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Javier Diaz is a character role-played by SlummpyJ.

General Information

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Aubrey Adams

Aubrey was Javi's most recent girlfriend. He met her during her interview for UwU Café (before the cafe building officially opened). They stayed in contact afterwards and that developed into a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship.

Their relationship hit a rocky spot due to outside influences: During the beginning of the time they were dating, Javi was a member of the Vagos. When the Great Vagos Exodus happened (aka when Benji and 4 other Vagos blooded out of the gang), the Vagos forced him to cut contact with anything involved with those who left, including UwU Cafe and Aubrey. Javi ultimately made the decision to leave the Vagos, so he could retain his freedom and stay with Aubrey. (There were a lot of reasons why he left, which he discussed in detail with the Ex-Vagos before ultimately making the decision. Staying with Aubrey was one of them.)

Javi and Aubrey broke up mid-January 2022 due to having no time for each other.

Miguel Guerrero

Miguel Guerrero is Javi's half-brother. During his time in the Vagos, Javi and Miguel worked well together and bonded through the usual gang gang stuff. They went to the hospital to get a DNA test, which confirmed their blood relation. However, this relationship is now fractured ever since Javi blooded out of the gang. Miguel, angry that Javi abandoned the gang, led other Vagos to hunt Javi down on multiple occasions. Javi was confused and didn't understand their motivations because he had lost all memory of being in the Vagos when he was blooded out. (The ex-Vagos filled in some information for him so he'd understand it better).

Notable Events

Javi leaves the Vagos (November 2021)

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Javi 1 v 6 the Vagos (November 2021)

During the weeks following the Great Vagos Exodus, tensions were high between Seaside (and UwU Café by extension) and the Vagos. A short time after a particularly nasty attack on Ash and the Cafe, Javi grabbed a Desert Eagle gun and his new friend Money Mac, and went down to the Barrio. Javi successfully solo shot down 6 Vagos on their home turf, robbed half of them, and escaped. He purposefully dropped some of the robbed items in the bushes during the shootout. He kept a Vagos chain as a prize (he still currently has it). When Seaside heard of his accomplishment, they were proud of him and still reference his great accomplishment to this day.


  • Ash Ketchup has secretly/not so secretly claimed him as her son. She has indirectly referred to him as her son for so long, that others around her has accepted it as true. Others refer to Ash as his mom on multiple occasions. Ash has expressed she is serious about formally adopting him, but Benji (her boyfriend) is not ready yet. (His hesitation may or may not have something to do with unresolved issues with their estranged adopted son, Carlitos.)
  • He's a kid at heart and acts the youngest amongst the group, despite not being the youngest.