Irwin Dundee is a character role-played by Whippy.


Irwin Dundee is a very loud, drug-addicted Australian. He is obsessed with thrills and highs while on "pingas" (his slang for MDMA.) He is extremely proud to be an Australian, and shows this through his thick Aussie slang-riddled speech pattern.

Irwin believes the country and the beach are the best places a human can be, and tries to spend as much time as possible in these locations. Irwin is also extremely loyal, and will choose death over snitching. He is also very passionate about keeping those he is loyal to happy, even if it means doing actions that will hurt himself.

Irwin is gullible and painfully honest while under the effects of alcohol - a solution he often turns to when he is depressed. While intoxicated, Irwin will snitch on himself and others that are causing him troubles, without realizing. Irwin would never snitch, unless he's drunk.

Real-Life Inspiration

Irwin is a character inspired by a real-life encounter that Whippy experienced. Whippy was getting fuel for his car when he was greeted by an Australian who was on drugs. He was begging for a lift home, and claimed he could give $20 petrol money as payment.

After Whippy declined the ride, the man became very angry, insulted Whippy with "over the top Australian slang", and then left the service station. The very next day, Whippy created Irwin Dundee; a very rude and over-the-top Australian, asking various Los Santos citizen for "pingas" in exchange for $20 petrol money.

Background Information

While living in Australia, Irwin Dundee left his wife, Brenda, following a dispute about the raising of his son, Thomas. He went to the pub to split some "stubbies" with his brother, Dazza Dundee. That night at the pub was his last memory before he woke up in Los Santos, with no idea how he got there.

Irwin stayed in Los Santos, enjoying the new life filled with drugs and going on wild, thrilling adventures. His days consisted of activities such as car chases, and pretending to be a lifeguard on the beach (after binge-watching the show Bondi Rescue.) After the drug rush was no longer satisfactory, Irwin was motivated to make his presence known in Los Santos. He felt Australia was represented as "Soft Cunts" in the eyes of Americans, and wanted to change that misconception.

Dazza Dundee moved to Los Santos to help his brother with his adventure. He additionally adopted his best mate Gazz Maloo in order for him to obtain a visa and passport to enter America.

Irwin is now spending his time building the reputation of Australians in America; following the close footsteps of Australian biker gangs such as The Finks MC. His own gang is called Bondi Boys MC; initially formed by three members: Irwin Dundee, Berry Benson and Riley Carter

Personal Vehicles

Irwin drives three main personal vehicles.


Irwin's Tulip is the first gang vehicle the BBMC bought for $83,000+tax. This Tulip has a top speed of 120 mph stock, And is painted midnight blue. The tulip was bought after getting money from his best friend, Benji Ramos, and co-founder of BBMC, Riley. Having only one in stock, Dundee requested Ramee to reserve it in PDM in exchange of his brand new Uzi. To try and avoid any investigation Dundee asks Ron, the news reporter to buy him the tulip and sell him for free. After many days of hard work Dundee finally bought the car and named it "Blue Cunt".


The Emperor has been taken by the state at the moment.


It's been impounded for a while.


  • "Send it!"
  • "Yeah-nah"
  • "Nah-yeah"
  • "Dundee doesn't die."
  • "Dundee don't snitch."
  • "You a soft cock, mate!"
  • "Get ready for a send."
  • "Trust Uncle Dundee."
  • "Farkin' fair dinkum."
  • "Bloody oath, mate."
  • "That's a lot of dollar-y doos"
  • “Champion”
  • “Fuckin’ Bang!”
  • “My chevelle!!!”

