Jason Alexander was a character role-played by Pons.

General Description[edit | edit source]

Jason Alexander used to work in a psychiatric hospital as a custodian worker, and he has always been obsessed with Christmas.

After years of working in the psychiatric hospital, he one day stabbed and killed a man - thus the Christmas Killer was born.

Jason enjoyed power and control, and was the driving factors for his murders.

Events Leading to His Death[edit | edit source]

Alexander called defense lawyer, Adrienne West, to help commence the expungement program. The two met up in Tequilala in Vinewood, where Alexander kidnapped West in knife-point.

Alexander had been watching West for months on end, even during her time in Parsons, slowly stalking his prey until the moment was right. Accompanying him in the bright red Super Diamond he drove was a Gingerbread Man (later turned out to be Zee Nanakaze in disguise). The two drove West up to Blaine County, far from prying eyes, in order to extort her for $20,000. Alexander managed to get his money, but with a twist.

The Gingerbread Man cuffed the killer and brought him outside where Johnny Turner pulled up outside the convenience store. He saw a bright red Super Diamond and decided to follow it, little did he know would end up finding West.

West would then ping her location to Raja Bahadur.

Johnny, Raja, and West put the Gingerbread Man and Killer in their cars to interrogate them. Here we find out that the Gingerbread Man was Zee Nanakaze and she intended to "help" West, though the QuickFix employees who came after still tried to kill her, but was subsequently released.

Raja and West interrogated the killer to ask what his motives were. Afterwards, West stabbed the killer where he slowly bled out until his death in Pillbox Medical Center.

Death[edit | edit source]

On December 6, 2019: Jason Alexander was stabbed by Adrienne West after an attempted kidnapping and extortion scheme.

He died in Pillbox Medical Center after sustaining knife wounds and heavy bleeding.

Adrienne has yet to find out about his death.

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