.

After awhile, Karina slept more in the apartments, much to Jay's frustrations. Whenever she swings around, Jay respects her status as May's girlfriend and has considered her to be a somewhat fourth for his crew when she's around.

Jay often offers to pay Karina to PIT May when driving.

Jay once purchased a Mustang GT for her, holding on to it until she manages to buy it off of him.

Kitty Dream - Extended Femly

Jay and Kitty first met at Burger Shot, where Jay flirted with Kitty. They developed their early relationship through Raymond Romanov and the Rooster's Rest. Kitty and Jay became close after Jay stopped pursuing her, with Kitty seeing Jay as an older brother figure who she could rely on for advice or help in any situation. Kitty often hangs out with Goofy and therefore the crew, who have all bonded over all their shared time. While Kitty was with Jay, Goofy, and May dining at the Rooster's Rest, everyone agreed she was a part of the femly. Kitty has expressed her admiration for the crew and each of its members.

After Kitty had repeatedly vented about problems with her and Raymond Romanov's relationship after he became more busy and spent less time with her and she began to hang out with Goofy more often, Jay suspected that something was amiss. After obtaining a photo from Malakai Anderson of her and Goofy after many weeks of them constantly being together during races, Jay and May confronted Kitty and Goofy about what their relationship is.

"You know what else, you know what from our perspective, you know what we see? We don't see two friends, Goof."

In a heart to heart catalysed by Jay, Goofy admitted that he had feelings for Kitty, but can control himself and did not want to cause problems between her and Raymond, rather preferring for her to do whatever makes her happy. This incident gave Kitty the nudge she needed to express her feelings on her relationship directly with Raymond. After Kitty and Raymond talked it out, Ray requested a meeting with Jay and Goofy.

Ray during the meeting expressed frustration at Jay due to him not telling him about the issues that he heard about from Kitty and for "going behind his back" by trying to, in his eyes, hook up Goofy. Jay expressed his perspective of seeing everyone being unhappy and simply trying to address that by starting a conversation. Goofy and Kitty both stated they did not want conflict and wanted to talk about it and see if the relationship would improve now that everyone was aware. The relationship ultimately did not recover, with Kitty breaking up with Raymond. Goofy and Kitty officially began dating and purchased a home.

Meelo "Nex" Graves - Extended Femly

Jay bullies Meelo in a light-hearted manner constantly, considering him to be one of the grinders in the group. Deep down, Jay recognizes the importance of grinding and work, and has defended Meelo in the past. They often do jobs together.

Zane "Rat" Jackson - Extended Femly

Zane, aka RAT, is a street racer that Jay met when racing. Noticing how he had multiple track records and often competed with his crew's primary driver, Goofy, Jay recruited him for a Paleto job when Goofy was out of commission. After RAT thanked him as he was down bad on money, Jay decided to help him out more and brought him along to more banks. Jay asked Goofy how someone with such good driving skills could be down bad financially, with Goofy guessing that it is because RAT changes his vehicle color often and gambles at the casino, two things that Goofy avoids. Jay will often call RAT if Goofy is busy.

Jay has brought RAT along for many heists, including multiple vaults, stating that he does care about RAT and wants him to make better financial decisions. RAT has been present for multiple sensitive meetings with Jay's then nameless crew (now The FEMLY) as he is close with all three of the leaders.

Femly Associates

Jesse Reed - Femly Associate

Jay and Jesse first met through Raymond Romanov. Jesse and Jay got to know each other more in between bank jobs and stores, with Jay guiding Jesse on the basics of hacking while doing jobs. Jay has joked about Jesse's affiliation with the Bondi Boys MC, advising others to never join the club. Jesse and Jay became even closer with how often he hung around with the rest of the Femly. They often do jobs and discuss Femly business while hanging out.

Joaquin "JJ" Jimenes - Good Friend

Jay and JJ naturally clicked starting off, despite JJ being a member of the Vagos. JJ and Jay grew even closer through various jobs, with JJ having connections that Jay sometimes leveraged. JJ and Jay often hang out in the city, however, both have their respective crews. JJ is often considered an associate due to his frequency in jobs and hanging out with the femly.

JJ supplied Jay with meth for multiple heists, which led to him overdosing. JJ pledged to never give meth to him again in an effort to try to save Jay. After Jay recovered from a near death overdose that landed him in the ICU, JJ cried and hugged him, much to Jay's confusion as he was supposed to be a "hardened south side gangster." JJ responded that The FEMLY were his second family.

Kassandra Kage - Good Friend
Jay, May, and Kass outside Harmony Repairs

Jay heard about Kass long before he met her, constantly waiting for when he could meet her. After randomly meeting at Harmony Repairs Garage, the two predictably became good friends. Jay brings Kass along for jobs and his shenanigans whenever he finds her awake. He has expressed frustration that she does not wake up that often. She has been present during serious group meetings with Jay, May, and Goofy, showing great trust with all members, particularly Jay and May.

Michael "Mic" Simone - Friend?

Mic is a mysterious man who occasionally is seen around the femly group. Jay and Mic are friends, first hearing about each other through Goofy. The man became even more mysterious to Jay after Goofy revealed that he received COPIUM (item) as well as a semiautomatic rifle. Mic occasionally spies on the group and is seen, however, has never talked to the group or Jay.

Mic once pinged Jay to a location, where Jay found multiple IBM Model M keyboards. With his budding passion in technology, Jay became the city's keyboard supplier, handing out the limited prized possessions to other members of the femly and good friends.

Jay and Mic fighting with IBM Model M keyboards at Dean World

When on meth, Jay becomes paranoid of Mic, often blaming anything suspicious on Mic. He has opened fire multiple times, including around the warehouse and Pillbox Medical Center when he was high, believing Mic was nearby. Mic visited Jay one time when he was in the ICU for an overdose, with Jay regaining consciousness and attacking Mic when Mic started to snort meth in front of him. Mic pinged Jay to a crate filled with meth and a truck with cocaine that night, with the rest of The Phantom Thieves and the femly getting there first and emptying the stash. Jay eventually received drugs, including 10 grams of cocaine from a truck he was pinged to, running away from the femly.

