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Jack Ripley is a character role-played by MattRP.

General Description

Jack Ripley is a Trooper for the San Andreas State Police, Badge #202.

He was formerly a Lieutenant for the Los Santos Police Department, under the Badge #404.

Momentous Dates within the PD

Rank Insignia Note Date
PD Ranking Restructure; Badge #202 February 5th, 2021
Promoted to Sergeant February 25th, 2021
Promoted to Lieutenant April 19th, 2021
Callsign change; Badge #404 April 22nd, 2021
Callsign change; call-sign #K9-1 May 25th, 2021
Reinstated in the State Troopers; Badge #202 June 17th, 2021
Certification Legend Rank Note Date
Field Training Instructor
FTO Cert.png
Sergeant FTI Certified TBD
Air-1 Pilot
Air Cert.png
Sergeant Air Certified TBD
K9 Handler
K9 Cert.png
Lieutenant K9 Certified; Handler for Zero + K9 FTO May 25th, 2021

Major Events

CG Torture

CG Torture

Ripley was abducted from a crime scene while he was on duty by the Chang Gang. He was transported to a basement in Grapeseed where he was tortured for nearly an hour. They were paid by Otto Delmar and Dean Watson to make Ripley suffer because he was sticking his nose into the crimes occurring at the Diamond Resort and Casino. During the torture, Ramee El-Rahman ordered Ripley's eye to be cut out, Mr. Kebun had his iconic mustache cut off, and Bobby Brown stole Ripley's police badge to taunt him with it. After cutting into his foot with a knife, cutting his eye and mustache, beating his head and face, and making him walk through broken glass, the group forced Ripley into a mud pit where they made him run in circles while they shot at him with fully automatic Uzi's.

Capture + Investigation Surrounding Irwin Dundee


After dealing with a riot at Bolingbroke Penitentiary, Ripley was abducted from his cruiser by Chatterbox who mistook him for Trooper Andrews. Chatterbox, who did not know what Andrews looked like at the time, had been contacted by Barry Benson of the BBMC to help "extract" information from Andrews in regards to Dundee's disappearance.

While holding him at gunpoint, Chatterbox interrogated and coerced Ripley into signing off duty at the Sheriff's Office in Sandy Shores, He then told Ripley to get Andrews down to Sandy Shores, where he attempted to kidnap the second Trooper. However, Andrews reflexively locked the door behind him, leaving Chatterbox and Ripley outside. In a panic, Chatterbox fled with Trooper Ripley and brought him to the Alamo Sea. He then met up with Barry Benson and Malakai Anderson (both disguised) who both continued to interrogate him out on the lake. However, the interrogation was cut short when Malakai hit Ripley with a sledge hammer, sending him into the water. The three then dragged Ripley out of the water and shoved him into the trunk of their car, eventually dumping him near the winery and calling 911 anonymously. Ripley was found by the PD shortly after and was ICUed for the next few days.

Waking from ICU + Dundee

After waking up from the ICU with Zero curled up at his feet, Trooper Ripley was met by officer Baas at the hospital. Because Baas was one of the officers Chatterbox had been claiming was corrupt, Ripley decided to tell Baas he couldn't remember anything from the night he was captured. However, later in a meeting with Dan Faily and Patty Mayonnaise, Ripley revealed that he remembered everything and was suspicious of the events surrounding Dundee's disappearance.

Later, Ripley was called down to the cells at MRPD by Bundy. After arriving, Ripley learned that Dundee was in Bundy's custody after attempting to Molotov cops near the Billabong. After an interrogation explaining the events surrounding his disappearance, Dundee convinced Ripley and Bundy to keep his return quiet and to drop the charges for Molotoving the cops in return for working with IA and exposing the corruption within the PD. Dundee later called Ripley stating he had 7 days to work with IA before all hell would break loose.

Becoming a Vampire


On the 18th September 2021 Ripley was attacked by Carmella Corset, a well known vampire in Los Santos, and fell unconscious due to his injuries. After being recovered by the EMS and treated at Pillbox Medical, Ripley began to notice small changes to his body and a newfound appetite. Due to the outbreak of vampires within the city, his colleges became suspicious of him but Ripley assured them that vampires were infact not real.

However, on the 20th September, Ripley took his first victim and fed on a civilian at the alta street apartments in order to quench his thirst. During this time, his change of appearance became more apparent as his hair appeared darker and he looked years younger as a result of him feeding on humans. His line of work also began to be affected by these changes, he became much more reckless than before- abusing his power as a police officer in order to retrieve blood from civilians, colleges or even EMS workers. This did not go unnoticed.

It is unknown how many people Ripley has infected. One prominent incident that occurred on October 9th, 2021was when Ripley was shot by a criminal as he walked up the steps to Bob Smith PD- Domenic Toretti was the first to arrive on scene. As Toretti attempted to save Ripley from his gunshot wounds, Ripley requested Toretti to get closer to him. Upon getting closer to Ripley, Toretti was bitten on the arm by him- saving Ripley's life but resulting in his own infection.


  • Ripley's K9 Partner and best friend is named Zero.
  • Ripley became a vampire after being bitten.
  • Ripley is known to have a soft spot for Chang Gang- earning him the title of CGA.
  • After 2 years of being a PD member, he was welcomed back to the State Troopers.



Played By: MattRP
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