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Jax Belfort is a character role-played by goose_thegreat.


His first couple days in the city Jax tried to become a criminal building a relationship with Mary Livingston who proceeded to swindle him out of almost all of his money. He vowed from that moment on to never be taken advantage of again and to try his best to dictate any situation he is in.

Jax runs fight clubs from time to time and can often be goaded into a fight just for fun. He's not outwardly violent but is known to engage in violent actions such as arguing, beating down, and urinating on tow truck drivers. He also works in video production and makes commercials for people.

He is the Marketing Manager/Brand Manager for Bean Machine and the Manager of Anderson's Advertisements.


Steve En

Steve is his adopted brother and business partner.

Jenn Bordeaux

Jenn is his adopted mother despite being younger than him. Jax has never met his father and is currently searching for him. Jenn has told him of multiple men who could possibly be his father.

Fun Facts

  • He has a strange attraction to women who are verbally abusive. 
  • He acts and gives off the appearance of being somewhat naive and almost dumb but has yet to reveal his "true" personality and intentions.
  • What outfit he wears dictates how he acts towards people and the actions he takes.