When Jay is sober, he has described Mic as a "good friend," saying that he loves seeing him.

Mic occasionally EMPs the femly's vehicles, building on Jay's paranoia. This once resulted in them being stopped by the police when an EMP blast went off outside the Apartments. Mic has shot at Jay multiple times, often with sniper rifles from hidden locations. He has texted Jay when his guard was down and he was going about his day with images of him in sniper scopes, with Jay often taunting Mic, calling him stupid and a bitch. With repeated strange occurrences and powerful weapons, Jay's paranoia has begun to slip out of just when he is high on meth.

Mic once shot Jay using a sniper rifle, hitting him in the dick when he was relaxing on a rooftop around Alta Street.

Close Friends

Ai "Betch" "Egg" Musori - Good Friend

Ai Musori, aka Betch, first met Jay at the courthouse, but they grew closer and bonded through their shared employment at the Rooster's Rest.

After Betch explained to Jay that she felt lost and without a purpose in the city, Jay sought to help her by involving her in his lower-tier criminal heists and by attempting to start a legal weed dispensary with her, called BJ's. Doing these heists and business proposals with Mayumi Himura and Karina Dawn, they grew closer together. After the business was denied by the federal government, Betch felt lost again, joining The Guild to regain a purpose. This made her distance from the crew as she must remain in character, however, she will still from time to time call and participate in heists.

Jay was the last person Betch talked to before she left Los Santos in a very emotionally charged phone call, with both reminiscing on their time together and the Dora the Explorer heist that they had planned to do weeks before but never did.

Betch was the first model used for Onifans.

Bo Xbox - Good Friend

Jay helped introduce Bo to Los Santos, helping him get a job at Rooster's Rest, where they became co-workers. After Bo asked Jay to introduce him to crime, Jay showed him oxy runs and house robberies, as well as other low-tier crime. He offered to purchase a computer dongle, which was used to hack banks, for $8,000 if he ever found one in a house, offering to bring him along for the robbery or lend Bo his crew at the time (MOJO). Jay enjoys making Bo uncomfortable by saying suggestive and bizarre things. He is very protective of Bo.

Roast Freestyle

"You've got money issues, and gamba won't solve 'em.
You are addicted, you have a fucking problem.
Yeah you heard me, yeah I don't care how you feel,
you need to stop spinning the fucking wheel.
You're not gonna make no money, doing it that way.
Why do you think you lose all your money anyways?
You got issues,
here's some fucking tissues,
stop going there you fucking little bitch, you
you really need to step right off.
Honestly, I'll be truthful you're pissing me off.
You make twenty thousand, and then you blow it all away.
And honestly, as your friend, I have something to say.
Get a regular job, make some money.
The way waste it all is not funny.
You might think that your friends want to see you do it,
but we don't Bo. We don't Bo."

Daisy Dukakis - Good Friend

Jay and Daisy first met when Jay was burglarizing a home. When Jay walked outside, holding a piece of stolen art, Daisy was outside. Jay panicked, but, with a large statue in his hand, could do nothing but talk to Daisy. Daisy and Jay then conversed, with Daisy showing him a magic trick. Daisy cut him loose. He would later reveal that this incident deeply changed his view of the police as he noted that they could be kind, understanding, and not constantly escalate; essentially, that they were more than their jobs. Ever since this initial meeting, Jay and Daisy became good friends, with Jay willing to help out Daisy whenever she needed it.

Daisy once foiled one of Jay's bank robbery plans by finding two staged dominators before the robbery. Jay requested to be processed by Daisy after being caught.

Jay occasionally calls up Daisy to tip her off or troll around a bit. Jay has expressed that he believes she is very attractive, but has not flirted with her.

She once asked Jay for a pair of civilian handcuffs for "off duty" purposes. A week later, after getting a pair commissioned by Chaos, Jay handed them over to Daisy in exchange for one hug. Masked up, with fake plates on his car, he handed over an item that is marked for police seizure, showing the amount of trust he has in her.

"I remember, when I was very new to the city, and I had no idea what the fuck was going on, I came out of a house, with someone else, um, allegedly, with a giant ass bust in my hands, and an officer staring right at me. And that officer, instead of ping chasing me and cuffing me right that instant, talked to me, showed me a magic trick, and it made my day. And it changed my opinion of the policia quite a bit, to the point where realistically, that officer, allegedly, asked me for just about anything, I'd probably give it to them. So, in case you were wondering, if uh, that officer's talking method works or is beneficial in a state of the city where guns come first, I figured that I'd let you know that it is very valuable, that it definitely affected me, allegedly."

Jay is one of Daisy's emergency contacts, but for some reason was not contacted by the EMS after she was placed in the ICU after being shot down in Air Corps by the Vagos. Jay offered to pay for her medical bills. Jay revealed that he has a warehouse to Daisy while he was robbing the vault.

John Spartan - Good Friend
Jay being interrogated by Spartan about Advanced VPNs

Spartan took a liking to Jay despite him being a criminal, often entertaining his shenanigans. When Jay's DNA was found on scene at a Bobcat Security heist and a warrant was issued, Spartan called Jay and offered to help him out. Jay accepted the deal, pleading guilty and turning himself in for no jail time and the dropping of the criminal use of explosives charge.

Spartan once interrogated Jay after he was found an advanced VPN, which was a new item in the city. Jay claimed that it was used for porn of white and red haired officers.

Jay has called Spartan very attractive and slipped him some money when they ran into each other at Benny's. Jay protected Spartan's CVPI after his head popped, preventing anyone from stealing his equipment or vehicle. He also refuelled the vehicle with his jerry can before Spartan returned. Afterwards Jay kept saying his hand slipped while giving Spartan cash, with the two reminiscing on the past. Spartan has expressed that he loves catching Jay at his silly bank heists.

