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jANE oBAMA is a character role-played by PENTA.


Jane Obama is a religious, homeless, drug addicted veteran. Often accompanied by her twin sister, jANE oBAMMA, she spends her time roaming the streets of Los Santos spreading the word of God, looking for drugs and asking for bus money.


  • "I'm Jesus Christ."
  • "You think you're prettier than me bitch?"
  • "HELP! This guy's doing something to me!"
  • "I'm an 18 year old virgin. Does anyone wanna chat with me online?"
  • "I'm sucking Jannetty's dick."
  • "Momma needs her sugar."
  • "(Weak coughing noises)"
  • "So long pussy boy!"


jANE oBAMMA is a character role-played by hobbittrash.


jANE oBAMMA is a homeless, drug addicted veteran. She roams the streets of Los Santos spreading the word of God, doing the Lord's work and asking for bus money. Often with her twin sister, jANE OBAMA, by her side.

The Lord's Work

jANE suffers from PTSD, delusions and possible hallucinations. She believes that she and her sister are both Jesus Christ and that they must complete tasks in order to please their heavenly father, God.

She has stated that her dad decided to make two of her as he had too much power to put into just one person alone. And that as a ploy to confuse the devil it was written in the Bible that Jesus Christ was a singular man. When in actual fact Jesus was actually two sexy twin sisters. Because of this trickery they were able to seduce the devil without him knowing who they really were.

jANE has a knife which she calls her ‘Heaven Sword’. She uses her Heaven Sword to kill as many virgins as she can to send to heaven for her father. jANE believes she receives ‘Angel Points’ for every virgin she successfully sends.

jANE often believes she sees the devil on the streets of Los Santos and can be very vocal when she spots him. She usually finds him disguised as poles or hidden in the road signs along the street. But can also sometimes find him disguised as regular Los Santos citizens.

Fun Facts

  • jANE has an obsession with body fluids and will take them as payment.
  • Is infatuated with Johnny Divine and is partial to Domenic Toretti.
  • Believes the devil wears yellow.
  • Often claims squatter's rights on items or places she takes a liking to.
  • Suffers flashbacks from her time in the war. In which she usually becomes catatonic and exhibits bizarre facial expressions.
  • Speaks to others often about the acts she has witnessed when watching her sister, jANE oBAMA, being intimate with Dr. Charlie Jannetty.
  • Believes that she is the mother of Denzel Williams and that she in fact created the Leanbois.
  • Is paranoid that people are trying to 'do something' to her and her cries for help can often be heard throughout the streets of Los Santos.
  • Has an insatiable sexual appetite.
  • Believes she is an 18 years old virgin.
  • Together and her sister, suffocated Ben Casanova with their breasts during an escape attempt from the cells of the PD. He later recovered.
  • Becomes angered when people think they are prettier than her.
  • Believes she is able to open portals to heaven and hell through various deeds she performs.


  • "You wanna see it?"
  • "I'm Jesus Christ."
  • "You think you're prettier than me bitch?"
  • "Got any more?"
  • "Need more!"
  • "HELP! This guy's doing something to me!"
  • "I'm an 18 year old virgin. Does anyone wanna chat with me online?"
  • "The devil wears yellow."
  • "THAT'S HIM!"
  • "You're the devil!"
  • "Ye."
  • "Whatever."
  • "SHUT UP!"
  • "My sister's sucking Jannetty's dick."
  • "I need peeps and poops!"
  • "(Unintelligible mumbling)"


Played By: Hobbittrash
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jANE oBAMMMA is a character role-played by MOONMOON.

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