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Jason "JP" Paul is a character role-played by Pssychotic.

General Description

Jason Paul, better known as JP, is a Patched Member of the Lost MC.

He has a messy haircut. He is thought to be a ladies' man, with a soft spot for the blue-haired.

Background Information

JP spent eleven years of his life in the UK. His life changed when an old friend offered to give him a place to live in Los Santos. Tragically, a gang war erupted not long after JP's arrival. His friend showed up at the wrong place at the wrong time. He lost his life on the streets. Furious, JP hunted down one of the men responsible and took vengeance at knife point. The stabbing landed JP a long prison sentence..

The Lost MC

On August 19, 2019, JP became a full patched member of the Lost.



Played By: Pssychotic
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