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Jagger "Chatterbox" Gerardy is a character role-played by Chatterbox.


When Jagger was a young kid, he was raised as an only child in a very toxic and unstable environment. His father was an abusive alcoholic who regarded him as nothing more than an inconvenience.  It was too much of an annoyance to feed or bathe his son every day. Or to give him a comfortable place to sleep. He was even too inconvenienced to call Jagger by his given name, referring to him only as “Boy” his entire life.

His mother, for her part, was the breadwinner of the family and was never particularly active in Jagger’s life. Although she didn’t abuse him as his father did, she was a negligent mother who took no interest in her only child. She would go to work early and come home late just to avoid any interaction with her son. Far too often she ignored her son’s pleas for food or attention, as well as his cries for help when his father was beating him. After all, between the two of them, she rationalized if her husband was hitting their child, she was safe.

For the first few years of his life, Jagger knew only hunger, anger, and pain. He slept in a closet on a cold, hard floor. He wore dirty rags – which hung loosely off his severely malnourished, underdeveloped frame. He suffered more broken bones at such a tender age than most adults experience in their entire lifetime.

Around his sixth birthday, Jagger’s parents had a violent dispute that ended with his mother packing her belongings and storming out of the house without so much as a glance in her son’s direction. Had she bothered to look back, she would have seen the agony of abandonment in his eyes. Left alone to be raised by his abusive father, he wept for the mother he never really knew, knowing he would never see her again.

Though most children his age look forward to going to school, Jagger was refused an education. With his breadwinner gone, his father had no other option than to make money to support himself. Selling random found and stolen items out of the back of a van, he forced his son to work alongside him to earn his keep.

A couple months later, his father came upon a helium tank and balloons. Though he protested, Jagger was forced to hold onto the balloons as he filled them up. However, because he was so malnourished and underweight, the balloons begin to lift his tiny frame off the ground. Though he tried to warn his father, he was ordered to shut up or get hit.

Terrified of what would happen to him should he let the balloons go, he held on. As the balloons lifted him higher and higher, he soon became afraid to let go out of fear of falling from a great height. As he floated away, the last image he saw was his father staring – unmoving and emotionless – without making any effort to save his child.

Jagger held onto the balloons for what felt like hours until he finally descended over a farmer’s field hundreds of miles away. Seeing a hay bale below him, he finally let go, landing safely in the stack. Scared, alone, and in unfamiliar territory, Jagger curled into a ball and cried as the darkness of the night surrounded him, unsure of what he should do. He was cold and damp and shivered from fear as he heard wolves howling in the distance. His tiny body trembled as he heard the sound of a tractor driving over the farm and halting near his hay bale.

A man wearing what appeared to be a work uniform stepped out of the tractor, offering his hand to the frightened child. Despite feeling confused and scared, Jagger took his hand. As they got into the tractor and drove up to a farmhouse, the man introduced himself as Bobo, the owner of the farm. Bobo gave him a clean pillow and led him to a bedroom. That night, he slept in a real bed for the first time in his life.

The next morning when Jagger awoke, he realized that Bobo was not wearing a uniform, but rather a clown costume. He obediently complied as he followed the man through the house, who commanded him without uttering a single word. As they reached the kitchen, and Bobo pointed to a chair at the kitchen table, ordering him to sit. When he handed Jagger a bowl of a weird red stew, he questioned what it was; however, instead of answering his inquiry, Bobo asked his name. Still scared and confused, Jagger quietly responded with the only name he had ever been called “Boy”.

When he asked what happened and how he came to be at the farm, Jagger could hold it in no longer. He told Bobo everything. Every horrid detail of his life. Every instance of could remember of his father’s abuse and his mother’s neglect. He talked and vented so much that Bobo had to stop him. Refusing to call him “Boy”, he told Jagger that if he didn’t know his name, he would henceforth be known as Chatterbox because he "never shut the yuck up".

