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Jason Breakaway is a character role-played by StrikingContact.

General Description

Jason Breakaway is a Solo Cadet for the Los Santos Police Department, Badge #606.

He previously worked as a Lawyer for the Department of Justice.

Momentous Dates within the Government

Rank Insignia Note Date
Cadet CadetLSPD.png Hired to the LSPD; Badge #505 March 7th, 2022
Solo Cadet SoloCadetLSPD.png Solo Certified; Badge #606 March 26th, 2022
Certification Legend Rank Note Date


Jason Breakaway was born to a large family in the regional areas of Cairns, Australia. The 4th of six children, Jason grew up seeing the legacy of his family members ranging from his criminal uncle on his mothers side who moved to rural NSW (Incidentally the resulting family sired Seano Blackthorne) and the judicial side of his family ranging from his politician MP member grandfather and an uncle who was a member of the highly regulated Queensland State Police SERT (Special Emergency Response Team) formed for hostage situations and counter terrorism. Despite having little athletic inclinations himself as a young child, Jason listened over family dinners to his uncle talk about his experiences in the SERT squads and the numerous situations they had responded to that never made the news due their ability to reach resolutions no one else saw possible. Although at the time, Jason had a much bigger interest in the scientific side of judicial enforcement and used the lessons and inspirations from his uncle as motivation to study at James Cook University for a degree in Criminal Forensics and Justice. He proceeded to work for the magistrates courts as an expert witness in a variety of scientific evidence exhibits including but not limited to: Blood spatter analysis, Genetic DNA sequencing (Sanger and Next-Gen) and comparative compound matching for both ballistics and synthetic compounds.




LSBN Contract Analysis

LSBN Contract Analysis  

In early 2021, after moving to Los Santos, Jason worked towards establishing a relationship with LSBN to achieve an agreement for paid contract forensic work for their journalistic investigations. However, despite an eagerness from both parties and some initially promising work done. The realisation was made that only the police department had the necessary scientific thermocyclers and electrophoresis kits to make genetic panel analysis and sequencing possible. The agreement between LSBN and Jason was put on indefinite hold due to a lack of available materials to provide for a lab that provides such accurate results.

Character Arcs

The Lawyer Arc  

After some self reflection and many kidnappings at the hands of the out of control criminal element in the city. Jason decided that something had to be done to provide a better basis of evidence to convict the criminals of the city in a court of law. Of a particular match to his skills and family origin was work in the justice department to refine the process for expert witness testimony and biological experts that could help seal more cases in favour of the prosecution. Additionally, Jason wished to clear misconceptions about the reality of GSR evidence that had seemingly been spread throughout the city and keep the strength of scientific critique strong in the city. To this end, Jason endeavoured to become a lawyer to achieve goals two fold. 1) To act for a time as a criminal defence attorney to understand how criminals think and how future defence attorneys may argue against concrete blood evidence on scenes and what aspects of the legal process are most vulnerable to these arguments and 2) to build a knowledge of the legal process and standards around collection of DNA evidence and the statute of limitations in Los Santos. Jason's reasoning was that if he could understand these concepts wholly and completely then he would be in a better position to make winning arguments for his criminal clients for the eventual goal of being a better forensic witness. Jason met Alfred Neuman in the early days of his attempts to become and a lawyer and did not hesitate to join up as a paralegal when offered. Initially things progressed quickly and the experience seemed to be going by extremely efficiently. However, lawyers and the DOJ began to have staffing issues and Jason was left with few options for shadowing cell reps and getting the final recommendation for a bar licence. He wallowed between the limited opportunities for 5 months doing cell reps with both Alfred Neuman and Monty Smith before finally getting an on the spot bar exam with Judge Thomas, Greyson and Temple which was passed along with another paralegal Percy Weaver


* Davenport (Bench Trial Rival)
  • Jocelyn and Josiah Wayne (FUG people)


Image Name Description
Jason CVPI.png
Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor

(No custom plate)

Bought on March 26th, 2022 immediately after getting his solo certification.


  • Breakaway spent nearly 4-5 months as a paralegal due to the great legal drought of mid 2021.
  • Often extremely pedantic about the specificity of the law and the need for solid supporting physical evidence owing to his specialty field.
  • Has a somewhat tumultuous experience with Lily Wills of the PD Tow department nearly discovering her vampire heritage before having his mind wiped.

Played By: StrikingContact
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