Spartan has helped Jay on numerous occasions, such as helping him locate Claire Everly when he wanted to prank her for Halloween. Jay has, on numerous occasions, expressed how much he liked Spartan.

Oki Doki - Extended Femly

Jay and Oki became good friends through their shared employment at the Rooster's Rest and Burger Shot. During MOJO group shenanigans, Jay developed a fondness for Oki. However, Oki during this time was obsessed with Ken Sama. Seeing this, Jay gave up pursuing Oki, quietly hoping that someday Oki would recognize his love for her. After Sasuke Johnson met Oki, he cast a genjutsu spell to slowly make her obsessed with him rather than Ken Sama. This culminated in a fight between Sasuke and Ken Sama, where Oki shot Ken Sama due to the genjutsu spell. After witnessing Oki shoot down someone she claimed to be obsessed with and becoming occupied with his own criminal activities, Jay distanced himself from Oki.

After Sasuke Johnson had used Oki Doki to shoot Kenneth Foreman in their fight, Jay was heartbroken to see Oki be so obsessed with Sasuke and how she killed her former best friend for him. Jay then found out that Sasuke had used a genjutsu to make Oki obsessed with him and Jay set out on a mission to become a bard and use his music to release Oki from her spell.

"I though revenge was my only way, and I came back. But I found... I found friendship. I met good people... I met people like you Jay. But even then... I can't revert this obsession."

Months later, Oki reached out to Jay as she was down bad and needed to clean money. Jay reluctantly decided to help her, bringing her on an oxy run which scuffed. As they drove around the city, Jay purposefully pushed her buttons, insulting Sasuke and hinting that he liked her. After Oki threatened him due to the spell, much to her sadness, Jay fully accepted her threats. Driving off-road and up to a secluded mountain, Jay placed his hands up and stood at the edge, waiting for Oki to pull the trigger. After lots of emotionally charged discussion, Oki broke the spell and did not shoot Jay. After this incident, Jay and Oki spent hours just driving around and discussing their feelings and life.

Jay and Oki spent a significant amount more time following that day, with Jay taking care of her. Jay gave Oki a shelf in the warehouse for all her illegal contraband after hearing about the pending investigations into Burger Shot over the murder of the health inspector, where Oki moved the body and helped dispose of evidence. Jay sought to help in any way he could with the case, advising her not to talk to the police. When Oki was down bad in terms of cash, Jay purchased her dirty money at a good rate, giving her $40,000 in addition to bringing her along on a bank heist, giving her another further ~$20,000. Later that day, Kitty Dream forced Jay and Oki to admit that they both like each other, however, Jay remained unsure if they were dating as they did not officially put a label on their relationship.

"I don't really know how to say this, but um...I just uh...between you and me it's's really's not going to work. Um, I think you are, you know, really nice. I think you're funny-ish, but um, we...we're just too different, and I think it would probably be for the best if know, friendship is always good. Friends are nice."

Jay has mentioned that he placed Oki in his will. When Jay gifted his Akuma to Oki, Jay and Oki hashed out their relationship, with Jay stating that they were just too different as he was set to depart the city. Oki then stated that they were never really together, just admitted that they liked each other, and therefore there was nothing to end. They are still very good friends even though Jay has stated he does not intend to contact Oki in the future.

Jay and Oki occasionally see each other in passing in motorcycle races and at Burger Shot. They interact rarely when it happens, with Jay still displaying his simp tendencies, such as paying her buy-in at races. They occasionally run into each other and share pleasant conversations, continuing to banter with each other.

OOC Summary

DisbeArex (streamer who plays Oki) was getting harassment due to the fact that she has a husband IRL. Kris and Disbe discussed OOC the path that Jay and Oki would take, however, due to the repeated harassment through all social media channels, they decided to end the arc and not seek out interactions that could cause further weird messages. Kris has stated that if he does RP with Disbe, which he wants to do, both streamers will be offline if it happens.


Alex "Lil Cap" Söderberg - Friend

Jay heard about Lil Cap early on, as one of his goals was to become the greatest rapper, with Lil Cap arguably holding the title. After listening to his music and getting to know him, Jay remarked that it was a bit awkward as his goal conflicted with such a nice guy who Jay wanted to work with.

Overtime, Jay and Lil Cap became job buddies outside of Wu Chang Records, with Jay taking Lil Cap on multiple bank heists. They occasionally call each other up for jobs and information.

Jay has revealed that he is working on some major project with Lil Cap that may extend into his time away from the city, however, not much is known about this.

Amon Gus - Friend

Jay was one of Amon's first friends in the city, being linked up by Yuno Sykk. They spent time doing oxy runs and cleaning cash as they were both relatively new to the city, often involving Olivia Harvey and Oki Doki. They also share a close relationship with Sasuke Johnson, him being Amon's Sensei. After Jay progressed in the criminal world, he thought about leading Amon deeper into heists, however, ultimately decided against it unless Amon asked because he did not want to pressure him into committing crime.

Lars "Bjorn" Haverford - Friend

Bjorn and Jay met and grew close through Rooster's Rest. Jay often complements him and has rapped for him numerous times at Rooster's Rest professing his love for Bjorn.

Note: The freestyles below are not complete due to missing Twitch VODS

First Rooster's Freestyle

"Bjorn, you got me feeling so torn.
Bjorn, you're the one that I adore.
Bjorn, you leave me wanting more.
Bjorn, some think that you should be impure.
Hey Bjorn, I hope you know that you're the greatest,
I know I was tardy, I don't mean to be the latest.
But you're a great guy, I really like you,
I hope I don't cross you cause I don't wanna fight you.
You're kinda scary, you're so tough
share your exercise plan, how'd you get so buff?
I want to follow in your footsteps.
I want to be you.
Next, I don't know if anybody in town, is someone that I respect.
If I had to choose one role model, you'd be the one I select."

