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Jack Guardingly was a war hero, civil rights activist, a champion for women's equality, and a devout satanist. He was played by Penta.


Jack was a security guard at Pillbox Medical Center for many years after he retired from a long career of War and Activism. He Marched to the White House in 1919 to end women's suffrage. He fought in both World War 2 from 1939 to 1944 where he was awarded his Purple Heart for diving in front of a Nazi Bullet and the conflict in Vietnam from 1958 to 1962. Jack briefly dated Marilyn Monroe in 1948.

Jack was best friends with Martin Luther King Jr and marched with him to the Lincoln Memorial in 1963. After the Civil Rights Act of 1964 was passed he returned to fight in the Vietnam conflict until 1968 when MLK Jr was assassinated. During the Gulf War, Jack was awarded an honorary knighthood by the Queen of England for his exemplary service in leading the coalition forces. Jack helped at Ground Zero during the 9/11 attacks. Due to some events that transpired, he became skeptical of 9/11 all together.

Jack was revered by his community for his countless acts of heroism, bravery and selflessness.


On 09/26/2020, Jack was standing guard at Pill Box Medical Center when an incident unfolded involving several police officers and a fleeing suspect. Without hesitation Jack sprang into action to assist the officers in subduing the suspect.

In the confusion Jack was struck by a police cruiser driven by Officer Chet Manley and sent flying several feet before being bludgeoned in the head with a police flashlight by Brenda Pancake. Jack died from the injuries sustained by Officer Pancake's strike. He was survived by his Wife and Grandson


  • Jack's favorite restaurant is Cracker Barrel
  • Jack is deaf due to donating his ears to the cancer kids
  • Pillbox Medical Center has been lovingly 'renamed' to Jack Guardingly Memorial Hospital
  • Jack periodically lead sermons at his local Satanist church.