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Jackie Snow is a character role-played by uhSnow.

General Description

Jackie Snow is a Trooper for the San Andreas State Police, head of the Street Racing Unit and Air Corps, advisor for the Street Crimes Unit, squad leader for High Value Target Unit, and owner of AirX.

Snow is the only person in the Unified Police Department that holds every certification obtainable.

He was previously the Chief of Police for the Los Santos Police Department, Badge #405; as well as the Chief Inspector of the Criminal Investigation Division, Badge #105.

Snow is widely regarded as one of the best drivers, and leaders, in the PD.

Physical Description

Snow is a 40-year-old caucasian male with black hair and a trimmed beard. As a result of the stressful nature of his job, Snow's hair has turned a little grey.



Police Departments

Kyle Pred

Ever since their first meeting, Pred has developed a huge amount of respect and appreciation for Jackie Snow, and Snow has become one of very few officers that Pred will place his complete trust in, no matter the situation. In turn, Snow has been one of few officers that has complete faith in Pred's abilities compared to those that question him, and will only question his methods and decisions in order to protect Pred.

"I'll have your back as much as I can... just don't get fucking fired, please. You're a good officer, and I need you during this time." - Snow

Matt Rhodes
(Work In Progress)
Jenny Hall

Snow is one of two best friends Hall has in the city. Acting as a brother figure, Snow is protective of Hall, and willing to risk anything to keep her safe. When Snow and Hall patrol together they enjoy discussing quirks from their motherland.

T.J. Mack
(Work In Progress)

Emma Dupont
Emma Dupont and Snow have known each other for years and have a mutual respect for one another. They both often ride with each other as they are on the same shift patterns.
After returning back to the City after medical leave, Snow almost immediately asked Dupont if she wanted to live with him once they had a house to share.

Vladimir Raven
Snow and Vladimir Raven have been friends for many years now. Snow was the one who welcomed Raven into the CID, as he was the Chief Inspector at the time. Raven gave him the honor of being his best man for his marriage to Bobby Smith.

Olivia Copper
Snow’s partner in crime and best friend is Trooper Olivia Copper. Often seen patrolling together and “attached to the hip”, they are commonly regarded as the old married couple of the PD.

Ziggy Buggs
(Work In Progress)

Lauren Forcer
Lauren Forcer is like a sister to Snow. She has great admiration for him, and takes both his praise and criticism to heart.
In a postcard sent to Snow during her vacation in Vice City, Lauren referred to herself as his “annoying little sister that you always have to save.”

Momentous Dates within the PD

Rank Insignia Note Date
PD Ranking Restructure; Badge #205 February 5th, 2021
Certification Legend Rank Note Date
Field Training Instructor
FTI Cert.png
Trooper FTI Certified February 5th, 2021
Air-1 Pilot
Air Cert.png
Trooper Air Certified + Flight FTO February 5th, 2021
Interceptor Driver
Interceptor Cert.png
Trooper Interceptor Certified + Pursuit FTO June 16th, 2021
Major Crimes Division
MCD Cert.png
Trooper Appointed as Supervisor in the MCD June 17th, 2021
K9 Handler
K9 Cert.png
Trooper K9 Certified; Handler for Fenton June 19th, 2021
Major Crimes Division
MCD Cert.png
Trooper MCD disbanded July 28th, 2021
Street Crimes Unit
SCU Cert.png
Trooper Appointed as Advisor to the SCU August 8th, 2021
Motorcycle Driver
Motorcycle Cert.png
Trooper Motorcycle Certified August 19th, 2021
High Value Target Unit
HVTU Cert.png
Trooper Appointed as Squad Lead in the HVTU September 2nd, 2021
Street Racing Unit
SRU Cert.png
Trooper Appointed as Division Lead in the SRU October 15th, 2021
SWAT Cert.png
Trooper SWAT Certified November 15th, 2021
Jet Cert.png
Trooper Jet Certified + Flight FTO November 22nd, 2021


Got lured by a mclaren senna then slowly started losing visual after losing it Snow received an anonymous phonecall from the Puppet Master himself taunting him and then tasked the first puppet to ever go after Snow named Godzilla that sent him a ping to an abandoned mclaren senna in the middle of grapeseed once Snow arrived to the scene and got close to it the senna blow up from a c4 place in it nearly taking out Snow but not quite since he was able to escape in time after hearing beeping noise.

