Ivan Gorbahtjov is a character role-played by by adnormaltv.

About Edit

Ivan is a Russian immigrant and criminal living in Los Santos. He is a member of the Misfits.

Description Edit

Russian Mafia Edit

He was formerly a member of The Russian Mafia before leaving the gang due to his disapproval of Boris' leadership and decisions. He also had a general dislike for the other gang members.

Misfits Edit

Soon after leaving the Russian Mafia, he had a discussion with Outto-Tune Tyrone, and he was made a prospect (or "goon") for the Misfits. After proving himself to the gang as a good shooter and loyal member, he was made an official member of the Misfits.

Fun Facts Edit

  • Ivan is regarded as being hot-headed and aggressive.
  • He is loyal and quick to pull the trigger on his enemies.
  • He is on a dark and sinister path after meeting Mr. Robert Rodgers and is suspected of making human sacrifices for the "The Neighborhood".
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