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Internal Affairs is a division within the law enforcement agencies that investigates incidents and civilian reports of law-breaking and professional misconduct. The division is made up of officers from within the Los Santos Police Department, the Senora Desert Sheriff's Office, the Paleto Bay Sheriff's Office, and the San Andreas State Police.

General Description

The Internal Affairs Department is an autonomous investigative department overseen by Richard Dark. Dark was chosen for the position on November 2nd, 2021, and the Department was officially approved on December 7th, 2021.

There was some hesitation from the Unified Police Department's High Command, as previously Dark wanted to arrest an officer in possession of IFAKs off-duty, and wanted to charge his superiors with Obstruction of Justice for telling him not to. Despite this, however, Dark has been given full authority to Fine, Strike, and Suspend Police Officers.

Notable Punishments

Individual Rank Punishment Complaint Date
Candice DeFitt Deputy 35 Months in Jail
$2,625 Fine
Crim. Possession of Class 2
Brandishing of a Firearm
November 2nd, 2021
1. Kyle Pred
2. William Gunner
1. Sheriff
2. Senior Deputy
72 Hour Suspension
$5,000 Fine
1. Shooting a Suspect in Handcuffs
2. Impeding an Investigation
January 8th, 2022

IA Investigators

Badge # Name Rank Insignia Role
388 Richard Dark Senior Deputy
Head of IA
238 Olivia Copper Trooper
Shift 2 Investigator
278 Barry Briddle Senior Ranger
Shift 3 Investigator
311 Dwayne Carter Senior Deputy
Shift 2 Investigator
327 Vincent Glass Senior Deputy
Shift 1 Investigator
404 Tyme Reducer Senior Officer
Shift 2 Investigator

IA Member Roster

Former Members

Name Role Note Date
Crocodile Steve Investigator Removed by The Senate December 12th, 2021