After going to court and convicting Mary Mushkin for street racing by going UC, she mentioned after losing the case directly to Snow that his "strings are being pulled" which illudes to the PM pulling Snow's strings, before this altercation snow recieved various phonecalls from the PM threating him.

Godzilla contacted Tommy Cruizer to witness him dropping a supra rigged with c4 on top on MRPD by a cargobob afterwards called Snow to check the roof and after Snow opening the trunk he got blown up and incapacitated and then rushed to the hospital. During all of this Olivia Copper saw the Tommy Cruizer car leaving the scene and decided to pursue with Air-1 after an intense chase the cargobob picked up Tommy's car from the lighthouse and then was shot down shortly after resulting in the death of one of the puppet Godzilla and the escape of Tommy Cruizer and saving his racing alias.

After the pervious events the PM realised that Snow is a bigger threat than he previously thought his action was actually negatively impacting the racing scene and striking fear into the racers and massively hurting his crypto currency (GNE). So the PM have been playing mindgames with Snow showing him whos actually in charge and tasked his puppets to kill him and nothing can stop his terror on los santos.

Snow managed to secure 3 interceptors for the Unified PD with a presentation shown to the mayors office after leaving the townhall him and Olivia Copper ran into Randy Bullet and had a brief conversation after walking away Randy Bullet recieved a phonecall from the PM informing him that the PD just got interceptors then randy told him he just ran into Snow afterwards the PM furiously told randy to shoot Snow in the head immediately infront of Copper which he did and successfully escaped.

After many back and forths between Snow and the PM one of his puppets rose up to challenge him his name was Big M he called Snow to "test" his new interceptors he just acquired against his lamborghini huracan after a very long and intense chase between the two of them Snow ran out of fuel and Big M barely escaped. There was a small rivalry between the two resulting in a couple of long chases and each side learning more background and history about the other but then unforeseen death of Big M occurred and it unveiled his true name "Marcus Mathers".

Marcus Mathers also know as Big M was found dead and a couple of days after Snow recieved a call from the Seizures Department stating that all vehicles that were registered to Marcus Mathers (Big M) could be recovered from Popular St. PD, and how the vehicles were yet to be inventoried. Snow, Olivia Copper, and Oliver Fury arrive on scene to see a massive span of cars. Realizing they’re going to need more drivers and an escort, they begin to call down more officers to assist them. Eventually, all the cars are transported to Bob Smith PD, where they begin documenting the vehicles and their contents. Vehicles Recovered: Red & black (vin scratched) McLaren Senna, White Lamborghini Huracan, Orange & black (vinless) Nissan Silvia S15, Blue (vin scratched) BMW M4, Purple Dodge Challenger, Black & blue Lexus LFA, Black & blue Ferrari LaFerrari, Rusty Tow truck. Inventory of Vehicles: 4x Uzi, 1x M24 sniper rifle, 3x sniper ammo, 1x race creating dongle, 5x 250 GNE sticks, 5x inked money bags, 3x C4, 2x molotov, 1x RPG.

Snow after Marcus Mathers death went through Big M's phone and read his recent text messages and found a picture of a sniper rifle scope aimed at Mary Mushkin, Tony Corleone, and Tommy Cruizer and various messages incriminating Mary Mushkin and confirming her ties to the PM.

Mary Mushkin receives a phone call from Snow. He tells Mary how she isn’t in any form of trouble, but wishes to speak to her. Knowing that this most likely has to do with Big M’s death, Mary pulls out the Lamborghini Huracan from the tuner shop making sure that it has the spoiler “Los Venturas Lucky #7.” Snow begins the conversation talking about Tony, and all Mary reveals is she knows that he was shot. Snow tells Mary he is going to be blunt, reminding her she is free to walk away at any point in his questioning. He asks if she has ever met or heard of anyone that goes by the name Big M. “I’ve heard the name, you remember how to say his name?” Mary continues stating how she remembers his name, leading Snow to tell her how he has been pronounced dead. Snow tells Mary how Big M was a puppet, and recalls the conversation with Mary when she told him his strings would be pulled. Not caring much for details, Snow is more concerned for her safety, and the safety of others. Mary questions why Snow would be willing to help her, especially if she may have something to do with this “puppet man,” to which Snow states how he believes Mary knows of him but might not be involved with him exactly. Before departing, Mary asks Snow if he actually knew Big M’s real name. Snow knows his real name due to the autopsy report, but did not know his real name prior. Mary reveals she knew his name was Marcus Mathers, MM. Snow asks how she would know that, but she doesn’t answer. As she walks back to the car, she calls out to Snow. As Snow turns around, Mary is wearing the same mask Big M wore and states “remember the name” before driving off.

