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Jackie Snow is a character role-played by uhSnow.

General Description

Jackie Snow was a former state trooper for the San Andreas State Police. However, he applied at the Los Santos Police Department but was not rehired,

On June 7th, 2024, Jackie Snow was approached by a mysterious individual, Raziel, who is a representative for Zenith. She offered Jackie an opportunity to host racing tournaments and Jackie took it. Wanting to keep his identity a secret, Jackie adopted identity "NOS" and started using a voice changer to hide his voice.

Physical Description

Snow is a Caucasian male with dark grey hair and a trimmed beard. As a result of the stressful nature of his job, Snow's hair has turned a little grey.

Background Information

Snow joined the military and served with NATO in Takistan, where he met Jimmy Frost, Owen Svensen, Vladimir Raven, and Luka Kozlov.


Snow is generally liked by all of the people he works with.


  • Snow has a strong dislike of tea. He even hated the best tea in the world when he tried it in India.



Played By: uhSnow
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