Jarvis Cromwell is a character role-played by ChrisTombstone.

Jarvis Cromwell is a character role-played by ChrisTombstone.


Jarvis Cromwell came to Los Santos after his father cut him off before attending his second semester at Oxford University.

The murder of Karol Baskins

Jarvis alongside Preston Maxwell Jacobson, Talgar Goldtooth, and Chip Shultz, kidnapped Karol Baskins and Auggie Stitzler and forced them to fight. Karol ended up dying from the encounter and the group interrogated by Lance Malton and Domenic Toretti. Malton went undercover as Maximilian Visa to get inside information. Talgar and Chip turned their back on the two other, sending them for the 9's pending investigation and trial for 28 days. Preston and Jarvis were found guilty by Katya Zamalodchikova of First degree murder. They were sentenced to 3 years in Bolingbroke Penitentiary (2 days, 1 day served) and 3 years of parole. They were represented by Ajax Whitehawk during the trial.


  • He knows Preston Maxwell Jacobson and Chip Shultz since being very young.
  • His dad owns a Law Firm.
  • Hates poor people.
  • On his first day in the city, he was sent to jail for the 9's pending investigation for the murder of Karol Baskins.
  • Convicted murderer.


  • "Oh, my word!"
  • "Yes, yes, yes!"

Played By: ChrisTombstone
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