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The International Burger Society was a cult-like organization which was founded and was led by Shelly Smith. Its primary actions used to involve snackrificing people to the Burger Queen (who Shelly thinks she is the incarnation of), as well as scheming attacks, both violent and nonviolent, against the Rooster's Rest.


After having statues erected in her likeness in Burger Shot as well as toys made of her that spread throughout the entire city, Shelly Smith's idea of herself grew exponentially. The idea of the Burger Queen and the Great Burger in the Sky kept growing in her head, to the point where she began viewing herself as the physical manifestation of their will in the realm of mortals.

All of this resulted in an escalation of Shelly's activities regarding the matter, to the point where she began asking for offerings to her statues, praying to them constantly, and even snackrificing people to them whenever she could. As a natural conclusion to this, she eventually began leaning towards the idea of a cult, an idea which she eventually decided to transform into a reality along with Scruffy Doodle, a business clown who shares her love for burgers.

After finding a location for their headquarters, they started scouting out potential candidates for their cult by offering them sacred ketchup packets and judging the manner in which they make use of those packets; promising candidates were promised a part in something bigger, something far greater than themselves.

Shelly has since retired from the IBS as she is now an officer with the LSPD.


Joining the IBS did not necessarily mean that one has to be a Burger Shot employee. Indeed, after Shelly spent her first night in jail for the failed Rooster's Rest toy heist in which she killed the hostage and shot at cops, she became much more open to the idea of working with forces of questionable morality.


The act of snackrificing was one of the Society's primary activities besides attacking the Rooster's Rest. Although snackrificing was initially more harmless, with Shelly often moving unconscious people below her statue and asking nearby members to speak the prayer with her, the Society became more ruthless, with snackrifices actually involving murder and chanting the Society's prayer in a ritualistic fashion.


  • On the 10th of June 2021, Shelly felt like it was time to truly snackrifice someone to the Burger Queen. As such, she, Jeffrey Price and Moses Glick went on a family bonding trip together, during which they kidnapped Fred Mossberg who was riding his bicycle on the sidewalk. They proceeded to take him to the crypt, have everyone including him kneel to Shelly and chant the Society's prayer, and then stab him. This was the first case in which snackrificing consisted of actual murder.
  • On the 20th of June 2021, Shelly decided to get revenge on her ex-fiancĂ©e, Gloryon. Glue Guy pretended to be a potential buyer for Gloryon's car and took him to the airfield on a supposed test drive, where Shelly and Jeffrey Price held him up at gunpoint. He was then forced into a helicopter and flown to an island where he was stabbed in the stomach with a knife by Shelly herself.
  • On the 1st of July 2021, Jeff suggested that another snackrifice was finally in order. Shelly, Jeffrey and Reginald Copper-Pauper set out to find and snackrifice Cindy Tipton, as she was getting close to uncovering the truth behind Shelly and her IBS activities. Although they weren't able to locate her, the snackrifice still had to be completed. They thus proceeded to kidnap paramedic Dai Jones off the streets, bringing him to the crypt and once again chanting the Burger Queen's prayer with him in front of Shelly before slicing his neck with a knife. Shelly stated that she felt more powerful after the snackrifice; whether the ritual worked or it was purely psychological remains to be seen.
  • On the 28th of July 2021, Shelly Smith and Jeffrey Price decided to prove a point; that the Burger Queen never forgets. Cindy was once again to be the target for this snackrifice, and this time, she wouldn't get away. Reginald Copper-Pauper pretended to want to meet with Cindy outside of Burger Shot, where Shelly Smith, Jeffrey Price, Reginald himself and Moses Glick held her up at gunpoint and shoved her into the trunk of their car. They proceeded to drive her to the crypt where Jeffrey, acting as the executioner, stabbed her after a recitation of the Burger Queen's prayer in the middle of a ketchup pentagram. This was not the end of Shelly's plans for Cindy; two days later, she and Reginald forced her to jump to her death at gunpoint after trying to convince her that it was Taylor Briggs behind it.
  • On January 15th 2022, Shelly once again returned to her snackrificing ways, this time with her future husband to be Raymond Romanov. They kidnapped Alan Chewdansky from the Dean's World pier before taking him to a parking lot, forcing him to drink alcohol and then stabbing him on top of a ketchup pentagram.

Official Prayer

Our Burger Goddess, who art in ketchup, flame broiled be thy name.

Thy lettuce and bun, Thy rimjob and gun, the snackrifice has begun.

May the ketchup flow like the blood from the Bleeder.

Long live the Burger Queen!