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Jason Polam is a character role-played by Nmplol.


Jason Polam is shy, socially anxious, and accommodating, with low self-esteem and likely depression. Despite his awkwardness, people gravitate towards him. Using his interpersonal skills, he leads a successful group called Civ Gang.

He has a strong work ethic, and often worked long hours at G6 with his co-workers. He was a law-abiding citizen until late May 2024.


He is very awkward and not very good in social situations involving women or persons in positions of authority or power.[1] However, when interacting with people, he does not put them on a pedestal.

Coping Mechanisms[]

Jason has the very unique trait of sensually dancing when in a situation that makes him very nervous.

When Jason is in states of high arousal, also known as "Full Sack", he often resorts to getting on all fours and either sniffing the person nearest to him or barking like a dog.


He also is on police officer Den Shiesty’s radar, as he has been found in very peculiar and strange situations while with women, which often prompts Den to suspect foul play by Jason. At the same time, he acts as Denzel's chief informant, informing him about the various criminal activities in the city.

Issues with his Mother[]

Much of his personality is influenced by the disappointment his mother has in him. Ever since Ms. Polam abandoned him when he was 18, Jason has resorted to a multitude of relationships with women to fill the mom-sized hole in his heart.

Relationships with Women[]

Jason is often in the company of women. At times he can act disturbingly perverted. He will often be seen trying to get sniffs. Jason is eccentric. He says very peculiar and embarrassing things and seems to have zero "rizz," yet somehow the "rizz" he exudes when he acts "pathetic" seems to work.


In his first few days in the city, Jason Polam worked for Grime before becoming a lumberjack. After working for Grime, he met Nunu El Nene who lured him into becoming a male exotic dancer at the Vanilla Unicorn.

Gruppe 6 overview[]

From January to February 2024, Jason Polam drove for the cash-in-transit company Gruppe 6, where he worked for over two months before taking a three-month leave.

He was often seen pairing up with women and on occasion male friends he met at G6 headquarters. He met all manner of different characters from the city. Crazy hijinks ensued from these relationships but most of the time Jason awkwardly attempted conversations in his truck with fellow G6 employees.

He is a law-abiding citizen and tries to stay within legal limits. However, drama has a way of finding him.

Gruppe 6 Advancement[]

After surviving grueling hours and robbery attempts, Alexander River interviewed Jason for an assistant supervisor role at Gruppe 6. Jason received the promotion despite his lack of qualifications due to Alexander's friendship with Jason and belief it would benefit the company’s image to have a diverse management group. Jason was proud of being a diversity hire and let people know regularly when introducing himself. However, this gave many fellow employees the impression he was unqualified for the job.

Jason, formerly a supervisor, was promoted to the role of assistant manager at Gruppe 6. After a nearly three-month vacation, in May 2024, he was charged with a felony, leading to his firing.

Dick Hammer PCs[]

Jason and his friends formed a PC company called Dick Hammer PCs. See Civ Gang for more information.

Extracurricular Interests[]

Jason went on a tour of The Sewers led by Aubrey Webster and Fan Fan. He considered it a scam, for which he paid $500.

He was undecided between Michael Simone and Maximilian Thoroughbred for some time in the January 2024 mayoral election, before voting on the fourth day for the latter.


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Cuck of Los Santos[]

Jason received the name of Cuck of Los Santos after being embroiled in scandalous Twatter rumors that Nunu--either at one time or contemporaneously--cheated on Jason. Jason vehemently denied that he is a cuck and, as of this writing, continues to deny an official romantic relationship with Nunu. With respect to both claims, nobody believes him.

Soy Boy Snitch[]

While on Gruppe 6 runs with Nunu, Jean Paul, Fan Fan, and Ming Jingtai initiated a skillful robbery by flipping their truck and quickly apprehending them. Both Jason and Nunu were outnumbered, but due to either twitchy cowardice or sudden bravery, Jason sucker punched Fan Fan. That immediately led to a brutal beating that sent them to the hospital.

After reporting the incident to the police, Jason and Motya ran into Jean Paul and his gang again. Thankfully they had an armored truck during this incident, but that did not prevent the psychological damage of being called a snitch and being helpless while the police just watched.

After a tsunami, Fan Fan saw Jason outside the apartments, called him a “Soy Boy”, and punched him, knocking him out.

To this day, Jason swears revenge on Jean Paul and Fan Fan the Red-Boot-Stank-Pussy-Third-Street-Nightwalking Bitch.


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Properties Owned[]

Civ Gang Mansion[]


  • Neon
  • Gruppe 6 Tier 3 Truck ($35,000)
  • Gruppe 6 Tier 2 Truck ($25,000)
  • Regina ($18,000)



  1. In Jason's eyes, women are in positions of power by default since they possess the Sweet Sweet Nectar.

Played by Nmplol
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