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Jaclyn "Jackie" Hyde was a character role-played by Kiwo.

General Description

Jackie was a typical "civilian" character. She held a routine job as an employee and manager down at Burger Shot. Her best friend was Cheryl Smith.

Jackie was romantically involved with Otto Delmar. Following an event of Jackie being held hostage by the Leanbois for a bank heist, Otto was made aware of what happened, and those responsible. Angered by the event, Otto made his way to the prison, and waited for the Leanbois to be released. Once their sentence was up, the Leanbois made their way from the prison. Otto opened gunfire, shooting them in the kneecaps.

Weazel News

The photo in the Weazel News article.

After getting accidentally punched by Kevin Whipaloo and getting into a twitter war with him, Jackie decided to contact Weazel News and get an article made so as to get Kevin's nudes on the front page for all to see and slander his name. The article read:

"During the last week, Jaclyn Hyde was sending private and sensitive texts between herself and her lover Kevin. Unfortunately for Jaclyn, she accidentally sent sensitive pictures to another contact in her phone that is also labeled as Kevin. His full name is Kevin Whipaloo, and is definitely not Jaclyn's lover. Kevin received these inappropriate and private pictures from Jaclyn on accident and instead of being a kindhearted gentleman and ignoring the pictures, Kevin decided to seek out Jaclyn directly. Kevin proceeded to punch her in the face and cause her great harm resulting in a trip to the hospital as well as mental trauma.

After deciding to beat an innocent woman for accidentally sharing inappropriate pictures, Kevin Whipaloo then decided to share these private pictures with not only his friends but the internet too, by leaking these private pictures on Twitter.

Not only has Kevin Whipaloo beaten an innocent girl, but also abused her and shamed her on the internet. Kevin Whipaloo clearly hates females and his only desire is to embarrass and harm females.

Jaclyn also expressed to us that Kevin Whipaloo's friends has a similar feeling towards females, as Kevin ordered his friends to Urinate on Jaclyn. You read that correctly, Kevin Whipaloo and his friends have an obsession with urinating on females that he has recently abused."

Jackie's Death

This violent response from Otto ultimately led to Jackie's death by the hands of the Leanbois. Jackie was followed, kidnapped, and her identification card was robbed from her. She was driven to the cliff sides by the Leanbois, and instructed to walk to the ledge. While attempting to speak in Otto's defense, she was struck from behind, and her body fell from the cliffside into the ocean. Neither her identification card or body have been found.

Due to a lack of concrete evidence, the Department of Justice dismissed the murder case. While Jackie is currently considered a "Missing Persons" case, many people have admitted that they do believe she is dead.

Jackie's Ghost

At night, a spectral vision of Jackie appears at the cliff side where she fell. Blood letters stain the rocks, spelling the name 'SAAB'.


  • Any time you want a burger, come on down to Burger Shot. Our burgers are pretty hot. Make your birthday dreams come true.


  1. Burger Shot - Tribute to Kiwo

Episode Recaps

All videos previously linked below have been deleted from Twitch.
# Title Date Events
1 Kiwo does the RP thing like she used to ha - pt. 1 15th March 2019
2 Kiwo does the RP thing like she used to ha - pt. 2 15th March 2019
  • Meets Al Saab
  • Meets the police
  • Goes to Work and gets robbed by Leanbois and harassed by Prune Gang
  • Falls in a ditch and is saved by Otto
3 Kiwo does the RP thing like she used to ha - pt. 3 15th March 2019
4 Hi, welcome to Burger Shot - pt. 1 16th March 2019
5 Hi, welcome to Burger Shot - pt. 2 16th March 2019
  • Saab and Avon give Jackie and Bogg a taxi ride
  • The taxi gets into a police chase and when they crash Saab and Avon run off leaving Jackie alone on the freeway
  • Falls off a bridge and Saab finds her and drops her off at hospital
  • Otto finds her after she gets out of surgery and the two have a little 'giggle-fest'
  • The two meet up with Kindle and set up another fight
  • Meets Windsong's mother
6 Hi, welcome to Burger Shot - pt. 3 16th March 2019
  • Meets Joe Caine
  • Jackie and Otto go on a double date with Joe and Cheryl
  • Both Jackie and Otto start playing hard to get and go their separate ways
  • Sets up a parties with Cheryl to compete with Otto
  • Jackie and Cheryl become BFFs and loiter at the Pink Cage
  • Goes on a date with Saab
  • Meets up with Otto and they make up and Jackie makes him get an STD check
  • They go play golf then goes and gets ready to bunk up with Otto
7 I didn't like him, so I chucked a brick at him - pt. 1 17th March 2019
  • Goes to work and gets harassed by customers
  • Loiters at pink cage
  • Goes to work and gets harassed by customers
8 I didn't like him, so I chucked a brick at him - pt. 2 17th March 2019
  • Goes to job interview at Tim Lee's casino
  • Gets bike stolen
  • Helps Eugene get blue pills with Ryan
  • Meets up with Otto and updates him on what happen last night
  • Gets a haircut to surprise Otto
  • Accompanies Otto to a meeting with a stalker
  • Goes on a date and rides Jet skis with Otto
  • Meets Kelly Smith
  • Continues the date in the motel listening to music and dancing with Otto
9 I didn't like him, so I chucked a brick at him - pt. 3 17th March 2019
  • Watches Otto and Sergei jump Jean-Pierre
  • Discusses relationship with Otto
  • Gets a pearl necklace
  • Accompanies Otto and Joe to another meeting
  • Pink Cage loitering
10 Would you like fries with that? - pt. 1 18th March 2019
  • Goes to work
11 Would you like fries with that? - pt. 2 18th March 2019
  • Gets threatened by Leanbois
  • Learns about Otto's court case
  • Goes Jewellery shopping with Kevin
  • Goes to works and meets Jonelle Jones
  • Hires Graham and Paisley and gets promoted to manager
12 Would you like fries with that? - pt. 3 18th March 2019
  • Hangs out with Cheryl
  • Meets Otto at the pier
  • Goes to the hospital with Otto to get his test results
  • Records dragon slayin' with the crew
  • Goes to Lil Erf's diss-track premiere
  • Gets into a fight
13 Moving up in the world - Manager of Burger Shot - pt. 1 19th March 2019
14 Moving up in the world - Manager of Burger Shot - pt. 2 19th March 2019
15 [Failed to Load Image] - pt. 1] 20th March 2019
16 [Failed to Load Image] - pt. 2 20th March 2019
17 [Failed to Load Image] - pt. 3 20th March 2019
18 Huuuuuu - pt. 1 21st March 2019
19 Huuuuuu - pt. 2 21st March 2019
20 I think Otto is up to no good 22nd March 2019

Played By: Kiwo

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Additional Characters: Lauren ForcerGhar BeigeAva Ridge

Played By: Kiwo

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