Not only did Bobo give him plenty of food, clean clothing, and a place to sleep, he actually acknowledged his existence. He taught Chatterbox everything he knew about survival. He taught him how to live off the land and educated him as much as he could. He was far from a perfect father, though, as he would lock Chatterbox in a kennel whenever he spoke out of line or misbehaved.

Over the coming years, Chatterbox realized many things. For starters, he realized that their meals never consisted of any of the food they grew. They would also have random guests come over to the farmhouse and party. Whenever this happened, Bobo always ordered Chatterbox to his room while the adults drank and partied. And yet, he realized that not a single person was ever seen leaving the house. Though they drove up in cars, it was always Bobo who got rid of the vehicles.

He also realized that they had the same weird red stew every day for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. At first, he hated the taste and smell, but over time he became accustomed to it and developed a taste for the food. Whenever Chatterbox asked his adoptive father about this, Bobo always told him not to worry about it and to never ask again. If he persisted, he would be locked in the kennel once more. As time went on, he began to teach his son about the truth behind the parties and the stew. Once Chatterbox reached adulthood, Bobo sent him out into the city to earn some money and gave him instructions on how much to bring back each night or suffer the kennel. He tried to entertain people while dressed as a clown but was often met with hostility and discrimination toward clowns. This only fed into his anger.

Chatterbox’s treatment, combined with his distorted views, led to him developing an anxiety disorder that was deep-seated in an uncontrollable rage. The food he was forced to eat, and the things Bobo made him do, began to slowly change him. He developed great anger and frustration and it caused him to begin to lose his mind when his rage became too high to control. Little by little a new personality began to form inside him. One that would take over when Chatterbox was enraged, frustrated, or suffered deep anxiety.

Though he has since learned that his legal name is Jagger Gerardy, Chatterbox the Clown is always lurking in the dark recesses of his mind, ready to take over at a moment’s notice.


Chatterbox's mommy left him and his daddy beat him. He ended up getting taken care of by a cannibalistic clown who forced him to eat people stew everyday and put him in a dog kennel whenever he was bad.


In addition to his inherent propensity towards violent but effective rage when he in unable to stay calm, Chatterbox is a master of disguise and of impersonations. He is also proficient in hunting down individuals, even police officers, and has shown effectiveness using private detective skills.

F. A. Q.

Q. Does Jagger use a voice changer for Chatterbox’s voice?

A. Nope, all natural!

Q. Does doing the Chatterbox voice ever hurt your throat?

A. No, it never bothers him. Jagger has said that could do Chatterbox’s voice all day long and it wouldn’t hurt or bother him.

Q. Why doesn’t Chatterbox like the small jail cells?

A. When Chatterbox was a kid, Bobo would put him in a dog kennel whenever he was bad. Since then, Chatterbox has come to hate small, confined spaces.

Q. Is Chatterbox claustrophobic?

A. No, Claustrophobia is the fear of small of enclosed spaces. Chatterbox is fine with hiding in small spaces, it's only when he's in a tiny cell that he freaks out. Neither does he have cleithrophobia, which is fear or being trapped, unable to escape, or fear of being locked in. Rather, Chatterbox suffers from PTSD. Whenever he is put into a small cell, he has flashbacks of how Bobo treated him and panics. Larger cells are fine because he has room to move around, but with the smaller cells, it brings back too many memories of the dog kennel. This is also the reason why some bright lights are okay, such as headlights, but he freaks out when flashlights are shone in his face.

Q. Why does Chatterbox hate swearing?

A. Bobo said that swearing was bad and would put Chatterbox in the kennel if he said bad words.

Q. Isn’t saying “yuck” the same thing as swearing?

A. No, yuck means gross or disgusting or messed up. It’s yucky!

Q. Why does Chatterbox hate bright lights?

A. When Bobo would put Chatterbox in the kennel, he would have a spotlight shining right in his face.

Q. Why is Chatterbox such an advocate for animals? Is Jagger a vegan/vegetarian IRL?

A. Bobo raised Chatterbox to respect animals and value their life. Though Bobo also raised him as a cannibal, Chatterbox does other eat meat now, but he still respects all critters and doesn’t believe in hunting or needlessly killing animals.

