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James-Kamea Brown is a character played by Hurnani.


The idea of James was first sparked in Hurnani's role playing experiences outside of NoPixel. Originally, Hurnani had been rping as a character named Daniel Hernani who was in hindsight a trial and error version of James Brown. After quitting the RP scene for about half a year, Hurnani started watching Xqc's and members of the Vagos's streams and grew inspired to try again. When applying for NoPixel, he finalized JB's personality and details after considering a cross combination of Interpol Agent James Bond but with Hurnani's own Hispanic background. Unbeknownst to Hurnani until he made the character, there was a singer named James Brown who was pioneered as the creator of funk music that a lot of characters make reference too when they hear James's name.


James-Kamea Brown was born in June of 1996. He is half Peruvian and half Hawaiian. Most people know him as James, but close friends like Arthur Morgan and Moonflower Opalchild dote him with nicknames like "Jam" or "Spanish Woody" based off his appearance. The "Kamea" in James's name is a Hawaiian female name which translates too "The One (and only)".

Originally hailing from Trujillo, Peru, James is a bartender by trade and former bar owner in his hometown. James fell in love with a married woman named Olivia at the bar he owned. As the story goes, he was serving her a Pisco Sour when they made eye contact. Soon after, James noticed she took her ring off. It is unknown how long they saw each other after that incident, but what is known is that Olivia's husband, one of the most powerful businessmen in Peru, found out about the love affair. Before James knew it, he was on the run and forced to hide at the port of Trujillo looking to escape. He hid in a random storage container that was labeled "Los Santos". Collapsing from exhaustion and finally accepting he had to leave Peru, James ended up at the docks of Los Santos after a week at sea. Despite the second chance at life, James constantly thinks of his bar, his hometown, and his true love Olivia. His ultimate goal is to get back to his former life in Peru as he knew it, but as we all know, time never stops moving for anybody.

James's social skills would be his strongest characteristic. A master of communication and building people up, he can match anyone's energy at any moment. James proudly has a clean record despite run ins with law enforcement, to which he credits his silver tongue being able to get him out of any situation. As the "yes man" of any group he is in, he often encourages following impulses. This can be seen in his willingness to help Jean Paul exact vengeance on the cops that wronged him in Jean's cop killer arc, or when James constantly encouraged Lang Buddha to believe in the heart of the cards and win a double down hand of 21 at the $10,000 Blackjack table.

James has a tendency to keep cool unless provoked, and even then knows when to pick and choose his battles. When his ego is inflated, though, his behavior can be unpredictable. If enraged or angered, James will burn the bridges that he has created at no hesitation. Being a sore loser, James will go out of his way to get what he wants if he doesn't get it the first time. Shame and guilt of a secret past hang over James's head constantly, but he often hides this with a smile and gung ho attitude. He shares this feeling with Arthur Morgan, which unconsciously causes him to be fiercely loyal to Morgan and their mutual friends.

Notable Incidents

The First Day: Vision's of the Future

James woke up in his apartment after his long trip from Peru. With only $5000 dollars to his name, he went outside to meet his neighbors. There he met MoonFlower Opalchild, who unbeknownst to James is a bit stupid. Thinking she was a spiritual guru that could help James find a way home, he asked her for a tarot reading. Disappointed with the goofy reading, James asked Moon to tap into her spiritual powers and give him a vision of the life to come in Los Santos. As Moon made James repeat a bunch of gibberish, a sudden wave of sleepiness fell over James. In his sleep, James dreamt of himself high on an unknown mountain top. There was fog at first that covered the whole landscape, but was soon lifted to reveal the beauty of nature that filled Los Santos. James could see the city from a distance as the birds sang their songs and as butterflies floated all around James. Predators and prey of the LS Valley could be seen living in harmony, and everything seemed to be at peace. Unfortunately for James, the dream was soon over and he woke up with tears of joy in his eyes though Moon took no notice. He thanked her warmly and almost left her company, but decided it might be better to learn about the city with a friend. Moon took James on a tour of Los Santos in her beloved Magic Wagon RV where he was able to meet famous South Korean Pop Star Hung Jae Min, Jay (aka Ozzie bc of his AUS accent), and a gringo named Cowboy. For the rest of the day, the crew ran around the city showing James around and teaching him about LS and its jobs, foods, and fun activities. Eventually, they ended up a the Casino where James was mistaken for celebrity Chris Brown by Ai "Bitch" Musori. This caused a huge commotion and waves of embarrassment as Ai harassed James for photos and went around the Casino shouting "OH MY GOD ITS CHRIS BROWN! Famous person coming through!" After a long day in the city, James went to bed with a smile on his face ready for the next adventure to come.

