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Isolde Drexler is a character role-played by Evee.


Dr. Isolde Drexler is a scientist at Humane Labs. She has dedicated her life to discovering a cure for Schizophrenia and Bipolar Disorder. Dr. Drexler has only recently moved to San Andreas, following Officer Alexander Fawkes from Los Angeles.

Isolde has been obsessed with Alexander Fawkes well before his transfer to the LSPD. Her reason is yet to be discovered.


Isolde was once a revolutionary in her field, but has declined in the past few years. She is considered an outcast and her methods "unconventional" at best, and a war crime at worst. In a desperate attempt to find a cure and redeem herself she has the life of anyone who stands in her way.

  1. Anastasia Hartford - Test subject
  2. Levi Munroe - Test subject
  3. Johnathan Reynolds - Test subject
  4. Ruth Winkle - Test subject
  5. Brandon Melton - Humane Labs Assistant, whistle blower
  6. Unnamed female - Test subject
  7. Dr. Laura Weir - Humane Labs Science Tech, whistle blower
  8. Dr. Nial Huang - Humane Labs Science Tech, whistle blower
  9. Unnamed male - Test subject
  10. Carolyn Branch - Test subject
  11. Hannah Green - Humane Labs supervisor
  12. Whitney Driscoll - Test subject
  13. Joyce Driscoll - Control subject

Dr. Drexler is responsible for the cities first quadruple homicide in which four bodies were discovered at the Kortz Center. In an effort to throw off suspicion, Isolde pretended to be the fifth victim and sole survivor. It was after this gruesome quadruple homicide was discovered, that she earned the nickname "The Tooth Fairy Killer" due to her signature move of violently removing all of her victims teeth.

Played By: Evee
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