Second Rooster's Freestyle

"Disclaimer: this song is about no one in particular, especially not my boss; that would be weird.
Hey Bjorn, I hope this isn't unappealing,
I'm just a man trying to express is feelings.
I'm a good guy, I don't come with baggage,
I just want to hug you for longer than average.
If we were together, we'd be the talk of the town.
So look at me king so I can give you this crown.
About what I said earlier, I don't mean to be torn,
but this song is definitely about my boss Bjorn.
It's not weird, this is normal shit,
just I little cute workplace relationship.
I won't tell nobody, no one will leak it.
You can call me your dirty little secret.
Not Burger Shot, but my heart is stopping.
I see you looking at me when I cock in."

Unknown Portion of a Rooster's Freestyle


Goodbye Bjorn

"Whenever I was in a pickle,
you always made me laugh with your high pitched giggle.
That's right, I meta-gamed,
that's how I found out your real name.
But from the looks of it, you're gone from what I see,
I hope you're enjoying time inside of TBC.
Don't grind too much, people will miss you,
just like me singing this, holding onto tissues.
This popular opinion, one agreed by the herd,
you were my favourite from the dumbass Nerds.
And as far as Riley goes, I didn't mean it.
That relationship, maybe you should keep it.
She seems to like you more than me by far,
I'm only saying that because she hit me hard.
But the last thing I'll say in this stupid letter,
is that you're a great guy and you can do better.
Anyways, I'll see you later,
wish you the best, ay.
Anyways, I'll see you later, and I wish you the best, ay.
I wish you the best, thanks for giving me the keys.
Yeah you see me on my knees.
And I hope you had a really great time,
yeah, that is the end of the rhyme.
Goodbye Bjorn, I love you, later."

Brandon Valentino - Job Friend

Valentino and Jay's relationship is mostly based on jobs, with each hitting up each other if there aren't others around, particularly during late night hours. Valentino was the escape driver for the bank truck that gave Jay his first Bobcat Security Card. After this, Jay promised to give Valentino a spot on the crew for the Bobcat Security Heist or compensate him, however, Valentino did not accept as his train ticket was not the best. Jay and Valentino continued to do jobs and help each other out, however, Valentino ended up missing out on the Bobcat Heist.

During the Lord of the Rings Paleto Heist escape, Jay was noticing the frequent crashes and headaches that Valentino was having. Jay asked Valentino if he should drive, however, Valentino saw this as questioning his abilities and responded that he just needs to be supportive of his driving. Jay saw this as Valentino trying to strongarm him about his driving, which annoyed him greatly. After both of them were caught and transported to MRPD, Jay and Valentino exchanged harsh words, with Jay cutting him out and Valentino hoping that one day they would work together again.

Jay and Valentino resumed doing jobs about a week later.

Cam Eleon - Old Friend

Cam, aka Nikon, was Jay's first friend in the city and his mentor. Jay spent most of his first day roaming around, enjoying the city that people were raving about, however, thinking it was pretty normal. Then he met Cam, who introduced Jay to the criminal world of Los Santos, teaching him how to buy lists, run oxy, and the major groups. Jay credits Cam with showing him a good first time in the city and for the reasons he continued to wake up after his first day. Despite not seeing him again, Jay remembers him thankfully everyday as he believes he would not have woken up the day after had it not been for Cam showing him the deeper world of Los Santos.

Claire Everly - Former Crush

"Yeah I'll give you my number. It's 911."

Claire was the first police officer to arrest Jay, on a joyriding charge on his first day. Throughout the arresting process, Jay and Claire joked around, with Jay crushing on Claire. In the cells, Jay asked for Claire's number, which led to the infamous quote that would later star in his debut single as a Wu Chang Records artist. Claire sent him to Bolingbroke Penitentiary with 1 month off for a guilty plea after stating her favorite drink was Whiskey after Jay suggested they go to a bar for some Vodka. After his time in jail, Jay went to the nearest 24/7 and grabbed a bottle of Whiskey, heading to MRPD to reclaim his legal weapon. Meeting up with Claire, Jay offered the bottle, much to her amusement as she brushed it off as she no longer drinks. During this time, Jay obtained Claire's real phone number after she called him to meet outside MRPD.

When Jay finished Chanclas, he held a performance outside Wu Chang Records for Claire as she was featured in the song.

Jay has called Claire numerous times over the phone to freestyle about his love for her, often suggesting for her to divorce her wife Mina Price. Jay once got into a fist fight the first time he met Mina in the lobby of MRPD, with Claire watching on and cheering for her wife.

First Roosters Freestyle

"Hey Claire,
you have the nicest hair,
every time I see you it isn't fair.
I mean this
Yeah, you're the hottest,
I hope you dye it light girls let's be honest.
Yeah, I got feelings and I can't let it go,
What happens between us no one needs to know.
I know you're engaged, but that's a cage
some else likes you and it gets me in a rage.
Yeah, I don't have a Mustang, I don't know how to drive
But my love for you keeps me alive.
Yeah, I know your time is precious, I won't keep you here all day
but I want you to know better what you say.
Come on,
give me a chance,
let me dance,
and maybe later you'll let me in your ay-"

Second Roosters Freestyle

"Honestly in town it's kinda fucked,
policia, so fucking corrupt.
Yeah I said what I meant,
how do y'all get fifteen percent.
What the fuck it's so unfair
unless you are the best Claire.
Then there's a difference, you're a nice girl,
you're the only one I want in the world.
Yeah, I will keep singing
Freestyle, yeah you know that I'm winging
it, and I don't give a shit
and if someone is going to get hit I hope it's me,
I hope it's Claire,
I don't even care if it's so unfair.
Just, go ahead, smack me in the face,
I like it, I'll scream all over the place.
Yeah, I want it now,
please stop delaying-"

First Phone Song

"Hey Claire, just wanted to say,
I'm sure that you look great today.
Sorry if you're busy I don't want to interrupt
but I absolutely love your cute bob cut
I don't mean to waste your time
but it's hard for me to focus with you on my mind
my apologies if I am taking it to far
I'd keep it short and sweet but you already are.
Anyways, I wish you a happy life
Yes I mean that for you, and your wife
but before I go, the last thing on the course
is for me to remind you about divorce
Yes Claire, it's not too late
that's still a choice that you can make
okay, that it is the end of the song
I'm really looking forward to that future ride along."

