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Jack Cortair is a character role-played by Jack.


Jack Cortair is the drippiest cookie in Los Santos, rocking his iconic cookie mask anywhere he goes, except special occasions such as heists.

Jack has been known to ask people to "bite me" everyone is always unsure as to the connotation that this statement has. He also been seen without pants on a numerous number of occasions having to be apprehended by the PD for indecent exposure.


Jack Cortair is a simple man. He likes money and believes he's a cookie.

Jack Cortair was an original member of the East Side Ballas, once the strongest gang in the city. Throughout his stint in the gang, Jack gained a reputation for being one of the top shooters and getaway-drivers in the city. When the whole city turned against the East Side Ballas and many of the gang members were deported, left, or died, Jack was one of the few members remaining who decided to leave the color purple behind and turn a new cookie.

Mayoral Elections

As a long-time member of the city, it's been Jack's dream to become mayor and help solve some of the biggest problems citizens face everyday. Jack constantly refers to himself as the future mayor, but has yet to win a single election.

February 2021 Election

February 2021 Election

When the city's economy crashed and everyone found themselves with next to nothing, Jack began his campaign for mayor. His campaign platform was "For the People" and spent much of his time awake campaigning outside of the courthouse and other hotspots throughout the city.

At first glance, it appeared Jack was the favorite to win the mayor election. However, numerous incidents occurred that tarnished his campaign and caused undecided voters to cast their ballot for someone else.

  • First Arrest - At the end of a long day at the beginning of his mayor campaign, Jack went hunting with a couple friends out on Mt. Chiliad. However, Jack did not have a hunting license, and patrolling law enforcement arrested and charged Jack with animal cruelty.
  • Blackballed by LSPD - Jack was called to meet with police at Mission Row Police Department. At first, Jack thought that the meeting was to listen to the police's needs and see how he could help them if he was mayor. Instead, he was interrogated, as there was a rumor that Jack would defund the police if he was elected mayor. Although Jack denied such an idea, the police were adamant that Jack would not provide them a favorable budget. Thus, Jack lost the police department's vote, which proved to be too big to overcome.

After a week of voting, Jack found himself runner-up to Andi Jones. Jack received 216 votes to her 244 votes. A ballot recount was called for, but never happened. During the inauguration ceremony, Jack met up with Andi and congratulated her for winning, but promised he was going to run again. {

April 2021 Election

April 2021 Election

More info coming soon.


When it isn't election season, Jack has found work at numerous businesses throughout the city.

Current Jobs

Past Jobs

During the construction of Dean World, Jack approached Cassie Cupcake and proposed a bakery business. The business would sell cookies and other pastries, edibles, and cakes that would allow buyers to hide something inside of them. At this time, it's unsure if the construction of the bakery will happen.


  • "Jack Cortair, Future Mayor"
  • "Indubitably"
  • "Das Rot!"
  • "Why Not!"
  • "Weeow!"
  • "Kick rocks!"
  • "Arrrrrrrr!"
  • "Hey Mothersucker!"


  • Jack keeps extra cookie masks in his apartment that he often confuses as his siblings. Currently, Guy Jones is holding one of Jack's "brothers" in his possession.
  • Joined Gulag Gang in their war against Chang Gang despite his relationship and history with CG.
  • Jack's father went out to get milk and never came back. Just recently found out that his father, Mr Cortair, has frequent intercourse with Mr. Kebun - sometimes calling Jack as it happens.
  • Jack doesn't use a voice changer. He strains his voice to sound like an idiot.
  • While Nopixel has always been +18, Jack has been apart of NoPixel since the ARMA days and has been playing since he was 12. On GTA Nopixel alone, Jack has accumulated one of the most hours spent awake in the city.
  • Many years ago, Jack was a police officer for the Los Santos Police Department. He was let go by the department because they could not have an officer wear a mask, which Jack denies wearing.
  • Jack has three different types of masks, the happy cookie, the cracked angry cookie, and Yack.
  • Jack once singlehandedly knocked out 7 Corrections Officers while in prison with Marty Banks.
  • learnt how to drive and the ways of the Rat Strats from Ming Jingtai. He consider Ming and Marty to be his closest friends.
  • Jack is extremely passionate about singing.
  • Sometimes has a hard time ordering food at UwU Café, leading to him raging and beating on the counter.
  • Once was a student at Carlito's Spanish School and thought about joining the Vagos when the Natural Born Crackheads wasn't around.


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