Q. Why does Chatterbox mispronounce words?

A. Chatterbox never went to college. It’s not his fault! Bobo home schooled him as well, so he never went to primary school and didn’t get the best education.

Q. Is Chatterbox a gangbanger?

A. No, no, no, no, no! Lies, lies, lies! A gangbanger uses guns and violence to do crime. Chatterbox is nice. He might shoot at a cop’s tires, but he has never killed a cop. He might pull a gun on someone to steal their guns, but he never robs them of their money. He even lets people sell meth on his corner. A Gangbanger would have killed him.

Q. Why does Chatterbox hate BGB so much?

A. Badged Gangbangers are the biggest threat to Los Santos. They are clownists who make up lies to put Chatterbox in prison. They continually pee and poop on Chatterbox’s house and refuse to clean it up.

Q. What is Chatterbox's relationship with his family?

A. Having been abandoned by his parents at a young age, Chatterbox doesn’t know his birth parents. It wasn’t until he was an adult that he learned that they live somewhere in Canada. He considers Bobo to be his father and has the utmost respect for him.

Q. How come Chatterbox doesn’t know his real name?

A. His birth father only ever called him “Boy” and he was named “Chatterbox” by his adoptive father on account of how talkative he is. It wasn’t until he was older that he learned his legal name was Jagger Gerardy. Having grown up believing his name was Chatterbox, he has a difficult time retaining the information that Jagger is his actual name.

Q. Does Chatterbox have any perma conditions?

A. Chatterbox has stated that he will only perma under one condition: If Tessa was to ever shoot to kill him.

Chatterbox's Darkest Day

On February 14, 2022, Chatterbox received an anonymous phone call from a mysterious stranger. The stranger spoke familiar words with an unknown, deep voice. They accused Chatterbox of not caring about his family and putting new friends before his loved ones. They went on to threaten to do harm to Chatterbox's clown family unless he met him at the Grapeseed P.D. torture room.

Upon arriving there, the mysterious voice called out to him from the shadows. They told asked him if he remembered this place. Of course Chatterbox remembered. This place had haunted him for the past eight months. It was the very place where Dundee and Barry has burned his wife.

Chatterbox told the stranger that he did indeed remember, but he didn't want to talk about it. The memory of his wife's screams still echoed in his fragile mind. But the stranger wasn't satisfied with that answer. They goaded and taunted Chatterbox about the events that occurred that day.

When the stranger finally came out of the shadows, Chatterbox still did not recognize them. They were dressed all in black and wore a mask to hide their appearance. When the stranger mentioned what had happened here, Chatterbox was sure that this person must be Carmella yucking with him. He warned them several times, but the stranger continued to taunt him.

Once more, the stranger accused him of putting others before his loved ones. They told Chatterbox that he friended the very person who hurt his wife, proving he didn't care about his Clown Family. Although Chatterbox tried to reason with the person, telling them that Barry was only following Dundee's order, they refused to listen. The stranger pulled out a hatchet and charged fulled speed. Chatterbox had no choice. He pulled out his gun and fired off a could rounds right into the stranger's chest.

Coughing and gasping for air, the stranger lay in a pool of their own blood as they asked Chatterbox to remove their mask. Kneeling down before the, Chatterbox did as requested, expecting to see Carmella Corset underneath the disguise. Instead, he came face-to-face with Malla Pietro.

Malla, aka Giggles, his wife and soulmate. He held her head as she coughed up blood, apologizing as the light started to leave her beautiful eyes. He pleaded with her to be okay, knowing it was too late. Chatterbox cried and screamed as the love of his life took her last breath. He had killed his own wife, the only person to ever truly know him. The one person who had stuck with him through everything. She was gone and he would never be the same again.

