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Jake Rake is a character role-played by puddledux.


“Loose lips sink ships”

Jake Rake is currently serving a life sentence at Bolingbroke Penitentiary.

The nature of his incarceration still remains a mystery to other inmates as Jake believes information is king.

Jake is often heard telling inmates it is due to unpaid parking tickets and overdue library books however he is serving time for murder in the first degree 4 counts, unlawful imprisonment first degree 4 counts and torture 4 counts.

Jake places loyalty and trust above all, and despises snitches. Jake has the tattoo "Loose lips sink ships" on his chest to remind himself and others to keep their mouths shut.


Jake was born in South Africa Johannesburg on the 26th June 1985.

From an early age Jake was exposed to violence and corruption that plagued the country. In an attempt to shelter him and provide a better life opportunity his family moved to Melbourne Australia to start fresh in 1998. Although the move had provided a better opportunity at an honest life, the seeds planted in South Africa never withered, but lay dormant.

In his early 20s Jake was introduced to the “3805”, a criminal organization using “Stubbies Hardware” as a front for importing and exporting goods. Jake's loyalty and silver tongue did not go unnoticed by the 3805 and as such his role within the organization began to shift from low level associate to “communications”. Jake's specialties in acquiring information and preventing information leaks expedited his rise in ranks.

In January of 2019 the head of the 3805 was apprehended. The 3805 believed the information leading to the arrest was leaked by four brothers of the Moosemen organization. In June of 2020 information regarding their whereabouts was discovered and Jake was sent to discuss what knowledge they had.

Jake was convicted on November 26th 2020 for the “Moosemen Murders” in Alberta Edmonton, where 4 brothers were found buried on their business property. Jake was subsequently dubbed "The Gardener" by the tabloids, due to the bodies being located amongst the flowerbeds.

Jake was remanded to the Edmonton Institution before being recently transferred to Bolingbroke Penitentiary.