After a long hiatus from the PM, Jeffrey Bundy and Mackenzie Hayes were at a 10-71 shots fired scene when they noticed a bugatti bolide pulling up to them it was one of the puppets named Earl but unkown to them at the time but then identified himself as "Earl" he wanted to pass on a message to Trooper Copper and Trooper Snow he stated "this comes from the master" "He is back" "Hellfire will rain down".

During a race, Eddie Marshall found himself in an intense chase with Trooper Jackie Snow, in which Wayne Kerr, Eddie’s adopted son, crashed into him, pinning his signature orange Banshee to the wall. After futile attempts of regaining the car, it winds up seized. A multiple-car chase ensues, featuring different racers such as Wayne “Crackhead” Kerr, Ramee “Fatcock” El Raheem, and Mary “RedDevil” Mushkin. RedDevil eventually jukes Jackie Snow, who was driving the Interceptor, securing Eddie's freedom for another day. Upon further inspection, Trooper Jackie Snow vin checks the Banshee, revealing Titanium's signature car is owned by Eddie Marshall. Now, all suspicions of the police department's masked terror's identity are aimed at Eddie Marshall.

Trooper Snow, overzealous with the Banshee bust, informs his contemporaries of the victory and celebrates alongside them. Titanium has been the bane of their racing investigation so far and this bust symbolizes they are another step closer to catching the masked bandit. This situation was special to Jackie Snow, as he had been pursuing this very same Banshee for many years with the bandit at its helm. The cheery trooper takes a picture of him posing in front of the iconic car to commemorate his victory. Trooper Snow vin checks the car revealing it to be Eddie Marshall, who in his eyes is just the owner of the tuner shop, he decides to question Eddie at a later date.

Both Eddie and Trooper Snow decide it is the time to meet to discuss details of how Eddie's car ended up in the hands of Titanium, and so Trooper Snow could attempt to pry info from Mr. Marshall about the identity of Titanium and the "puppets". Eddie decides to bring business partners Mary, head of sales, and former head mechanic, Wayne. Before heading to the police department, the trio discuss the details of the story in which the Banshee came to be stolen. They decided they would state Mary had rented the car out to Wayne, who then took it to a car show, where it would be stolen by Titanium.

After discussing the details of their alibi, they head to the P.D., where Trooper Snow is waiting. Upon their arrival, Trooper Snow brings up a change of locale and suggests the vineyard In Blaine County. Snow offers them to ride in his car with Trooper Olivia Copper, and the trio accept. On the way to the vineyard, they discuss topics such as the legalities of NOS, and the epidemic of NOS addiction spiraling into heroin use. During this conversation, Crackhead reveals his NOS addiction to Snow, and Snow responds by calling him a dirty drug addict. They arrive at the vineyard and Snow informs them that they are being Mirandaized, and the five proceed with the conversation.

In the midst of the conversation, Snow asks Titanium how the Banshee ended up stolen. RedDevil proceeds to lie to Snow and inform him of a fake contract with Crackhead stating that to earn capital for the 6Star Tunershop, she would rent the Banshee to Crackhead. Snow then decides to press for info about how the car ended up in Titanium's hands. Crackhead responds stating that he went up to Paleto Gas Station, and whilst there Titanium challenged him to a pink slip race. He accepts, hoping to fund his crippling NOS addiction, and promptly loses, in turn giving up possession of the car.

This leads Snow to question if Wayne has any knowledge on Titanium and his identity, to which Wayne says he doesn't. The Trooper warns the trio to keep away from Titanium because he poses a threat and has a potential affiliation to the puppets, all while being none the wiser that the real Titanium stood right before them. During this meeting, Snow gets an anonymous call from someone he believed to be Titanium taunting him, saying, "You need to do more than that to catch a chaperone of the Midnight Club." This catches the Trooper off guard and alleviates some suspicion of Eddie being Titanium; he swiftly asks to set up a perimeter check of the area.

