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Jaden Sparks was a character role-played by CHUDOCKEN


Jaden Sparks is an enigmatic, intelligent and indifferent person. He has memory issues from a brain injury from before arriving in Los Santos. He quickly found out interacting with people helps him gain his memories back from his past, which is constantly evolving him. He is very adaptable and can change his mindset or identity when needed.

Distorted Past

Past (So far...)

Jaden was born in Alaska, he is unaware in Alaska he was born or raised. He does know that he was bullied and shunned amongst his peers. He did go to an University in Alaska and started to pursue Psychology degree but ultimately finished in linguistics. It is unsure what languages he knows, but it was made clear that he knows at least 4.

He also had prolonged psychological issue that he is starting to remember. He has been Diagnosed with Schizoaffective Disorder (Schizophrenia and Bipolar I). There is more to his mental wellness status but hasn't been fully revealed as of yet.

Jaden mental issues may have started since he was child from seeing a wolf who he later identified as James.

Wolf from Jaden's story is a friend and what he describes a spiritual guidance. James later manifest into a man who is white, brown hair that is slicked, with a black suit. He is Jaden's hypo-vigilance and awareness.

Later on from Jaden's past is a story of a Moose who befriended each other after his deathly experience with a bear. Jaden believes the moose is spiritual animal who guides him as well. He also believes that Moose became a human life form through out time. He is named Charlie and is believed to be his consciousness. He is mischievous and curious boy who was later revealed after a surgery Jaden had.

Los Santos arrival and further on..

Beginning of Jaden Sparks

Jaden came into the city confused and unsure on why he is here. Some man ushered him onto a flight to Los Santos a few months after waking up from a coma. His mother and twin recently passed away and he is unsure on how they passed but for some reason he had to leave his past behind.

Jaden often wondered around figuring out where he belonged an kept to himself. One day he noticed an Open Mic event was being held by Peggy Barnes. He attended the event and sang. He remembered he loved to sing and enjoyed it quite well. He decided from there he wanted to sing almost everyday, so he decided to hold open mics whenever he can.

He wanted to hold Open Mics at Tequilalas, which is a place he is always reminded of his past of doing Karaoke nights in a bar that looks similar to Tequilalas. He later on got noticed by various people who later became his friends or acquaintances. He met Taran for the first time and how saw how he aspired to own the Tequilalas one day. Jaden encouraged him to own it one day.

Jaden always enjoyed events and small business. He found Zee's Diner one day and came to like Zee as role model. He met many people through Zee's Diner, like Annabelle Lector, Charlie Spresso, Gunn, Tsury Nanakaze, and many more. He saw that Zee Nanakaze brought many people together and they built a network through her business and he wanted to have the same purpose as well.

Jaden wanted to set up events for many people to bring people together and network. He often did Dance Parties, Open Mic/Karaoke Nights, and Trivia for 2 months. He met many people after that time span like, Mako Nokt, Kai Lumen, Patrit Meetmahan, Antonio Tony, Daphne Tillamuck, and others.

Jaden did notice a tweet on Twatter from a boy named Jessie Skid. He later found out that he was in a mental facility and him feeling the need to talk to Jessie, he did. He first introduced himself to Jessie as Jayce and later revealed his real name. Jessie gave Jaden memories of his mentality issues from his past. He started to remember the pain he felt before his memory loss.

One day Jaden was taken hostage at power station job and Jaden grew obsessed with why he was taken to powers station and not a store or bank. He kept doing investigative work on the criminal underground and how things operates. He let people found out what he was doing and was helped by Mako Nokt, Kai Lumen, Charlie Spresso and Daphne Tillamuck. He gather many information and later found out that people were dying or being hurt because of a code or items that are being passed around the city.

Jaden made a hasty decision to called Ziggy Buggs but he didn't answer. He later called Lauren Forcer to inform her on items and awareness of criminal activities that has been peeking at the moment. He didn't want money but wanted to make sure his friends will be okay and the city's safety.

After awhile Jaden was noticed by a guy who did Ciphers. He was stalking him and was going to harm him, but later the hurting was shifted to Jessie Skid. Jaden trusted David Watcher and wanted to understand him more. Jaden helped David stab Jessie Skid, but Jaden did care about Jessie still and later informed Daisey to tell someone at PD on where Jessie was located at.

