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Jameson Caine is a character role-played by matchesxmalone.


Jameson, aka Caine or Mr Caine in the city, is a brown-haired man with a southern accent.
He hangs out regularly with Geralt of Rivia, Lola Sunshine, and Luke McCoy respectively on a regular basis.

He thoroughly enjoys the time he spends currently with his friends but has aspirations of joining a motorcycle club in the near future as a prospect.


Growing up in Nashville

Jameson grew up in the fine city of Nashville, Tennessee as the only son to Alexander and Mariah Caine. Jameson wanted to live a much simpler life than his parents wanted for him. Alexander was a film director and Mariah was a renowned surgeon. Jameson found his way to a bank at 16 to deposit his first paycheck from working at the local Burger Shot. Upon arrival, he was grabbed by a group of people in masks and held hostage while they robbed the bank. He noticed their kuttes and got a good look at the backs of them. They were a part of the Lost MC in Nashville. He offered to help them as PD had come in full force. Jameson was able to sneak out and get the back door unlocked for them without PD knowing as the Lost kept their focus on the front door. They got managed to get out the back and right before they got away, he was told to look them up.

The Book of Caine

As a kid, Jameson discovered an old book in his parent's attic back home in Nashville. The book had carved into the cover "The Book of Caine". Jameson opened it and immediately felt sick. He passed out from exhaustion and when he woke up, he was in his room with the book at his side. Jameson was compelled to keep the book with him at all times. He didn't know why but he knew he couldn't let anyone get a hold of the book. In high school, another kid decided it'd be funny to take Jameson's backpack from him while he was walking home from school. He couldn't catch up to the kid that took it and within a few hours, he started feeling sick and passed out in his room. When he woke up the next day, he was extremely ill. He forced himself to go to school because it was better than staying home. He saw the kid that had taken his bookbag from him and waited for the right moment to get it back. He waited around the corner in the hallway for him to walk by and tripped him up to grab it from him. He used the crowd of other high schoolers to his advantage to hide and get away. After that, nobody was taking the book from him again.

Moving to Vice City

Six months later, Jameson's parents made the decision to move to Vice City. His father had gotten a major opportunity to buy out a production company and Jameson went with them. While there, he worked on Caine Studios' production lot. It was here that he began deciding what he truly wanted to do with his life and the movie industry was not it. Jameson had a love for motorcycles and wanted that adrenaline rush again that he had gotten from helping the Lost MC back home. Upon turning 18, he packed up and moved to Los Santos to get away from his parents.

Coming to Los Santos

A few days after turning 18, Jameson caught a flight to Los Santos. His first few days in, he learned the atmosphere. It wasn't long before he located the Los Santos chapter of the Lost MC's clubhouse. He aspires to become a prospect for them, one way or another.

Meeting Lola, Cecil, and Snow

Meeting Geralt of Rivia

Reuniting with an Old Friend


Current Relationship

Synn Payne - Jameson is currently "married" to Synn Payne of the Wastelanders. This came from a very strange interaction in which Jameson had accidentally grabbed Synn while grabbing someone else and was able to release the other person but not Synn. During which, Jameson and Synn were declared married to each other. Both accepted it due to their lack of proper understanding of how relationships work. The two have gradually begun having actual feelings for each other, though neither have told Synn's brother, Draxon Payne, about exactly who she is "married" to just yet.

Romantic Interests

SunMoon Lee - Jameson has hidden that he has a strong attraction to SunMoon on account that she strongly resembles his "ex-girlfriend", Elana. Jameson has been slowly learning things about SunMoon in an attempt to separate her from thoughts of Elana. He has recently learned that she has a huge love for chocolate cake and that she is often called Queen Dom SunMommy. To which he told her the name he went by when he was in the boy band known as Lil Leo and the South Side Boys, Big Zaddy Caine. SunMoon took much joy from learning this about him.

Past Romantic Interests

Lola Sunshine - There was a point in time in which Jameson thought that he was having feelings for Lola shortly after they met. He wanted to learn more about her and wanted to know what these feelings were exactly. However, these feelings turned into a sense of wanting to protect her from harm. Upon learning that she was protected by many others, these feelings went away for some time.

Known Friendships

Adonis Monroe - Close Friend

Geralt of Rivia - Friend

Lola Sunshine - Friend

Luke McCoy - Longtime Friend

Yushin Kim - Friend


Tow Truck, News Rumpo, Bodhi, Mesa Safari


None Currently


Played By: matchesxmalone
Characters: Jameson Caine