Second Phone Song

"You know what, would make you happy with life
if you did something crazy like break up with your wife.
Just do it,
go out with a bang,
then head over to me so you can drive my Mustang.
We'd have a great time and drive off into the sun,
you'd be drifting clean while I'm riding shotgun,
and listen, before you say no shot,
let me give you one piece of some food for thought.

I've honestly got like so much money IRL this is honestly such an easy decision
God, why are you just still contemplating this, really?

After not seeing Claire for a long time (during this time he was forming his crew with Mayumi Himura), his feelings for her gradually faded. Since then, his rare interactions with Claire have been less flirtatious and more simply friendly, with Jay stating that he supports her and Mina's relationship and no longer has an intention of pursuing her. He still believes she is highly attractive, but has given up after not seeing her for a long time. Jay still wants a ride along.

Jay, with Code PsyKo, once outdrove Claire in an inceptor chase from Paleto, juking her on a turnoff off Great Ocean Highway. Jay later ran into her and handed her 6,000 dollars as "a cut" from the job while they joked around.

For Halloween, Jay dressed as Claire. With help from John Spartan, Jay located Claire and became a pseudo-ride along after multiple 10-13As (Officer Down URGENT) occured. Jay then "backseat gamed" the shootout between the PD and Chang Gang. Jay accompanied Claire while she filed evidence, commanded the scene, and went to the bench trial. Jay attempted to convince Claire with no success to abandon the scene and go do pursuits instead, with Claire remarking that he was like her inner conscious.

Code PsyKo - Friend

Jay ran into Code PsyKo outside the Apartments, where he kidnapped her and took her to the top of a mountain. Psyko tried to flirt with Jay, however, he seemed to not be interested. He then held her up, robbing her before realizing that she had nothing besides $24. Jay decided to help her out, getting a phone at the Digital Den, bringing her to the casino, and teaching her about vehicles, among other tasks. They would later rob Paleto bank.

Jay and PsyKo rob Paleto

Jay and PsyKo spent some time together browsing the catalogues at PDM.

Eve Summers - Friend and ex-roommate

Jay and Eve met through the Rooster's Rest. Eve became Jay's roommate after they purchased a Paleto house together, with the home chosen by Eve so Jay can store his illegal items under her name. Eve helped introduce Jay into the weed scene, teaching him how to grow, harvest, and distribute illegally. Jay calls her the "weed queen" because she knows every strain of weed in Los Santos.

Jay moved out of the Paleto stash house after buying an apartment in the southside for a shared garage in addition to his warehouse. They had a jokingly dramatic break up where Eve removed his keys. Eve and Jay occasionally contact each other regarding developments in the weed game.

Irwin Dundee - Friend

The very first time Jay met Dundee was at a street when Jay tried to steal motorcycles for a bank job. Although brief, Jay was able to ask his name and recognize his face to know it was the rumored Irwin Dundee.

Their next encounter and first job together was when Ray attempted to hit Bobcat Security to secure materials for the Cleanbois to hit the Lower vault; Ray recruited Jay as the thermite user and Irwin Dundee as gateway driver. While on the phone with Ray, Dundee stated that he secured a motorcycle for a backup plan from "a guy that wears black from head to toe." A minute later, Jay called Ray about a crazy guy with an Australian accent that robbed a motorcycle from him on the street, saying that he really needed that for a getaway plan. In the middle of planning for a getaway plan they recruited Wingman to join as their fourth. Later that day, following a successful Bobcat heist, this crew also did several heists together.

Impressed with Jay’s hacking skills, Dundee contacted him again for another Bobcat heist with the BBMC. They respect each other for the specific skills they possess and have done many jobs together of varying calibers.

After less than a week of doing banks together, Dundee and X downed, robbed, and unsuccessfully oceandumped one of Jay's fellow hacker friends, Bodhi Mack. They then used a laptop that was stolen off Bodhi on a job with Jay. Jay apologized to Bodhi from Bolingbroke Penitentiary after the incident, paying him 100 shungite to cover the cost of the stolen laptop and reminiscing on how bad the job went. Jay then distanced himself from Dundee, especially as Jay's crew became more active once again. Jay has considered doing jobs with Dundee, but recognizes that these jobs will be high intensity and not his style of bank heists.

Dundee and Jay occasionally interact outside of jobs, with Jay checking out Dundee's new car. Jay has expressed how he would not like to get involved with the BBMC too heavily as he doesn't want to get caught up with their war on the PD and their propensity to violence. He doesn't let this prevent him from doing jobs however, with Jay and Dundee once doing a vault job where Jay escaped on a bike before Dundee and Ray performed a violent shootout with police as a distraction.

Mina Rocket - Friend

Jay was almost set up on a date with Mina by Raymond Romanov. Despite this not working out, they remain friends. Jay and Mina do not that interact often as she does not involve herself in crime. Mina has expressed interest in hearing Jay rap for her.

Peener Pogue - Friend

Jay helped Peener integrate to the city, showing him around and helping him at Rooster's Rest. They would then meet on occasion.

After Peener slowed down coming into the city, Jay expressed his sadness, believing if he would spend more time he would have enjoyed it more.

Terrance "TJ" Walker - Friend

Jay and TJ first met when he was caught from a vault robbery. They shared light-hearted banter as TJ processed him. When Jay revealed that he had contraband and drugs that he boofed, TJ was forced to remove them. Using gloves and being very careful, TJ had to reach deep inside Jay's ass to remove it, altering Jay's voice in the process. TJ, after more banter, sent Jay off.

Jay and TJ met again at a Paleto bank robbery, with Jay demanding a lap dance from TJ in return for the safety of the hostage. TJ complied, twerking in front of him as he danced. Jay escaped this robbery, with TJ and Jay both stating allegedly when discussing this incident.

After multiple sexual encounters, Jay and TJ have become closer, interacting as Jay goes about his criminal life. Whenever they interact, it is in a friendly manner, often discussing the previous encounters in the presence out-of-the-loop and heavily confused bystanders.

