Jackie Snow is a character roleplayed by uhSnow

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Badge #205, Jackie Snow is a Sergeant and a Trooper for the SASP

Background Information Edit

Jackie Snow, originally from the United Kingdom living in London moved to Los Santos to bring more of a thrill to his life by joining up with the BCSO. After joining with BCSO he wanted a change so decided it was his next step to join up with CID. From then on he had been climbing up the ladder by becoming Chief Inspector of CID. After that he kept rising and the whole of the Police Department (consisting of LSPD, BCSO, CID, SASP) decided it was a great idea by making Jackie Snow 'Chief of Police' head of all departments.

He was the Chief of Police for around a year when the Government of Los Santos (NoPixel Staff) decided it was time for a whole rank restructure. This is when Jackie Snow got demoted to a Senior Officer of LSPD (Los Santos Police Department). But all was not lost..... Jackie Snow received a surprise call from Tony Andrews, the Director of the San Andreas State Police. When he answered the call, Jackie thought he was getting fired but that was not the case! Jackie Snow got accepted into SASP and became Trooper Jackie Snow of the San Andreas State Police where he currently sits in the land of NoPixel.

Fun Facts Edit

  • Vladimir Raven is his best friend, and the current Chief of Police, which Jackie Snow can not be more proud of. Snow was the best man at his wedding.
  • Wears a wig, as determined by a judicial ruling by the Honorable Judge Ardson.
  • His callsign when bringing out Air 1 is "Falcon Heavy".
  • Snow's K9 Partner is named Fenton.

Quotes Edit

Jackie Snow gets promoted to Trooper (7/31/2019)

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