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Jack Deadwood is a character role-played by Graewan


Jack Deadwood is a stalker of people and potential mass murderer, has been stalking EMS Paramedic Bailey Jade for months.


Jack Deadwood is a well-known stalker back in his home country and was subject to many investigations, none of which pinned a crime on him. He was also suspected of murdering several people, one of which was a local paramedic. Nothing was pinned on him and he went off to Los Santos, in search of a new life and away from all the investigations in his home country. He changed him name to Jack Deadwood and assumed a brand-new identity, one in which no one suspected.

Current Events

Jack Deadwood had been stalking Bailey for months, until EMS Mari Jones had enough. She contacted one of her best friends, Sarah Ableton to take care of Deadwood. By now, Jack's name had been passed around to many people and his phone number to four: Mari Jones, Daisy Dukakis, Nettie Machete, and Sarah Ableton (provided by Mari). Sarah, Jaed Smith and Boe Jangles kidnapped Jack, Bailey, and the EMT with her, Matthew Graves. Sarah forced Jack and Bailey to have a conversation in which he didn't provide a whole lot. Sarah then tortured Jack and caused horrendous injuries. Jaed and Boe were caught while Sarah got away. Bailey and Graves went back on duty where Bailey and Daisy found Jack's body. Jack is currently in ICU for two weeks, after which his story will continue or finish.....

Played By: Graewan
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