Trina Bergström - Friend

Jay and Trina met through Rooster's Rest, where Trina used to work. Jay was in need of someone who did not commit crime to purchase his warehouse with, and choose Trina after getting to know each other better. Each week, Jay payed Trina the cost of the warehouse loan, the asset fees, as well as additional five grand as a thank you.

After leaving Rooster's Rest, Trina approached Jay about no longer wanting to remain clean. She asked Jay to teach her to hack banks, which Jay accepted. This has created an issue, however, with the fate of the warehouse unknown. This has not deterred Jay from helping her become a criminal. After Trina stopped waking up, Jay worked with authorities to have the warehouse deed transferred to Karina Dawn.

Kai Pond - Friendly

Jay first noticed Kai after having his car repaired by her repeatedly at Ottos Autos. Through conversation, Kai eventually found out that Jay is the roommate of her daughter, Eve Summers. She has asked Jay to keep an eye on her daughter, namely on the men she dates. She also seems to believe that Jay has some sort of romantic or sexual relationship with Eve, despite them being strictly roommates and friends.

Jean "X" Paul - Friendly

Jay and Jean Paul will do jobs together if brought together by another individual, usually Irwin Dundee, otherwise, they remain apart due to their vastly different approaches to the police and heists. Jean Paul has helped Jay out serving as a backup hacker when he was first learning about banks.

Yuno Sykk - Friendly

Jay and Yuno first met at Burger Shot, with Yuno bringing Jay on some of his first crime in Los Santos, an oxy run. When Jay began to do banks, he often consulted Yuno as he was the premier hacker in the city. Jay respects and enjoys Yuno's company whenever they meet up, however, Yuno and Jay rarely do jobs that often together due to both of them being primarily hackers, and each having their own respective groups (at the time Jay was with the MOJO group).

When Jay and Yuno were planning on travelling to Block City for a while, they tried to plan a last minute vault. Jay managed to secure connects for the red dongles, however, was unable to secure any thermite for the job. Calling it off, they both expressed their sadness and imagined what could have been before they departed Los Santos.

Weeks later, Jay reached out to Yuno again for another attempt at the vault as he had the red dongles needed and wanted Yuno to serve as a backup hacker. Yuno accepted, and they, along with Mayumi Himura, planned for the vault, stalling while waiting for a thermite connect and Raymond Romanov. After thermite was unable to be secured due to Chaos ghosting Jay, Raymond offered to use his green dongle and use the set up for a Fleeca instead. The Fleeca was done, however, Yuno was disappointed as it was the second time the lack of thermite ruined a vault.

On their third attempt at a vault, Jay once again reached out, with Yuno agreeing to help. Jay completed all the hacks and thermite for his first vault, with Yuno waiting if needed. Jay took time to tell Yuno that he was his hacking inspiration, and how much he appreciated his guidance that led him to the vault. The loot was secured and the job was successful.

Receiving two gold dongles from the vault, and with CB in a race with CG for the lower vault, Raymond brokered a deal: both the gold dongles would go to CB and, in exchange, Ray would tell Jay and May the details of the lower vault that have been figured out. Jay thought it was a decent deal and accepted, wanting to help Ray and Yuno in their competition.

During the conflict with CG and the fallout with CB, when Jay's life was on the line due to Yuno exposing his identity to Ramee El-Rahman, Jay called Yuno to help him, pleading for his life over materials. Yuno refused to hand over the gold dongles to save Jay's life, agreeing with the rest of the Cleanbois that Jay was not worth starting conflict with CG over. When Ramee called Yuno to attempt to negotiate, Yuno told Ramee that they should set Jay on fire as their method of execution as a "joke." However, Jay is unaware of Yuno's role in exposing his identity and the extent of the lack of interest towards saving his life. After Jay handed over multiple dongles of his own and saved himself from CG, Jay distanced himself from CB, including Yuno.

On Jay's first vault with the upgraded security systems, Yuno helped Jay by bringing a red laptop after Jay broke one trying to access the vault. Jay expressed his gratitude and his happiness and seeing him in the city as it had been a long time, and promised to send him the funds to cover the cost of the laptop and pay him.


Lang Buddha - Ally

Jay and Lang met through Rooster's Rest, with Lang being Jay's boss. Jay impressed Lang with his freestyle rapping. Jay and Lang often interact in passing, however, Lang has never refused to lend a hand or information whenever Jay asked.

One time, Jay became unresponsive in a bush outside of Rooster's, with Lang initially believing he was hostile and spying. When escorted to the back, Lang realized and did not punish Jay.

When Denzel Williams asked for Jay to get Lang's approval before he granted his business license for BJ's, Lang did not hesitate to give his blessing, with Jay offering to help him out with weed whenever as he also wanted Lang to benefit from the deal.

Jay often helped Lang indirectly through working with his fellow femly members. During the CG Gold Dongle Vault fiasco, Lang, along with the majority of the Cleanbois, refused to save Jay's life. Lang stated that "Jay is a nice guy, but it's not my problem." After this incident, when Jay initially distanced from the major groups, he avoided Lang.

Overtime, when Jay resumed doing jobs with CB and developed a neutral-friendly relationship, Jay was most interested in restoring his relationship with Lang. With the new upgraded bank security systems and the departure of the Cleanbois' primary hacker, Jay offered to help out the crew by hacking, eventually fulfilling the promise by taking them to the vault.

Matthew Espinoz - Ally

Jay and Espinoz met how Jay met most officers: via crime. After Jay began to do thematic heists, Espinoz would often applaud him and be less aggressive. Espinoz often helps Jay out by escalating less and reducing jail time if Jay gets caught. They often banter back and forth about their respective statuses as a police officer and a known criminal.

Ramee El-Rahman - Ally

Ramee and Jay often interacted throughout Jay's interactions with Chang Gang and Wu Chang Records. Ramee always liked Jay and was willing to help out whenever he could, and vice versa.

