Jack Ripley is a character role-played by MattRP.

General Description[edit | edit source]

Jack Ripley is a Senior Officer for the Los Santos Police Department, Badge #202.

He was formerly a Trooper for the San Andreas State Police, but left to be the temporary Chief of Police of the LSPD. As Ripley's first act of Chief of Police, he made a questionable decision of allowing a cow, Officer Moo, to join the ranks of the LSPD. Officer Moo was gunned down on her first day on the force.

Major Events[edit | edit source]

51-50[edit | edit source]

Ripley stabbed Lang Buddha while he was incapacitated on the hospital bed after the two were downed from a prior shootout. The stabbing left Buddha in critical condition and was then admitted into the ICU. Ripley was brought to Mission Row, then was handcuffed and interrogated by Matt Rhodes on why he stabbed Buddha, he cited that it was PTSD that was developed during his kidnapping, orchestrated by Buddha and Eugene Zuckerberg. He was then suspended indefinitely from PD activities and admitted to Parsons Rehabilitation Center after much deliberation from Rhodes and Brittany Angel, citing that Ripley was not at the best mental state and his actions were influenced by the PTSD he had developed.

QuickFix Raid[edit | edit source]

Ripley was shot in the head by the President of The Lost MC, Rudi Rinsen. Ripley was responding to a call with four other officers to QuickFix (at the time the building doubled as the Lost MC clubhouse) regarding a possible hostage situation.

Momentous Dates within the PD[edit | edit source]

Ranking Note Date
Cadet Hired; BCSO. December 22nd, 2017
Deputy Promoted. February 10th, 2018
Trooper Invited into the SASP. March 8th, 2018
Trooper Lieutenant Promoted to the rank of Lieutenant; put in charge of the Trooper division. November 18th, 2018
Chief of Police High Command; 2019 PD Restructure. May 27th, 2019
Sergeant Stepped down due to personal reasons; Command. August 2nd, 2019
Lieutenant 2019 PD Ranking Restructure; Command. October 20th, 2019
Senior Officer Demoted; 2020 PD Ranking Restructure. January 13th, 2020

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Ripley's K9 Partner is named Zero.
  • Ripley and Senior Deputy Emma Dupont used to date, but ended on good terms. Dupont ended their relationship after Ripley failed to let her know that he had been promoted to Chief of Police.
  • Ripley is "on reserve" to the LSPD. He has been informed that when a position within the SASP is available that he will be transferred back to his former Trooper position.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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