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Jacob Harth is a character role-played by Afro.

General Information

Jacob L. Harth is the middle Harth sibling; brother of the late Simon L. Harth and Griselda “Zelda” Harth.

Jacob came into the city to investigate the disappearance of his brother, and to take over the task of running the Dark Web. He has a general disdain for humanity, and is one of the most reclusive citizens of Los Santos. Jacob is known for watching citizens from afar, driving and acting like a local, stalking cops, committing acts of arson, stabbing people, and showing up at random places in the city to spy on unsuspecting citizens.

Jacob usually watches people to find criminals, and to get them involved in the Dark Web. Due to running and maintaining the Dark Web, he has connections to most of the organized crime in the city.

(Founder of The Watchers & The Brotherhood.)

Jacob used to work for Lifeinvader, but was fired. As part of his revenge, he has a daily "ritual" of driving a car into Lifeinvader's lobby, and lighting it on fire.

He likes to build things.


Jacob Harth's Theme


  • Likes to twerk when no one is looking.
  • Is hyper-paranoid and is constantly putting on disguises to hide from certain people and entities.
  • He is curious about events going on in the city and documents important information sometimes gaining leverage on people.


Played By: Afro
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