During the CG-CB Lower Vault fiasco, Ramee was the one in contact with Jay, trying to offer him ways out. He was the one who saved Jay from "taking a swim" at the beach, giving him a ride back to the city.

Ramee, whenever Chang Gang or others mention Jay, always says that he likes Jay or that Jay is cool.

Mr. Kebun - Neutral

Jay first heard about Mr. K when trying to find a job in the city as a Wu Chang Records artist. After waiting for awhile, Jay finally received his audition, with Mr. K being very impressed with his rapping ability. Mr. K signed Jay on the spot, refusing to hear his second prepared song. After publishing three songs with Wu Chang, which is run by Mr. K, Jay slowed down music production, citing that he was never payed.

Mr. K and Jay do not interact regularly, as both are relatively busy. Jay respects Mr. K as the leader of Chang Gang, and often tries to retain friendly ties with him and the gang as he doesn't want trouble.

Mr. K and Jay came together again following the Chang Gang attempt at the Lower Vault where Jay was taken hostage. This led to the CG-CB Vault incident after Jay told Raymond Romanov about the keypads at the bottom of the Lower Vault. Mr. K gave Jay and out, saying that he liked his rapping, with Chang Gang taking two red dongles instead of a gold dongle. When handing over the goods, Mr. K sought to try to turn Jay against Raymond and CB, stating that they left him high and dry when he needed it and that Ray did not truly care about Jay.

Tony Corleone - Neutral

Tony and Jay have had a complex and cyclical relationship, from like to dislike and everything in between. Tony and Jay originally started off liking each other, growing closer as they worked on jobs together along with Raymond Romanov, most notably bank trucks that often scuffed as the systems were relatively new. After one of the bank trucks was successful, the group recieved a Safe Cracking Tool, something that was never seen in the city prior to this. Since the bank truck was originally Jay's, they entered intense negotiations over the new device, with Tony offering $100,000 for the safe cracker. After Jay refused the deal, Tony perceived the stubbornness as an attack on the group's progress and as being unwilling to work in addition to being selfish. After this, Tony and most of the Cleanbois severed ties with Jay.

After sometime, Jay and Raymond made up, with Yuno also being more neutral instead of hostile. CB and Jay eventually resumed doing jobs, with Jay even being classified as an associate of CB by Sam Baas when he was doing investigative work. This was the pinnicle of their good relations, however, as once again, Jay and CB once again had another incident, this time the vault and conflict with CG incident. Jay and Tony are currently neutral-friendly with each other, with Jay helping out as a performer and greeter at some of Corleone Prime Steaks' private events at the Clean Manor.

Hunter "Wingman" Skye - Neutral

Jay and Wingman used to do jobs together, however, only if brought together by someone else, usually Tony Corleone or Raymond Romanov. They work decently well together, mostly doing lower-tier heists such as bank trucks.

Jay sees Wingman as too desperate to join CB and dislikes how much he appears to suck up to the group, trying to be an associate. Jay usually would not work with Wingman if it wasn't for CB linking them together. Jay has not expressed this view directly to Wingman, so they get along normally.

Mina Price - Former Rival

"You wanna sit here and proposition my wife in front of me motherfucker?"

Jay first heard about Mina when attempting to flirt with Claire Everly, who at the time was her fiancée. This made Mina Jay's enemy. The first time they met face to face, it devolved into a fist fight in the lobby of MRPD after Jay propositioned Claire. After Jim Underwood separated Jay and Mina, Mina offered Individual First Aid Kits (IFAKs) to Jay as he was punched multiple times. After leaving with volunteer EMS Bjorn, Jay seemed to understand why Claire liked Mina, but resolved to be better in their next fight.

Since the incident, Jay and Mina seemed to have cooled down after Jay eased off flirting with Claire. Jay has said he supports the couple and has even offered to help in their loan payment for their Mirror Park house. Mina once called Jay to ask about Claire after she went missing for a while; Jay hung up the phone without answering questions.


Jackie Snow - Dislike

"I just don't give a fuck"

This stems from an incident when Trooper Snow PIT (pursuit intervention technique) Jay at high speeds (100mph+) when Jay was in a bank truck. Jay often makes references to this incident anytime ramming, PITs, or police aggression is involved. Jay also quotes Snow, stating that "I just don't give a fuck." Jay hates his aggressive and non-entertaining nature.

Jeff Spencer - Dislike

Jay dislikes Jeff Spencer for stealing his weed from an illegal grow operation in Zancudo. Jeff snitched on Jay after being caught by Sam Baas, leading to Jay being sent to Bolingbroke Penitentiary for a HUT (held until trial) charge. Jay was later released (see Weed Business). On the day of the incident, Jay told Mayumi Himura that he would kill Jeff it he had the chance.

"Alright, so what happened is, you fucked with the wrong people, to be blunt."


Two months later, Jeff approached Jay outside the apartments without recognizing him. Jay told May who he was and what he did, but said he was willing to let it go since it had been a long time. May refused to let it slide, kidnapping him and executing him at LSIA after telling him he messed with the wrong person. May later rationalized it with Jay, stating that he wanted it to happen back in the day and that Jeff did not show any remorse and was selfish.

Jeff was not ocean dumped and was rescued by EMS. Despite heading to MRPD after recovering for an unrelated incident, Jeff did not mention the incident to the police. May ditched the Deagle used by Dean World in Vespucci. Afterwards, Jay remarked that it felt like his first day in the city again, and how, with him planning on leaving the city soon, it felt like things were coming full circle.

Matt Rhodes - Dislike

Jay dislikes Rhodes due to his serious nature as a police officer as well as his pettiness. He has heard about Rhodes being an aggressive and serious cop due an incident where Rhodes PIT Mayumi Himura into a tree >15 seconds after a chase started.

Condemned MC - Enemy

Jay despises the Condemned MC for constantly robbing him while he does oxy runs in Paleto Bay. He estimates that he has lost around $80,000 total from the various encounters. Each time, members state that he hasn't been robbed and to take everything as a warning, despite Jay's protests that he has been robbed before. The CMC was once jiggling door knobs in Paleto and entered Jay's stash house when Eve Summers was inside. Jay often calls them the Condensed Milk Club.

