Iona Welles

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Iona Welles is a character role-played by Sherlovi.


Iona Welles was raised with a conformist mentality brought on by years of neglect and abuse from her parents. Her family was wealthy, and tried to arrange several marriages in hopes of strengthening family ties with another rich family. However, Iona's former girlfriend Fawkes revitalised Ion's sense of self. She stood up to her parents against yet another attempt to arrange a favourable match, and in doing so raised the ire of her mother, resulting in her injured eye.

Fawkes was a free spirited horse trainer who rode a motorcycle everywhere. It was addicting for Iona, who was so used to being pushed into submission. It was through Fawkes that Iona first learned about Los Santos, and Iona saw this as the place where she could be free.

After the injury, her parents deemed her unmarriageable, and useless to the family except for 'experimentation'. She was sent to a personal house on their Island to live in disgraced solidarity, but Iona used this opportunity to plan her escape. Her parents allowed her a laptop which said would keep her happy, and out of their way. She then used that laptop to research everything she could about Los Santos, and fled there, hoping to start a new, free life.

Unfortunately, she drowned on the way, arriving in Los Santos forever changed from the human girl she set off as. However, the experience has left her with a deep rooted fear of drowning.

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