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Irwin Dundee is a character role-played by Whippy.


Irwin Dundee is a very loud, drug-addicted Australian. He is obsessed with thrills and highs while on "pingas" (his slang for MDMA.) He is extremely proud to be an Australian, and shows this through his thick Aussie slang-riddled speech pattern.

Irwin believes the country and the beach are the best places a human can be, and tries to spend as much time as possible in these locations. Irwin is also extremely loyal, and will choose death over snitching. He is also very passionate about keeping those he is loyal to happy, even if it means doing actions that will hurt himself. Irwin enjoys teaching new people to the city the life of crime this includes Yuno Sykk, Jean Paul, Ash Ketchup, and Frank Skinner.

Real-Life Inspiration

Irwin is a character inspired by a real-life encounter that Whippy experienced. Whippy was getting fuel for his car when he was greeted by an Australian who was on drugs. He was begging for a lift home, and claimed he could give $20 petrol money as payment.

After Whippy declined the ride, the man became very angry, insulted Whippy with "over the top Australian slang", and then left the service station. The very next day, Whippy created Irwin Dundee; a very rude and over-the-top Australian, asking various Los Santos citizen for "pingas" in exchange for $20 petrol money.

Background Information

While living in Australia, Irwin Dundee left his wife, Brenda, following a dispute about the raising of his son, Thomas. He went to the pub to split some "stubbies" with his brother, Dazza Dundee. That night at the pub was his last memory before he woke up in Los Santos, with no idea how he got there.

Irwin stayed in Los Santos, enjoying the new life filled with drugs and going on wild, thrilling adventures. His days consisted of activities such as car chases, and pretending to be a lifeguard on the beach (after binge-watching the show Bondi Rescue.) After the drug rush was no longer satisfactory, Irwin was motivated to make his presence known in Los Santos. He felt Australia was represented as "Soft Cunts" in the eyes of Americans, and wanted to change that misconception.

Dazza Dundee moved to Los Santos to help his brother with his adventure. He additionally adopted his best mate Gazz Maloo in order for him to obtain a visa and passport to enter America.

Irwin is now spending his time building the reputation of Australians in America; following the close footsteps of Australian biker gangs such as The Finks MC. His own gang is called Bondi Boys MC; initially formed by three members: Irwin Dundee, Barry Benson and Riley Carter


Irwin has two properties.

Photo Address Shared with Description
The Apartments Noone Main apartment given by the state.
Beachside Ave 1.jpg
Beachside Ave 1 Barry Benson First Clubhouse.
Bay City Ave 7 BBMC Warehouse

Personal Vehicles

Irwin drives three main personal vehicles.


Photo Vehicle Plate Description
The Chevelle (Dundee's Tulip).png Tulip VBD22561 Irwin's Tulip is the first gang vehicle the BBMC bought for $83,000+tax. This Tulip has a top speed of 120 mph stock, And is painted midnight blue. To try and avoid any investigation Dundee asks Ron, the news reporter to buy him the tulip and sell him for free. After many days of hard work Dundee finally bought the car and named it "Blue Cunt". The title was transferred to Barry's name not long after the Billabong house was bought and Dee returned. It still is considered Dundee's car.
Emperor2-GTAV-front.png Emperor J56HVNEI The Emperor has been seized by the government to pay off Dundee's debts as of 8/10/21.
Journey-GTAV-front.png Journey P155JWTV The Journey has been seized by the government to pay off Dundee's debts as of 8/10/21.


Business Connects
Bondi Boys MC


Former Friends:


The X Factor (Defunct)

Soy Gang

  • Benji Ramos: Revived best friends relationship.
  • X aka Jean Paul: X's best friend and brother. He often acts as his driver for the heists and his right hand man for their shitlord criminal activities.
  • Yuno Sykk: Mentor to Yuno, leading him to the life of crime!



  • "Send it!"
  • "Yeah-nah"
  • "Nah-yeah"
  • "Dundee doesn't die."
  • "Dundee don't snitch."
  • "You a soft cock, mate!"
  • "Get ready for a send."
  • "Trust Uncle Dundee."
  • "Farkin' fair dinkum."
  • "Bloody oath, mate."
  • "That's a lot of dollar-y doos"
  • “Champion”
  • “Fuckin’ Bang!”
  • "Yoink! Mine now"
  • “My chevelle!!!”
  • "Sometimes you have to break some hearts to make some friends"
  • "I need money, husband"
  • "Oh, you haven't heard about Bass? Take me to interrogation, I will tell you everything"
  • "You should be worried about an old man in a game where people die young."
  • "There's no 'I' in Bondi!"


  • Unlike most criminals in the city, Dundee does not wear a mask when committing crimes, preferring for the police to know who he is so that he can intimidate them
  • Dundee supports New South Wales (the "Blues") in the Australian State of Origin Rugby League competition.[1]


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