Major Events

Incidents with Jean Paul

Dundee is involved with various Criminal Events that happened since Jean "X" Paul moved into the city in February 2021. He first met Jean next to a construction site, they both discussed options on money-making, X then gave Dundee his number, and then the pair became friends after. Dundee is one of X's closest friend, he introduced X to Benji Ramos, and the team robbed stores and tried their best to make as much money as possible, X and Dundee however are both in a large amount of debt due to the LSPD. The two stick up for each other risking their lives to save one another like true friends, X got taught by Dundee on how to drive properly and not crash into every fucking object on the road. They both escaped from the feds, countless times, the most notorious one being when X was caught but uncuffed by one of the officers, to make a deal for a half sentence and to tell Dundee's location for the arrest. However, without the officer's caution the two gave unmonitored signals, by coughing and sniffing, X managed to use the signals to alert Dundee of his arrest, he also manipulated the cops by telling them falsified information, one being when he said "He's in a red sedan", when Dundee was actually in a white sports car. Dundee snuck up on the road, while X was counting on his chances running towards Dundee's car. X managed to get in the car, and the two were in a car chase which they eventually escaped.

Confrontation with Yuno Sykk

Dundee is at odds with Mel Rickenbacker after the disastrous date with Emma where Mel ended up shooting both Emma and Dundee, which later resulted in Mel and Dundee shooting each other out. While Dundee is picking Yuno up from prison he receives a series of messages from Mel who seems to be under the impression that he is holding Dundee hostage, but has actually kidnapped a civilian named Wayne (who has a strong resemblance to Dundee). Dundee asks Yuno to come with him as a backup, and since Yuno doesn't have a gun asks him to hide and call for backup/EMS should things go wrong. Mel shoots both Dundee and Wayne, eventually chasing after Yuno. Lenny (who was called by Yuno) tries to run interference but is shot as well. Mel, at gunpoint, coerces both Yuno and 4T into escaping with him in a car but Yuno manages to talk Mel into returning back to the pier to talk things out and help his friends, this ends up in Lenny and Dundee being taken to the hospital, but Yuno and Wayne (who Mel still thinks is the real Dundee) are taken away by Mel and 4T. As Dundee is leaving the hospital he receives a call from Yuno telling him Mel has kidnapped him and is holding him and Wayne in a crypt. Dundee arrives and shoots Mel just as he has set Wayne on fire, as Dundee is carrying Wayne out of the crypt Yuno insists on taking Mel as well despite Mel having shot Dundee and burning someone who he thought was Dundee alive. Dundee puts his foot down, refusing to help Mel but as they are arguing about this they are interrupted by 4T who has come to help Mel. Another shootout then ensues between 4T and Dundee after which they take each other down. Lenny and Ash arrive to take the wounded to Grandma's.

Dundee has grown tired of Yuno's reluctance in taking sides, feeling betrayed by the youngster's actions and leaves the scene planning to teach him a lesson. Dundee sets a series of signs inside an abandoned mineshaft near Chiliad, to lure Yuno to the center of the mines, where Dundee waits hidden in the shadows. Once he arrives Dundee confronts him, saying he has taken offense to Yuno's moral compass constantly clouding his loyalty and better judgment. Despite Dundee's threats Yuno seems unwilling to "break some hearts" as he insists he "just wants to be friends with everyone", Dundee does not agree with this philosophy as he thinks this will only lead to Yuno and his friends getting hurt. Words don't seem to get to Yuno but perhaps actions will, and Dundee the shoots him twice at point-blank and leaves him half-dead inside the mineshaft after calling for paramedics. Dundee hides outside and waits for the paramedics to show up before leaving.

It seems that the lesson has somewhat sunk in as later on the day Dundee receives a call from Yuno who threatens to make Dundee pay for his actions.

A few days later Yuno calls Dundee to meet at the park in Vespucci beach, where Dundee took him to do some yoga the day they met. Dundee agrees to meet despite his suspicions, wanting to see what he has to say. As they are talking a masked woman jumps on them trying to rob them at gun point, they are soon involved in a shootout with Yuno accidentally shooting Dundee in the process. With Dundee and the woman down, Yuno turns on Dundee, revealing that their attacker is actually his sister Ray, and that this was all a set up to get back at him for the events at the mine-shaft. Yuno however is reluctant to shoot Dundee, instead stealing his shoes and calling things even before driving him and Ray to the hospital.