Insufferable Outrages / Triggers

  • Bright lights, such as the camera flash during a jail booking
  • Kennels
  • Balloons
  • Anyone touching his mask

Criminal Record

MDW Profile

Drivers License 0 points
DNA On File
Criminal Record of Jagger Gerardy
Assault and Battery 5
Unlawful Imprisonment 13
Kidnapping 5
Kidnapping a Gov Employee 11
Assault with a Deadly Weapon 3
Criminal Threats 3
Attempted Murder of a Government Employee 6
Reckless Endangerment 1
Petty Theft 1
Joyriding 14
Robbery 3
First Degree Robbery 1
Possession of a Stolen Identification 1
Impersonating a Peace Officer 3
Felony Trespassing 3
Trespassing 1
Conspiracy 2
Disobeying a Peace Officer 1
False Reporting 1
Tampering of Evidence 1
Vandalism of Government Property 3
Felony Obstruction of Justice 5
Misdemeanor Possession of Controlled Dangerous Substance OXY / METH 2
Criminal Possession of a Firearm [Class 1] 23
Criminal Use of a Firearm 7
Resisting Arrest 17
Possession of a Molotov 1
Criminal Use of Explosives 1
Criminal Possession of a Government Issued Equipment 1
Driving While Intoxicated 1
Evading 5
Reckless Evading 13
Negligent Driving 2
Reckless Driving 1
Driving on the Wrong Side of The Road 2
Operating a Motor Vehicle Without Proper Identification 5
Destruction of Government Property 1

Clown Family


Chatterbox's original partner in crime. They met when he kidnapped her from a stripclub, where she worked with her current boyfriend. As she tried to escape the crazed clown, she hit her head. Waking up days later in his home, she had no memory of who she was or even her name. Chatterbox convinced her that her name was Giggles and they were married. Chatterbox was forced to kill her on February 14, 2022. See Chatterbox's Darkest Day for more information.



Chatterbox's adoptive father. See backstory for more information. No one in NoPixel plays this character, as he is solely for backstory purposes.


Recently escaped from being stuck in the attic of the fun house for over a year.


During the time when Irwin Dundee went missing, Chatterbox ran into BBMC member and Road Captain Barry Benson. After offering his support to help locate Dundee, Chatterbox was able to kidnap Trooper Ripley. Chatterbox aided in the search for Dundee, helping Barry learn to be less "soft" in the process through the persona of Crackerjack.

Tighty Whitey

Having been blooded out of the BBMC for refusing to lure in and torture his friend Kirk Jerkems, Wolfe found a new home with the Clown Femly.

Janky ( Kirk Jerkems )

Kirk joined the Clown Family after his Bandito Boy partner-in-crime Abner Vaca went to Afbanistan.

Mirth ( Ursula Leichenberg)

Shadow member of the clown family.



Bonbon originally joined the Clowncil as a way to partake in method acting for a role.


Carmella Corset

Carmella was the first friend Chatterbox made when he left the farm and came into the city. However, their friendship changed after Carmella betrayed Chatterbox during a friendly game of hide-and-go-seek.

It all started with a phone call ...

Chatterbox called Carmella during a slow day at the Rooster's Rest and invited her to play a game with him at his funhouse. When she arrived, she banged unnecessarily hard and loud on his door. Chatterbox, who had just pulled up in a car with some other friends, introduced Carmella to Taylor "Buzz Spaceboy Lightyear" Briggs and Scruffy the Clown. He then explained the rules - no hiding in the basement or on balconies - and gave Carmella and Briggs two minutes to hide. When the time was up, Chatterbox and Scruffy searched the house for the two victims participants.

Despite Scruffy finding Carmella almost immediately, Chatterbox order him to let her go as he was trying to stack the game in her favor. However, Carmella instead returned his graciousness by twatting out that she was "with clowns" and needed help. Upon confronting her about it, Chatterbox told her that he had let purposely let her win and inquired as to why she was "doing this to him" by twatting that she was in danger. Being the caring and compassionate person that he is, Chatterbox agreed to forgive her as long as they continued the game properly.