A day later Jaden was being hunted by Quick Fix crew and Jaden was concerned more about concealing David's identity than himself. After awhile, Jaden met with Raja, Zeke and Summer. He was let go. David helped Jaden be protected by Quick Fix, but Jaden grew weary of PD and Daisey and doesn't trust them or anyone who is affiliated with Quick Fix.

Later on Jaden went to meet with Jessie to say sorry to him, but Jessie held a gun to him and cuffed him by the satellite plates near the prison. He was stabbed by Jessie and went to ICU. He woke up a few hours after and met with Lauren and asked her if she revealed his name to Quick Fix. She denied and Jaden said sorry, but ended their informant relationship.

Jaden met with Jacklyn May to vent to her and they ended up bonding and started to meet privately to talk about how messed up the world is and how they are.

A few weeks later, David met with Jaden and David gave Jaden tasks to do and told him he will keep him protected. Jaden was tasked to take photos of people and incriminating photos. Jaden did so and pleased David. David later tasked Jaden to follow Jobie Gillis and take photos of everything he does. He did so and wasn't successful on getting anything incriminating. After awhile David gave access to the Dark Web to Jaden. Jaden saw some of his photos submitted to the Dark Web.

Jaden later informed Jacklyn of what he's been up to and is currently trying to get her noticed by the Dark Web people so she can get access as well.

Memory Gains and Purging

Memories Coming Back

Jaden attend events often and support small business like Pablo's Food Trucks, Zee's Restaurant, Iris Volver's Donut and Coffee Truck. He is a sociable guy to an extent and will abruptly leave a conversation without notice.

Jaden met Tobi Argent through a beach resort party which is held by Zee and Gunn. Jaden noticed a blue haired man and decided to say hello. He really like the conversation with Tobi and exchanged numbers. A day later they went to go to another event that was held at Bahama Mama's and it reminded Jaden of how he liked to go to Gay Bars but also, never felt accepted in the gay community. He then tried to talk to Tobi and make him feel accepted, but he couldn't let go himself feeling accepted. So then, he brought Tobi to an abandoned apartment by The Job Center. He held a gun to his head and forced Tobi into handcuffs. He then stabbed Tobi and had someone pick up his body and hid it.

Later on, Jaden contacted Tobi and he seemed distraught. He met with Tobi and noticed he was sad and upset. Jaden empathized with him and revealed what he has done. Tobi forgave him and they ended up dating a day later. Jaden and Tobi spend time together randomly but usually secretly. Jaden doesn't want Tobi to be a liability.

Jaden noticed a guy name Flop Dugong on the yellowpages, he instantly remembered the animals he saw when he was a kid. He then remembered how they became humans and told Flop that maybe he is reincarnation of a Dugong. He also remembered he was ridicule for having a universe worth of an imagination in middle school and how painful it was to give it up. He then wanted to spend time with Flop and randomly made a last minute decision to take him captive and ultimately stab him in near the power plant on the beach. He hid his car at the prison and later on gave Flop a pet rock.

Through Mako Nokt and his card dealings and raffles, he has met a lot of people. One in peculiar person he met was EMS Leonardo Sand. He grew to like the man, but also when talking about Italy, Jaden remembers going to Italy with his peers and being shunned and bullied. He couldn't let go of the feeling that hurt him so deep. He kept talking to Leonardo and wanted to hang out with him off duty. He did get the chance a had a long car drive through the windmills and the train tracks. He did unfortunately stab him in Paleto Beach while he was speaking Italian for Jaden. Jaden remembers he did learn the language before. In return he gave him flowers when he woke up.

Stewie Black introduced himself to Jaden as his doppelgänger. Jaden didn't like his reflection. He often doesn't enjoy looking at himself in the mirror because he remembers the self-loathe he once felt. He took Stewie captive and stabbed him under a bridge on Ocean Highway.

Jaden met Iris Volver and learned to like her, because she reminds him of his niece "Little sister he never had". He feels the need to protect her.

Jaden has met Bob White and after a few sentences, he instantly had a panic feeling for the darkness and the woods.

Therapy, Surgery and Mental Status

Jaden Sparks outreached Pixie Plum about some social anxiety he’s been having. He believed people were acting different towards and he is the problem. After a few sessions with Pixie it started to help and he continued to meet with Pixie. After awhile Pixie suggested to utilize the newer therapist and he first met with Jonathan Wright and William Thatch.