Emma Dupont - Enemy

Jay despises Snr Officer Dupont due to an incident where she, similar to Tracy Martell, she coaxed him to have a conversation, insisting he was not being detained or under arrest and would not be searched. Due to him wearing a gnome mask, which, unknown to Jay, is associated with terrorism, he was then placed in cuffs and searched, with an Uzi on his person. He was taken in to MRPD and booked for the class 2, and was sent off. Jay has not been as aggressive in terms of placing a hit as he was in the Martell situation, however, still hates Dupont, and wishes physical harm against her, which is extremely rare.

Tracy Martell - Enemy

This stems from an incident where Sergeant Martell, alongside Deputy Gunner, responded to an unrelated 24/7 store robbery. Jay was seated in his car across the street and was approached by the officers, who stated that he was not under arrest and not going to be searched or frisked, and that they simply wanted to have a conversation. With this in mind, Jay decided to comply, however, Martell noticed a fake plate on his vehicle that did not match his ID that he showed. Jay was searched and arrested, loosing >$10,000 in dirty money, his gun, racing dongle, and a gun silencer in addition to having his car impounded. Feeling betrayed by this incident, after leaving Bolingbroke Penitentiary, Jay placed a hit on Martell with the Vagos for "turning an inch into a mile," wanting to not ocean dump, but rather kidnap and execute her so she remembers. This incident made Jay more understanding of why "Hell Week" existed and why criminals often refuse to even entertain cops in the slightest.

In another incident, Martell checked Jay's VIN and flagged his legal plates, leading to him being felony stopped despite being legal. The action also gave any future police probable cause for a search due to the flagged plates. It also resulted in Jay's Mustang GT being towed and impounded despite it being legally parked with legal plates. Jay saw this as another act of being petty and sought to unflag them via court order.

Jay and Martell have seemingly halted open aggression against each other, with both having a lovely conversation outside the Apartments regarding Jay's new IBM Model M keyboards.



  • Joined the Anbu Black Cocks by rapping for Sasuke Johnson
  • Has only gotten into one gunfight against a nonlocal (Sam Baas)
  • Occasionally randomly goes unresponsive and must be escorted to a safe space until he becomes responsive again
  • Has issues with his vocal cords which he can sometimes control
    • Often uses blunt force trauma to switch voices (Headbutting the wall, slamming against the dashboard)


Substance Usage
Alcohol No - States internal thoughts
- Is nice to May
- Impaired decision making
- Slurred speech
Copium Probably - Delusion
- Thinks he's a good driver
Marijuana (Weed) Slightly - Coughing
- Hoarse throat
- Alternate voice
- Calm
Metamorphine (Krokodil) No - Hysteria
- Illusions
- Alternate voice
- Delusion
Methamphetamine (Meth) Yes - Stuttering
- Drowsiness
- Impaired decision making
- Mood swings
- Delusion
- Hates Mic
- Amnesia
- Aggressive
Nitrous Oxide (NOS) No - Impaired vision
- Light-headedness
Oxycontin (Oxy) No - Only uses to stem bleeding
  • Did an entire Paleto bank heist while crossfaded on alcohol, meth, NOS, and weed. This was the first time he overdosed.
  • Did a vault while on meth
  • Has overdosed on meth multiple times, with the femly holding interventions and saving his life multiple times.
  • Jay attributes the hoarseness of his normal voice to repeatedly smoking weed.
  • Jay has noted that everyone in the femly is addicted to one substance or another.


  • "You know... I always knew you couldn't trust white women... I gotta change my tastes up..."
  • "Just because there is a goal keeper, doesn't mean you can't score"
  • "Hey Bjorn"
  • "This song is about nobody in particular"
  • "You got meth?"
  • "Mic is an ugly-ass, stupid-ass, dumb-ass, head-ass, pussy-ass bitch. You won't do it, Mic. You won't fucking do it. COME AT ME."


As of 8/23/2021
State ID: 9457
Mugshot: (taken by C. Everly)

  • Drivers License
  • Fishing License


  • Weapons License Removed
  • DNA On File

Additional Notes:
Weapons License Revoked 14/05/2021 - J. Spartan
DNA taken on 07/04/2021 reference report #15024
Hunting license removed due to not having a weapon license 8/6/21 - @461 T. Martell
Phone Dongle Alias: JK - 15/08/2021 - #18403 - @391 O. Fury


  • Jay's first crime was Joyriding arrested and charged by Claire Everly
  • Jay's only AMGE charge was from attempting to kill Sam Baas

  • 1x Assault & Battery
  • 24x Kidnapping
  • 1x Attempted Murder of a Government Employee
  • 16x Joyriding
  • 3x Grand Theft Auto
  • 4x Possession of Contraband in the Third Degree
  • 15x Robbery
  • 1x First Degree Robbery
  • 2x Grand Larceny
  • 1x Possession of Dirty Money in the Second Degree
  • 1x Possession of Dirty Money in the First Degree
  • 1x Vehicle Registration Fraud
  • 1x Possession of Band of Notes and Small Band of Notes
  • 1x Burglary
  • 2x Arson
  • 1x Misdemeanor Possession of Controlled Dangerous Substance OXY / METH
  • 1x Sale of Drugs
  • 1x Felony Possession with Intent to Distribute
  • 10x Criminal Possession of a Firearm [Class 1]
  • 1x Criminal Possession of a Firearm [Class 2]
  • 2x Criminal Use of a Firearm
  • 15x Resisting Arrest
  • 1x Possession of Weapon Attachments
  • 2x Evading
  • 10x Reckless Evading
  • 1x Failure to Obey Traffic Control Devices
  • 1x First Degree Speeding
  • 1x Street Racing
  • 8x Robbery of a Financial Institution


Played By: KristoferYee
Characters: Jay QueKa ChaoKristofer Yee