Carmella agreed and followed Chatterbox into the basement, where he announced her the winner and granted her a prize - a silver knife to commemorate her victory. However, that mother yucking ungrateful Carmella betrayed the Chatterbox. She tackled the Chatterbox to the ground instead of turning the knife on that yucking loser Buzz Lightyear Spaceboy!


Though Chatterbox tried to reconcile with her many times, Carmella has made it abundantly obvious that she does not wish to remain friends any longer. To make matters worse, she has slandered the Chatterbox's name, sent her friends and the cops to kill him, vandalized his home, caught him and his home on fire, and even dumped out the remains of Chatterbox's dearly departed Pappy. Due to her actions, the cops now label the Chatterbox as a terrorist and he has suffered tremendous fines because of her slander and lies.

Lana Valentine

Yuno Sykk

During the BBMC initiation, Dundee called Yuno to meet him at Grandma's for his assistance. Once the initiation was over, several other people - including Sasuke and 4T - arrived asking about a clown. After Dundee found the clown in the basement, Yuno offered to help Sasuke with his fire jitsu by catching Chatterbox on fire. Though his gas can was empty and he was unable to help, he still made Chatterbox's list.

A few days later, Chatterbox was able to get Yuno's phone number from Dundee, who was pissed at his puppy at the time. Chatterbox called Yuno under the pretense that he needed someone to help him deal with a killer clown. However, though he has called Yuno several times asking for help, Yuno has been busy each time. When he managed to reach him, Yuno promised to help Chatterbox rob a bank as long as he made good with Dundee and secured him as a driver.

Officer Lenny Hawk

Officer Randy Wrangler

Officer Patrick Downing

Irwin Dundee and the BBMC - ENDED

While hiding in the basement of Grandma's house, Dundee arrived there with the members of BBMC for a member initiation. Once the initiation was over, several other people arrived asking about a clown. Dundee found Chatterbox down in the basement and informed the other people of his location. Because of this and the incident that happened that night, Chatterbox added Dundee to his list of enemies.

A few days later, Chatterbox was driving around with Giggles when he passed a driver on the road. He recognized the man's voice and realized it was Dundee. After tracking him down, he introduced himself as someone who was looking for a clown and needed help killing the man. Dundee gave Chatterbox his number and said he would help. Later that day, Chatterbox called Dundee claiming he found the clown. He lured him to Grandma's house and into the basement, but him and Giggles were shot by Dundee and Barry. The two then took Chatterbox and Giggles to a torture house, where he made both clowns pick a number between one and two. Though both chose two, Dundee rolled a die twice. It landed on two for Chatterbox, but one for Giggles. Dundee then forced Chatterbox to watch while Barry burned his wife alive.

Some time after that, Chatterbox ran into Barry and told him that he was selling lockpicks for only $50. After several attempts, he managed to get Barry into a car and pulled a gun on him, ordering him to drive. He took Barry to Grandma's house, but was unaware that the car they were in belonged to Dundee. Dundee tracked him down and shot Chatterbox. He then took him to a pier in Grapeseed then left to pickup his girlfriend, Emma Gaines, while Barry kept watch over Chatterbox. When Emma arrived, she tried to help heal Chatterbox, but was unable to because of Dundee - who wanted her to kill the clown. She refused, leaving the area, and Dundee threw Chatterbox into the ocean.

Chatterbox woke up in his apartments later that day with no memory of the events that transpired between him and Dundee. He no longer has any reason to go after Dundee, Emma, or any members of the BBMC. The feud between them is now over and Chatterbox is now working with the BBMC to take down the LSPD.

Lang Buddah

William Gunner

William Gunner has taken up the mantle of harassing Chatter by pooping in and around the Funhouse.


Chad Brad

Walter Melon

Kirk Jerkems

Abner Vaca

Ursula Leichenberg


Slow whistling, before or after a meeting

*loud crying and screaming when placed in any cell but the big cell*

"Mother Yuckers!"


"Send in the clown." - allies about Chatterbox


"What the Yuck?!"


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