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James Arsenal is a character role-played by ArsenaI.

General Information

James Arsenal was commissioned by the owner of NoPixel Cards to create an original 3 part set of cards to bring some joy to the city. James worked with Patrick Lincoln and together they released NoPixel Cards. The two of them then became co-owners of the Los Santos branch of NoPixel Card Co.


Originally from Liverpool, England. James has since moved full time to Los Santos to further push out future sets to the city. He has a love of older style cars and he currently owns a 65 Ford Mustang, 69 Nisaan Fairlady Z, Yamaha R1 and Dinka Jester Classic. He has grown a numerous amount of connections in the city and has in hands in a lot of business including illegal activities in secret. He, under Mila Smoak helps run the Used Car side of Ottos Autos and can be seen working there frequently. He just recently became associated with the gang the Natural Born Crackheads after often seeing the members come to the car shop to get their cars repaired. Being beloved by the group and James doing many favors for the crew, they presented him with a spot in the gang in which he approved.

For the longest time James has been romantically interested in Mila Smoak but their relationship is complicated.

Played By: ArsenaI
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