Isacc Richardson is a character role-played by CallMeGrub.

General Description Edit

Isacc Richardson is a Deputy for Blaine County Sheriff's Office, Badge #381.

Richardson has a prominent stutter due to anxiety. He is a recent CSI transfer from Detroit, Michigan; showing these forensics skills during one of his first active situation responses. He has minimal field training for an officer, in terms of driving, shooting, and communicating with criminals on an active scene.

Fun Facts Edit

  • He is bad at driving; "sending it" over Bo Tucker after "losing control" of the truck.
  • He loses his stutter when tased.
  • Isacc's name is spelled incorrectly on purpose, as noted by CallMeGrub. His name was originally Isacc Slack (I-Succ, I. Slack), but he was told to change it prior to becoming a cop.

Highlights Edit

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