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Jasper Saxon was a character role-played by  MikeHorrorible


Jasper Saxon, also known as the Cassette Killer, was a serial killer who was writing an autobiography, narrated by cassette tapes. After having made a deal with the devil he has returned and taken over the body of his copycat killer.

Background Information

As explained in his autobiography, he had a complicated childhood. His mother had died giving birth to him, and as a result of her death, his father had become an alcoholic. He grew up alongside his older sister, Abigail, who he claims to be the only person he has ever loved and cared about.

His father would beat him, blaming him for his mother’s death. His sister was always there for him, comforting him afterwards. They had attempted multiple times to call the police, but each time, they brushed it off.

One night, everything seemed to have changed. Instead of allowing him to be beat down, Abigail attempted to stop their father. The attempt failed, and suddenly, she was the new punching bag for their father to take his anger out. Instead of Jasper, it was her who had to endure through the pain each night, and he could only listen. Eventually, she was no longer the same Abigail in his eyes. And one day, he woke up to find her dead. Hanging from a pipe.

At his sister's funeral, it was then he had come up with his motive. He believed that, because Abigail had killed herself, that she was residing in hell. And that he had a chance to be reunited with her, if he followed the Dark Lord. Thus, he had only begun to think about his reunion with his sister.

Fast forward a few years, and he's a Junior in highschool. He has fallen in love with a girl named Carrie.

Winter brings an accident that affects him drastically. He crashes and flips the car in a ditch, and while she managed to escape from the vehicle, he is stuck inside. The vehicle goes up in flames with him inside. He survives the accident, but not without scars.

Carrie left him after the accident, stating that he ‘deserved better’ and that she couldn’t bear the thought of having let him down. Something that caused him to snap. He later killed her, beginning his mission to reunite with his sister.


He was declared dead in the lower parking lot of Pillbox Medical Center after Officer Dan Faily unloaded a magazine of 7.62 in to his chest, then proceeded to shoot 1 more shot in to his head. Although shortly after his death, Siz Fulker and an other HOA member, Kaleb Rush opened fire into his lifeless corpse, Siz with an heavy pistol and Kleb with a Tec-9. They later claimed that they were in fact the ones who murdered him (with Siz being arrested, but not prosecuted, on the charge of desecrating a corpse shortly afterwards.)

Despite what actually occurred, Siz (simply to have an official record stating he killed Jasper) managed to successfully argue to be sentenced for the crime of second degree murder against Jasper. Although before being sentenced he managed to escape from police custody and went on the run for several days before being caught on a failed vault heist (although due to a PD communication issue he was never actually sentenced for second degree murder on that day and was subsequently informed that the murder charge against him had been dropped, much to his dismay.) Kleb however served over 200 months for his participation in the shooting of Jasper's corpse as he was already sentenced before the opportunity to escape arose. In response to the PD illegally dropping the murder charge the DOJ sentenced him to, Siz went to court on 1/20/21 and was charged for the 1st degree murder of Jasper.



Played By: MikeHorrorible
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