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Jay Martin is a character role-played by JPF_14


Jay is a British criminal currently living in Los Santos. He was introduced to The Mandem by his close friend Dwayne Flores. Jay takes part in many criminal activities such as running oxy, weed, robbing people and gun violence. Jay is part of the Mandem Road team (Roadmen), which is run by Eli Porter and Adam Ababwa. On the street, Jay is notably known for his driving and shooting skills.

On March 17th 2022, because of a shortage of awake Mandem members, Jay got drafted to a 6-man squad consisting of Dean, Eli, Patar, Adam, Ved and himself where he momentarily participated in the MDM vs CG war, which at that time, had being going on for 2 days. During Jay's short stint as a squad member, Eli and Jay got into 1 motor vehicle shootout with CG where Jay managed to land numerous shots onto several CG members but unfortunately he got downed quick during the shootout. Dwayne Flores would later replace him in the squad. On the same day, The Roadmen team was officially announced to the public as a street team for The Mandem after previously being a secret to the public.

On March 19th 2022, Jay bought apartment 11 at the RDM Block, permanently making it his new home.