Jackie Snow is a character role-played by uhSnow.

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Jackie Snow is a Trooper Sergeant for the San Andreas State Police, Badge #205.

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Jackie Snow is originally from London; moving to Los Santos to bring more of a thrill to his life, and joining the Blaine County Sheriff's Office. After a period of time working with the BCSO, Jackie made efforts to progress within the department; taking steps to join the Criminal Investigation Division.

Jackie worked hard to climb up the ladder, eventually becoming "Chief Inspector" of the CID. Showing great leadership and skill over time, the entire Police Department (consisting of LSPD, BCSO, CID, and SASP) was in unanimous agreement to appoint Jackie Snow as "Chief of Police".

General Description Edit

Jackie was the "Chief of Police" of the LSPD for roughly a year, when the Government of Los Santos opted for an entire police ranking rework (May 27th, 2019). He was demoted to a "Senior Officer" of the LSPD during the restructure, but took this surprise demotion as positively as he could.

After several months of continued showmanship of leadership qualification, he received a phone call from Tony Andrews, the Director of the San Andreas State Police. When he answered the call, Jackie received an invitation to join SASP, and become Trooper Sergeant Jackie Snow, to which he happily accepted.

Fun Facts Edit

  • Vladimir Raven is his best friend, and the current Chief of Police; which Jackie can not be more proud of. Jackie was the best man at Raven and Bobby Smith's wedding.
  • Wears a wig, as determined by a judicial ruling by the Honorable Judge Midas Campinetti. (This was later overruled by Chief Justice Dennis LaBarre)
  • His callsign when bringing out Air-1 is "Falcon Heavy".
  • Snow's K9 Partner is named Fenton.
  • Has a brother, Matthew Snow, who is an astronaut.

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