The Vagos

Brown was introduced to Benji Ramos when they ran into each other at the Little Seoul convenience store during Brown's first week. They were both looking for the store manager who was inside doing his morning duties. Ramos, knowing that it could be risky to rob in the middle of the city, proposed to James that if he were to rob the manager successfully, then he and James would split the money gained because Ramos had first dibs. James agreed but when he came back to the office the manager had a sudden heart attack and died with the combination to the safe. Brown came back to Ramos letting him know of the sudden shake up in the mission and the two didn't see or hear from each other until James contacted Ramos weeks later in the barrio as he needed help finding Jean Paul in order to figure out who to sell the stolen PD M4 James had acquired in their cop killing spree. James, having been culture shocked by the way of life in Los Santos, was thoroughly impressed with the sense of community and "home away from home" he felt when he visited the Vice Jefe in the barrio.

Over that same course of time, Brown started to feel like he was going no where in the city. He tried to constantly meet new people in the city and involve them in his schemes, but things often seemed to go wrong. Brown had no one to truly rely on, which also meant that he did not have the same firepower or strength in numbers as others had in Los Santos. With his main partner in crime, Luka Dagashvili, being addicted to melatonin pills the government force fed him and his other criminal associates missing, (Jean Paul and Arthur Morgan) James remembered and missed the strength and unity he felt in the Barrio. Truly at heart, James also missed his Hispanic roots from Peru. Knowing he would face grave danger for even trying to, Brown decided he would try and build a relationship with some of the members in the Vagos, the first on the list being Mr. Ramos. Unbeknownst to James, before Jean Paul left on his Bahama trip, Paul had passed Brown's name along with good word to Ramos himself.

James decided to touch base with Ramos by picking him up from prison when he needed a ride. As James waited, 2 dark grey colored Dominators parked at the edge of the parking lot. James unfortunately did not sense the danger that was approaching. When he and Ramos walked to the bike James had pulled up on, both Dominators pulled up as well and 2-4 masked persons aimed their guns at the pair. One said something along the lines of, "Don't fuck with the races!" and then proceeded to put a bullet through Ramos and James. Ramos initially accused Brown of setting him up, but Brown fervently denied the accusation. Brown vowed for vengeance and saw this as an opportunity to earn Ramos's attention, but when he approached the Vice Jefe he was calm, cool, and collected. Ramos said he didn't have an issue anymore, and if Brown sought vengeance then that would be up to him. Ramos would give no information to help him. Realizing he was trying too hard, James humbled himself and decided to stifle his pride as he had to admit, he got caught lackin'. He decided to instead inquire about buying a "medium sized firework" from the Vice Jefe to make up for the fire/manpower that he lacked. This would become the focal point that would help James continue talking to Mr. Ramos. Eventually, James worked up the courage to ask if they had any room in the Familia, but Ramos informed James that it was probably one of the worst times to bring it up to the Familia as they had just cut ties with Mari Posa.

Time went on and Brown grew impatient from not hearing a different answer from Ramos, and when he called the Vice Jefe, James would hang up as he felt like he was being a beggar. After meeting and learning a fellow bartender at the Mirror Park Tavern named Natalia Omar was associated with the Vagos, James decided to get to know her. Surprisingly, James and Natalia got along really well together and spent a whole shift talking about their histories, interests, and dreams. Towards the end of their shift and with a Tsunami nigh, Natalia let James know she was going down to the Barrio and invited him along. There James Brown was able to meet Chino Gonzalez and Leonel Martinez (who was busy in his head). Chino sized James Brown up as soon as he inquired about becoming part of the Familia. "This life isn't for everyone ese, its a lot different than what people think. You sure you're about this life?" James was intimidated to say the least but answered honestly with Chino. JB conveyed he understood the dangers and the path he would have to take, but also conveyed about this feeling of "home away from home". James also informed Chino that he personally had bad blood with the GSF as he had been robbed and shot by them multiple times. Chino seemingly came around on his opinion on James and offered him his number in case James needed another body for a driveby against GSF. Internally beaming with how the conversation went, James thanked Natalia and embraced the incoming tsunami.

