Iroquois "Snake" Plisken is a character role-played by SilentSentry.

Background Edit

He is a covert ops type, who sets up missions for other characters. John's likeness and character are based on Snake from the Metal Gear franchise. His last name 'Plisken' comes from Escape from New York and the sequel Escape from L.A. (ex. Snake Plisken) Snake has done a lot of missions with Uchiha (Raiden), including the Bovice prison break.

Life Sentence Edit

Snake was given life in Bolingbroke Penitentiary with the possibility of parole for his numerous crimes. He was placed in max security near Maximilian "Yung Dab" Thoroughbred and not allowed to interact with anyone. After months of good behavior he was allow to general population.

Escape and Recapture Edit

He managed to successfully escape prison along with several other inmates during a huge prison break. He decided to go back to help downed escapees Eugene, Ricky, and Alabaster Slim which unfortunately led to his recapture. He is now back in prison and hopes for a chance at freedom one day.

Gallery Edit

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