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Ivanna Teest is a character role-played by Kiwo.

General Description

Ivanna Teest is a scientist at Humane Labs.


Together with Samantha Good and Emilia Grimsbane, they conducted experiments on people to see if they could achieve great advances in the scientific fields. They started off by kidnapping two guys that were being driven by Four Tee's taxi services. And taking them to do their testing. They later went on to take Officer Francis J Francer. Where after thorough testing at Human Labs they concluded that he was indeed a Monica. The police showed up and shot the scientists down and took them up to Pillbox. There Teest underwent surgery and ended up with a mechanical set of lungs.

They were let go due to a prison break occurring, and the ladies reunited to once again continue in their scientific discoveries.

The three brilliant scientist took Dr. Jannety hostage to conduct surgery on Teest to make her better and to fix Samantha's brain.

Once again the three women were apprehended by the police. Where a psychologist was called up to check up on them to see if they were mentally fit to go to jail. The police still decided to take them up to Parsons where they were to be held on a 51-50.


  • Good, Teest, and Grimsbane believe that there is no beach in New Jersey.

Played By: Kiwo

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Played By: Kiwo

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