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January Fooze is a character role-played by xChocoBars.


I'm January. January Fooze.

January Fooze (born January 10, 2006) is a member of the Fooze Family. She is also a member of Hydra Gang.


January is noticeable for her white hair and and white heart blush on her cheeks. She wears a variety of outfits, from comfy and baggy to more revealing clothing, though often tends towards the color blue.


Being broke is such an ick.

January has a bubbly and friendly demeanor to new people and friends alike. She loves meeting new people and due to her age can be very naïve or quick to trust them. As the youngest in her family, she can exhibit immature and bratty behavior when she doesn't get what she wants, being raised by her oldest sister April to live by high standards. She is very confident about her beauty and charisma, and often emulates many facets of April such as getting other people to give her money. However, January also strives to be her own independent person and doesn't mind working for what she wants. When January gets told she can't have something, it makes her want it more, something that April says "runs in the family". January used to be vegan (stopped being vegan after realising arnie had been feeding her non vegan food for a while), and hates animals being harmed. As the youngest Fooze, she has a proclivity for young interests and is a "TikTak" influencer.


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I'm a Fooze, Foozes don't wait for anyone!

January Fooze was born on January 10, 2006. As the youngest sibling, she was spoiled by her her father, but neglected by her mother. April raised her in their mother's stead, causing January to cherish her eldest sister the most and see her as a role model, trying to live up to her career as a singer, sugarbaby and influencer. However, she was also close to her other sister, May, and played video games with her despite not being a gamer herself. On January's thirteenth birthday, her older brother March hired clowns to kidnap her for a prank video, straining the relationship between the two and giving her a severe phobia of clowns. Growing up, she didn't bond as much with September due to her being in February's custody following the divorce.

On her eighteenth birthday, her father cut off financial support and encouraged her to live independently, as he did with all his children. Instead of going to college, January decided to move to Los Santos to follow in April's footsteps. She moved to the city with her two close friends, Smitty Star and Ducky Dakota.


Following in April's footsteps, January is very social and well connected across the city. Besides her friends and mentors in Hydra, she has connections in the following groups:


January works for Gruppe 6, exclusively as a "passenger princess."

January was previously employed by The Company in pharmaceutical sales. She was also a contractor specializing in cybersecurity.

Her current employer is Big Dawg Noodles, the noodle shop owned by the Besties.


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Date Acquired April 9, 2024
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Date Acquired April 22, 2024
Purchase Price $ 289,571

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Date Acquired May 01, 2024
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Trivia & Quotes[]

  • January first arrived in Los Santos on January 13, 2024.
  • January is the youngest member of the Fooze family. She suspected April to be their dad's favorite child, though April believes it is January.
  • January met her two close friends Ducky and Smitty at a high school party hosted by Ducky. They then moved to Los Santos together.
  • Red is her favorite color, but lately she dresses in pastel blues.
  • She is anemic and used to be vegan.
  • Her usual order from Snr. Buns is multiple fries, which she prefers soggy
  • April, January's older sister, left her downstairs at a high-school party surrounded by drunk people
  • At 13, January discovered April's smut books that she left behind
  • January sometimes secretly sniffs people she is interested in while hugging them
  • She played soccer growing up, and both April and March attended her practices
  • She did cocaine for the first time with Carmella Corset
  • She doesn't want to rob people because of how hard work in the city is
  • Her go-to Lemon List caption is "the cutest fooze"
  • One day she expanded her Lemon List caption to "the cutest fooze, rizz rivals winner, prom queen, top of her class, sister of March, April, May, June, July, September, October, November, December, daughter of February Snooze and August Fooze, ALSO daughter of Lukas Lavender and Ellis Pinzon"
  • Her favorite unicorn on a stick's name is Jeez (accidentally named by Link)
  • Beverly Brekker is her platonic soulmate.
  • She was the final domino in helping The Company collapse.
  • January's racing name is "Janet", which is a combination of "January" and "Comet".

  • Flying out the window
  • Being late
  • Standing her up
  • Not going to therapy
  • Being poor
  • Having a broken leg
  • Chasing after a ping-pong ball
  • Showing buttcrack
  • Standing on an elliptical
  • Being kidnapped
  • Not being able to handle a woman asking for something
  • Eli's bad American accents
  • Brekkers not listening when she says she wants the expensive GPU
  • Getting knocked out by a single punch
  • Ramee leaning on the wall
  • Beverly being too weak to carry Twinkles (semi-ick)
  • Twinkles going to the ICU
  • Patar being in prison
  • Hazel going into people's houses and eating their food/flowers
  • Eli being possessed by the spirit of Mickey Sinclair
  • Limping
  • Drowning
  • Not knowing how to swim "how are you gonna protect me if you can't swim" -January
  • Scared of water
  • Fainting/having low iron deficiency
  • Dying
  • Brekkers not being able to protect himself
  • Not wearing bunny ears for easter
  • Scotty telling her to continue saying "Yes Scotty"
  • Zaceed being a pervert
  • Being able to see inside Eli's brain (After Freya shot him)

  • "I'm January, January Fooze"
  • "That's what I thought"
  • "I'm freshly eighteen"
  • "You should pay me handsomely"
  • "Thank you for informing me that my boyfriend was sucking coochie in public"
  • "I'm a Fooze, Foozes don't wait for anyone"
  • "You're giving me the ick/that's an ick"
  • "Being broke is such an ick"
  • "This is for my childhood!" *stabs clown*
  • "The police, the police, the police are here!"
  • "I'm more than a horoscope"
  • "The cutest Fooze, rizz rivals winner, prom queen, top of my class"
  • "I'm chasing the cops! Stop it! Stop it! Pull over officer, pull over! You pull over right now, officers! *siren noise* You're being pulled over right now!"

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