Jackie was a typical "civilian" character, roleplayed by Kiwo. She held a routine job as an employee down at Burger Shot. Her best friend was Cheryl Smith, and they were often seen hanging out together.

Jackie was romantically involved with Otto Delmar. Following an event of Jackie being held hostage by the Lean Bois for a bank heist, Otto was made aware of what happened, and those responsible. Angered by the event, Otto made his way to the prison and waited for the Lean Bois to be released. Once their sentence was up, and the Lean Bois made their way from the prison; Otto opened gunfire, shooting them in the kneecaps. 

This violent response from Otto ultimately led to Jackie's death by the hands of the Lean Bois. Jackie was followed, kidnapped, and her identification card was robbed from her. She was driven to the cliffsides by the Lean Bois and instructed to walk to the ledge. While attempting to speak in Otto's defense, she was struck from behind, and her body fell from the cliffside into the ocean. Neither her identification card or body have been found.

Due to a lack of concrete evidence, The Department of Justice dismissed the murder case. While Jackie is currently considered a "Missing Persons" case, many people have admitted that they do believe she is dead.

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  1. Burger Shot - Tribute to Kiwo
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