Trooper Snow begins to suspect Crackhead of being at the scene of the Banshee's seizure,  because his signature blue Kanjo was seen there. He also brings up Crackhead's history of racing and reports of him being caught in the very same Kanjo assisting Titanium. Snow turns to RedDevil's history, saying how he got caught for street racing. Titanium responds saying, “I thought she already pled guilty to the charge and had reformed.” This angers RedDevil, because she is still maintaining her alleged innocence. They move on from the topic, and the conversation ends with both Titanium and Snow agreeing that Crackhead needs to be punished and taught a lesson. The subject of a photo of Eddie and Ramee with the Banshee, taken by Dante Wolf, is also brought up. Eddie responds by saying it was so long ago, he barely remembers the event. They end the meeting and go their separate ways.

R3d was finally caught during a street race when Titanium’s car was disabled and surrounded by cops. To destroy the evidence and any links between Eddie and Titanium she used an RPG on the broken R34 killing 6 cops and destroying the R34 in the process. Snow noticed the RPG and opened fire on her Sultan V8 popping several tires. In a last-ditch effort to escape she decided to drive to Paleto to attempt a fix, on the way there her car was fired upon from air-1 eventually being disabled. Cops then proceed to gun her down. AP and others including Eddie, Miguel, Flippy, Aleks, Mario, Phantom attempted to free her from custody. They proceeded to wipe most of the police but all were eventually downed or caught, except Eddie and Phantom, before being able to reach her.

Following her arrest, she was interrogated by Snow, Copper, Fury, Casterman and Espinoz and have been revealed as Mary Mushkin. During the conversation Mary revealed many connections to the Puppet Master and Puppets, including her closeness to Big M and dislike for Earl. She used her position as being a pawn for the PM as a cover up for protecting Titanium, claiming she was ordered to do it and that she received the RPG from Earl not her apartment to avoid a raid however she was raided anyway.

During the raid the PM contacted the police to tell them to return what is his, he then attacked the Police when they were searching the vehicles parked at the tuner shop with a drone attack helicopter to prevent the police seizing his GNE. Although he was unsuccessful.

Vehicles & Housing

Vehicle License Plate Value Status Note

Widebody Hellcat
(Trooper livery)

Widebody Hellcat
(Highway Patrol livery)

Widebody Hellcat
(SRU livery)

W1DE Unknown Owned A widebody charger hellcat accessible to only SRU Division leads.

Widebody Hellcat
(SRU lead livery)

Shared $450,000 State Owned Vehicle mainly specialized for street racing and boosting only.

(SRU lead livery)

Shared $450,000 State Owned Vehicle mainly specialized for street racing and boosting only.

(SRU lead livery)

Shared $450,000 State Owned Vehicle mainly specialized for street racing and boosting only.

(Trooper livery)

Shared Unknown State Owned Regular patrol vehicle with access to S+ mode.

(Trooper livery)

826SH13X $190,000 Lending the car to Emma Dupont One of his patrol vehicles, mainly specialized for off-road use.

Double T

NOPLATE Unknown Owned A personal bike Snow purchased from PDM.
Past Vehicles

Ford Crown Victoria
(Trooper livery)

DADYELON $80,000 Sold One of his patrol vehicles.


NOPLATE Unknown Sold A personal bike Snow purchased from PDM and sold to Otto's Autos.
Property Address Market Value Status Note


3 Alta Street Unknown Owned Goverment owned housing

Business Assets

AirX Assets
Vehicle License Plate Value Status Note


Null State funded Owned AirX heli used for Flight Training, Skydiving and Tours.

Velum 5-Seater

Null State funded Owned AirX plane used for Flight Training, Skydiving and Tours.


Null $500,000 Owned Used for Skydiving (Titan Fall/Titan Jump).


Null $2,000,000 Owned Used for advertisement.


  • Snow's K9 Partner is a Siberian Husky named Fenton.
  • His callsign when bringing out Air-1 is "Falcon Heavy".
  • Has a brother, Matthew Snow, who is an astronaut.
  • Has a small bladder according to Olivia Copper & Emma Dupont.
  • Jackie Snow has officially taken over the AirX Flight School and owns Fort Zancudo.
  • Titanium is Jackie Snow's arch nemesis.
  • On The Puppet Master kill list.


Played By: uhSnow
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