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invaderFLIX is a technology and media services provider and production company.


invaderFLIX is a media services provider and production company and a subsidiary of Lifeinvader. Founded by Sayid Mitra, the website primarily acts as a hosting platform for various videos filmed and produced in Los Santos and wider San Andreas.

Current Library

Current owner of Lifeinvader, was around often in the early days of the city as he was creating the website and founding new cryptocurrency. He isn't around a whole lot anymore, just to check up on things.

An up-to-date playlist of invaderFLIX videos can be found here.


invaderFLIX Originals

Along with externally produced content, invaderFLIX has produced a number of Originals, which are entirely produced in-house at invaderFLIX.


As part of invaderFLIX's income, commercials have been sold and created for various companies and individuals across the city. These are due to be placed as pre- and mid-roll ads.

Management & Employees

The current owner and founder of invaderFLIX is Sayid Mitra. Linked to Lifeinvader, the company is another media arm of the technology and social media company, providing advertising opportunities to companies in San Andreas, as well as creating and providing entertainment to subscribers.

The Chief Creative Officer of invaderFLIX is Phil MacKenzie. Having replaced the previous CCO, Raj Kumar, MacKenzie is responsible for numerous productions having filmed, directed and edited many of them. He is also responsible for sourcing, purchasing and vetting many of the other videos hosted on the site. MacKenzie also heads up the subscription team, selling accounts and receiving payments from subscribers.