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James McAfee was a character role-played by JdotField.


James McAfee, also known as Mac. He was a member of The Families and had been in the city for a very long time. He had the respect and connections of multiple people and always spent money to do crime. McAfee also used money to do drug and gun deals.

He was around near the beginnings of the Grove Street Families (GSF) or The Families. He was formally introduced to GSF by Chef. He got his invitation into the family from Dexx. Dexx is the Triple OG as of their recent restructure of the leadership in GSF. This is also around the time when Mac got promoted as an OG from Dexx because of his efforts.

He has been involved with the Dark Web. He had an old friend of his die by relations to the Dark Web. He even had a beef with Tim Lee in the past but it was squashed eventually.

Seemed to be driven a lot by emotion and feeling which makes people love and hate him at the same time because he also loved to sometimes stretch the truth to cause conflict for his entertainment. A rush of some sort which alluded to people referring to him as a "Dirt-bag". A lovely dirt bag though that the people in the family enjoyed because of his company and contributions. Also always making people laugh because of his antics and fun personality. He wasn't afraid to speak his mind and express his opinions.

He was also an oxy fiend. One of his family members DK normally expressed his distaste in this because he sometimes took a whole war supply of oxy in a day if he got hurt.

He was supposed to be watched and contained by DK because he could act irrational at times. They were very good at helping to strengthen each others strengths and weaknesses.

Also whenever he was in prison he always seemed high because of the amount of drugs he took during crimes and morphine the doctors give him.

Caused lots of gang bangers to get riled up from his tweets. People also referred to his fingers as twitter fingers.

This was normally to bait conflict and it normally escalated to a shootout where he could get the short end of the stick.

Normally hated when people wrongfully put his name next to what he is not. For example a snitch.

Was extremely loyal to the family and would do whatever is necessary to have the Family succeed.

Always helps out his fellow brethren whenever it is necessary even when he may need things at times like money. He almost never asks for anything unless its absolutely necessary for the Families well-being.

During war times he seemed to want to succeed but was also around to have a good time. Normally using old classic cars which put him at a clear disadvantage. He always was a good sport and this earned him lots of respect from his enemies.

He had invested so much money into the Family in terms of war efforts and was considered to be selfless.

This quality made him thought of as an OG, however his hot-headed personality did result in a war with the Leanbois.

Once he was turned into an OG he started taking in new promising blood that seem to have the right ideals and mindset to be in the family like Cesar and DJ. In general seemed to have taken in some of the best recruits and has learned what not to recruit in the family from his experience with a prospect named Geno.


James McAfee was pronounced dead on February 15th, 2020 after he was shot to death by Dexx Martin for snitching. Dexx found out that McAfee sold a brick of cocaine to Sgt. Brittany Angel. He also learned that McAfee went on a date with Olivia Copper, and that he told Jordan Steele and Boba Stone about GSF's drug smuggling operations. Dexx was furious and pulled up on McAfee and shouted "You got a big ass mouth mutha f*cka" before shooting him with an automatic pistol and then driving off. He then contacted all the major criminals in the city and informed them that McAfee was not to be trusted if he survived and also said that GSF was now in a civil war and reconstruction. McAfee later passed away at Pillbox Medical Center from his injuries.

Clip: Snitches get Bullets ~ DEXX

Fun Facts

  • Liked to drink his COFFEE
  • Actually owned a Porsche
  • Liked to compete with DK

Played By: JdotField
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