Jack Ripley is a Lieutenant for the LSPD, he is roleplayed by MattRP

Description Edit

Lieutenant Jack Ripley, Badge #202, was formerly a Trooper for the SASP, but left to be the temporary Chief of Police of the LSPD. As his first act of Chief of Police, he made a questionable decision allowing a cow to join the ranks of the LSPD, Officer Moo who was gun downed on her first day on the force.

He and Senior Officer Emma Dupont used to date but broke up, ending things on good terms.

Major Events Edit

Ripley was shot in the head, miraculously surviving, by the President of The Lost MC, Rudi Rinsen during a call to the Quick Fix and former Lost MC clubhouse to respond to a possible hostage situation with four other officers.

Fun Facts Edit

  • Ripley's K9 Partner is named Zero.
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