Jaden reveal certain elements to why he is the way he is. He doesn’t have too much of history to go from. After awhile he met with Jonathan some more and Jaden revealed he had a brain injury before moving to Los Santos. He was in a coma and when he awake he moved to Los Santos without being getting a check up from his brain injury. Jonathan suggested you get a MRI and told Jaden he will contact Choi to set it up. A few days later Jaden met with Charlotte and she encouraged him to proceed with the MRI, because can help with his dilemma of how he speaks and identify his emotions.

He then met with William Thatch a day later and Jaden also revealed he’s been getting headaches and bad vertigo where he would pass out for 30 seconds. William then contacted Choi and she set up the MRI. It took a week to get the results back and during the week he met with Thalia . She comfort Jaden to look forward to the MRI and believes it can help with his condition.

Jaden also revealed to Thalia he was diagnosed with Schizoaffective disorder. She requested him to get the medical records and send it to her. Jaden did get the medical records but only gave her a couple the pages. It is unclear what is on the other pieces of the report but it might be something to look into. After the week of waiting, Choi texted Jaden and told him to get to Pillbox right away.

It has been revealed that he has a hemorrhage in his brain and bone shard stuck in his brain. Choi told him to make final calls. Jaden calls Tobi Argent and Ferst Temple. Jaden then went back to Choi and dressed up for surgery. Choi and the nurses softly sedated him and Jaden is still awake during the process. There was a small hiccup in the surgery but nothing to major. He did mention a name, called James and also his Mother and Twin. The surgery went well and he survived. Choi did place Jaden in Postoperative Care and Jaden slept for the rest of the day.

Jaden woke up a few hours later and Choi asked him some generalized questions about where he is and what year it is. It seems that Jaden is having amnesia and doesn’t remember a year from his surgery. He also had different demeanor and tone to him. He believed he was in Anchorage, Alaska and that his mother and twin is still alive. Choi then, recommends that Jaden get mentally cleared by a therapist to leave pillbox. Jaden waits in patient rooms and waiting rooms till a therapist comes along. He is visited by Justine Maway (Shadow) and they shared an interesting conversation. during mid conversation Jaden hears James speak to him, telling him not to trust Justine but also keep her close. Justine leaves and Jaden stays in waiting and sleeping at pillbox for half a day.

Royal came to Pillbox to talk to Jaden and she spoke to him, prior to meeting Jaden, Jaden and Royal have been acquaintances for months. Her brother, father and boyfriend is Jaden’s friend. She quickly notices Jaden’s demeanor and voice change. She then started to ask Jaden questions and it has been revealed that Jaden has been talking to James. She then decided to help Jaden gain his memory back and bring him to the car show at Tequilalas. He has no idea on who everyone is and where he is. Jaden was discharged soon after and constantly had therapy sessions with William Thatch and Jonathan.

On his last therapy session with William Thatch, it has been shown and revealed that James has been living as Jaden for the past year and James believed he was the actual core persona of Jaden. James advised William that Jaden is still not active due to his brain injury and the lack of memories Jaden have now. He also told Jaden that Charlie has been more active and been awake and it’s not Jaden. Furthering the conversation, James revealed that he is just a delusion and hallucinations of Jaden’s mental awareness and informational keep. Charlie is similar but in a way that is in a bad consciousness.

William Thatch and Jaden did take a trips to the beach and they exchanged words. Jaden talked William in his James persona that he is very regretful for what happened to Jessie while believing William is Jessie. Then Jaden snapped out of the delusion and dozed out. Jaden’s core self showed and was scared, confused and paranoid. He was having panic attack and James persona kicked in. He threatened William to not tell them about what happened to Jaden’s mother or twin and William drove Jaden to pillbox.

While going through this trial, Jaden has met with Mr. Smiley through August who was 51-50'd. He outreached to Mr. Smiley and really enjoyed his accompany. Even though Jaden didn't understand Mr. Smiley's vision, he wants to help him complete it. He entrusted Mr. Smiley with a ticket with 4 numbers in the back. He also wanted to take photo of his face to send to David to give Smiley Cult recognition.

Jaden is still searching for memories, so he calls random people from yellow pages. Maybe, one day.... He will be complete.


On April 8th, 2020, Jaden passed away due to Mako Nokt backing up directly into a fuel tank at a gas station.



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