A few days later, James decided he needed to finalize his involvement with the Vagos. He naively asked his sketchy bosses, Julio Thomas and Fiona Stewart at Mirror Park Tavern if they would be able to recommend him to the Vagos which they initially laughed at. James stood his ground until one of them called Leonel Martinez and told him to come down to Mirror Park. The HOA bosses informed James that Leo was tired and that "this should be fun". JB started to regret saying anything but before he could come up with an excuse, Leo had already pulled up with Carlos Guzman and Carlos "Panda" Loco. The trio proceeded to intimidate JB who constantly tried to keep his cool. In order to get a better feel of James and his sense of abilities, they forced James to rob two women around the Barrio, ordered James to kill Ballas on their own turf, and made James patrol the Barrio for most of the night solo. James did everything accordingly but Leo admitted to James he still had a lot to learn but that it would come in time. James took that as a good sign as Leo had been pretty hard on him for most of the day. Leo asked that the next time he and Brown ran into each other that Brown would give him 10 pistols as well. JB agreed and was about to go to sleep in the apartments when he ran into Mr. Ramos. Brown gave him a rundown of the day's events and Ramos asked JB to tag along with him. As they were discussing the "Food" delivery truck job and making some money before the tsunami, the Vice Jefe received a phone call from Yuno Sykk. James laughed under his breath as he followed the conversation until Yuno was kidnapped while on the phone. James and the Vice Jefe proceeded to look for where Yuno had been taken until they learned that it was Dundee that had kidnapped Yuno for a bank heist in Paleto. Ramos and Brown then took a news reporter hostage and planned to exchange Yuno for the reporter because of the conflict of interest as Yuno was not supposed to be a hostage, but by the time they arrived in Paleto the robbery was over and Dundee was on the run. Ramos had James drive him, the reporter, and Yuno around for the rest of the day, and let James know that he was now a hangaround for the Vagos.

Weeks seemed like mere days as James assimilated into the Vagos. Every day was a new adventure of robbing and stealing, and James was able to bond with multiple members. He began to admire their leadership and individual skills, specifically from Smiley, Pancho, KJ, Chino, and the Ortiz Brothers as they always seemed to have control of the situations they were in and commanded respect when needed. When JB compared himself to the other Vagos, he often felt like such a rookie surrounded by these OGs and made men. It didn't help that they almost all had a story of JB fumbling a bag or a situation that could have been handled much more successfully. As the weeks went by though, the Vagos leadership and mentality started to rub off on him and despite his often mistakes, unbeknownst to him, he was growing on the other Vagos.

JB was invited to the next big meeting at the Ranch where he learned of the slight insurrection within the ranks concerning Leo's death. JB honestly didn't have any issues with Leo as he was the one that vetted JB into the Vagos, but also didn't have any issues with the decision that was made when it was explained to him. JB also knew he wasn't allowed to have an opinion anyways since he was a Hangaround (lol). For most of the meeting, he stayed silent despite a few random interjections until he was told to get into the middle of the circle. Not sure what to expect, he hoped and prayed they wouldn't kill him. To his great surprise, the Vice Jefe offered him a promotion to Prospect, but not before Arturo, Raymundo, and the Vice Jefe himself shared his biggest fuck ups in the past weeks. When asked if he wanted this promotion, JB almost said NO as he thought he didn't deserve it, but decided to follow his gut feeling and say "YES, BUT I'LL DO BETTER I PROMISE". All the Vagos then beat the living shit out of JB to cement his promotion. JB was now a Prospect within the Vagos, something that is still surreal to him in his tiny peanut sized brain.


  • "Hey need a ride? I mean--"
  • "So you have the balls to shoot...?"
  • "I'm...sorry..."