Ivan Tickles was a character role-played by MikeHorrorible.

Backstory[edit | edit source]

Ivan has always enjoyed making others laugh... maybe because his life has been filled with nothing but pain. Ivan never knew his mother; she died during childbirth. His Father filled Ivan's life with hatred and abuse until cancer finally bested him. All Ivan had left in his life that brought him enjoyment was the children, and the children loved him.

That is...until Suzzie's 4th birthday party. In the middle of a juggling act, Ivan grabbed one too many bowling pins. It only took a split second of miscoordination for a pin to come crashing down into Suzzie's skull; splitting her head open. An accident that has forever ruined Ivan's career and his sanity.

Dee Dies, Ivan Ivades[edit | edit source]

Ivan was close friends with fellow clown Dee Mented. He was devastated by her death and vowed revenge on those responsible. He lived in Dee's old apartment after her death. He recently met Dee's sister, Torrance Mented and initially did not like her at all. The two became allies and vowed to avenge Dee's death.

Death[edit | edit source]

Ivan died from multiple stab wounds on December 09, 2019. Ivan and Torrance Mented kidnapped Vivi and questioned her about the HOA. They took her to the Mirror Park dam and wanted more information about the murder of Dee. Fred, Kray-Tor, Julio and Siz went to go save Vivi but Fred arrived first. Fred revealed that “Tusk” is a guy called Ricky and is the person that killed Dee. Tor then unexpectedly betrayed Ivan and stabbed him once followed by Fred repeatedly stabbing him until he passed away.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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