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James Haze is a character role-played by madbush

Background Information

James "Jim" Haze was born in Switzerland and came to Los Santos after the big economy crash of 2021.

From March till June he was working as a Paralegal under Gill Schultz and Reggie Might. He obtained his bar license after the participating in a Mock Trial on June 26th 2021. He was playing the part of the Prosecution (together with Arthur MacNee, Alfred Neuman and Alexandra Carlson). For Context the Defendant, Nicky Vein (played by Antigone Weston) was found guilty of Serial Assault and Killings, First Degree Murder x14, Murder of a Government Employee, Desecration of a Human Corpse and Terrorism.

He now is working as an attorney, business executive, Owner and Co-Owner for many businesses throughout Los Santos. Notably the UwU Café, Tuner Shop, Hayes Auto Body Repairs, the Overboost Drift School, Greener Pastures and Procyon.

Also known as 'Daddy Haze'