Revival of the Bondi Boys MC

April 2, 2021

The revival of the Bondi Boys MC but instead of Bikes its Muscle cars and a whole new group of gang members.

Reunion of the Soy Gang

April 15, 2021 / April 16, 2021


Benji Ramos & Ash Ketchup Relationship Fixing

April 17, 2021


Dundee's Cop Killing Spree

April 30, 2021


Dundee Murders Chatterbox

May 7, 2021




Soy Gang


Bondi Boys MC





Type Total Success Failed Success Rate
Fleeca 9 6 3 66.7%
Paleto 4 2 2 50.0%
Total 13 8 4 61.5%
No. Type Date Team Role Outcome
1 Fleeca March 18th, 2021 Backup Driver Negotiator Failure.

(Failed Hack by Malakai)
Everyone escaped without the loot.

2 Fleeca March 19th, 2021 Backup Driver Success.

Everyone managed to escape with the Loot.

3 Fleeca April 6th, 2021 Main Driver Success.

Everyone managed to escape with the Loot.

4 Paleto April 9th, 2021 Main Driver Success.

Everyone managed to escape with the Loot.

5 Fleeca April 12th, 2021 Main Driver Failure.

(Failed Hack by Malakai)
Everyone escaped without the loot.

6 Fleeca April 15th, 2021 Main Driver Success.

Everyone managed to escape with the Loot.

7 Paleto April 15-16th, 2021 Main Driver Success.

Everyone managed to escape with the Loot.

8 Fleeca April 16th, 2021 Main Driver Success.

Everyone managed to escape with the Loot.

9 Fleeca April 17th, 2021 Main Driver Failure.

(Loss for the crew after the split.)
Only Dundee managed to escape with half the Loot.

10 Fleeca April 20th, 2021 Main Driver Success.

Yuno and Dundee escaped with the Loot.

Barry was captured during the escape.

11 Fleeca April 20th, 2021 Main Driver Success.

Only Sarah managed to escape with the Loot.

12 Paleto April 17th, 2021 Main Driver Failure.

(Dundee flipped the getaway car.)
Only Dundee and Sarah managed to escape without the Loot.

13 Paleto April 17th, 2021 Main Driver Failure.

(Cops outsmarted the crew.)
Noone managed to escape.

14 Fleeca April 17th, 2021 Main Driver Success.

Everyone managed to escape with the Loot.

15 Paleto April 17th, 2021 Main Driver Failure.

(Dundee had a shootout with cops and Jean got caught after getting tackled.)
Noone managed to escape.

16 Fleeca April 17th, 2021 Main Driver Success.

Everyone managed to escape with the Loot.

17 Paleto April 17th, 2021 Main Driver Success.

Mickey, Wolfie and Barry escaped with the Loot. Dundee was captured during the escape.

Criminal Record

Gang Afilliated.png
Mentally Unstable.png
Drugs and Alcohol.png

  • Accessory to Robbery x1
  • Accessory to Kidnapping x1
  • Assault & Battery x3
  • Assault with a Deadly Weapon x4
  • Attempted 2nd Degree Murder x1
  • Attempted Murder of a Government Employee x13
  • Brandishing non Firearm x1
  • Burglary x5
  • Conspiracy x1
  • Criminal Threats x2
  • Criminal Possession of a Firearm |Class 1| x14
  • Evading x2
  • Felony Hit and Run x4
  • Felony Obstruction of Justice x2
  • Grand Theft x1
  • Grand Theft Auto x2
  • Joyriding x12
  • Kidnapping x18
  • Misdemeanor Possession of Marijuana x1
  • Negligent Driving x2
  • Operating a Motor Vehicle on a Suspended or Revoked License x1
  • Petty Theft x2
  • Possession of Dirty Money in the First Degree x1
  • Possession of Band of Notes and Small Band of Notes x1
  • Resisting Arrest x16
  • Reckless Evading x20
  • Robbery x6
  • Sale of Stolen Goods or Stolen Property x1
  • Sale of Drugs x1
  • Second Degree Speeding x1
  • Vandalism of Government Property x1


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