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Igor Skovacic is a character role-played by GTAWiseGuy.

General Information

Igor Skovacic is the ex-owner of Hayes Auto Body Repairs, after being discovered as an illegal citizen of Los Santos he was forced to hand ownership of the company over for free- this status means that his few aims in life contain causing havoc to Hayes and harming anyone associated with the company.

He moved to the city with his brother Oleg, who has since gone missing. Igor can often be seen riding in his wheelchair or walking around with his bionic leg, which he lost to a tragic accident involving an airplane and Tony Corleone. He is known to mispronounce or get names completely wrong- it is unknown if this is intentional or not.

After committing various high level crimes and being discovered as an illegal immigrant by the police, Igor fled to his birthplace (Pierogi) to reside.


Igor claims that he was born from an egg that lay at the bottom of a lake in Pierogi- Once this egg hatched, his form consisted of a 6ft long neck and a petite body. As he aged, his neck shrunk and his body grew, until eventually at 14 he developed into a normal human form.


The Return To Los Santos

August 20th 2021 - The Return To Los Santos

On the 20th August 2021, Dean Watson received a call from Igor claiming that he was stuck in a red shipping container, which he used to flee Pierogi in, and needed help. This led to Dean, Lang and Leslie teaming up, dressing as construction workers and sneaking into the Elysian docks while avoiding the police to search through the containers until Igor was found. After a close call with Captain Angel of the BCSO, they managed to get Igor out of the docks safely- allowing him to roam around Los Santos once more.

Getting the 9's

August 22nd 2021 - Getting the 9's

Due to Igor's disruptive and explosive nature, he seeked revenge on Hayes for ridding him of his company- in order to obtain a C4 and cause havoc, Igor was informed he would have to hit a bobcat. The hacking and retrieval of these items were a success but fleeing from the police was not. After the failed bobcat attempt with Randy, Ramee and Taco- Igor was gunned down by the police and detained. Due to Igor not having a green card and being wanted for high level crimes, he was told he will be held for the 9's and deported. This led to Igor proposing to Ramee in the cells, in order to obtain a green card, to which Ramee said yes. Despite Igor's attempt to avoid the 9's, on the 22nd August 2021 he was sent to Bolingbroke Penitentiary without bail.

Escaping Custody

August 24th 2021 - Escaping Custody

On the 24th August 2021, after a few days in bolingbroke penitentiary, Igor was transported out of the prison to the airport in which he was to be deported from. In an attempt to stop this from happening members of Chang Gang: Randy, Ramee, Taco, Chawa, Hutch and Vinny teamed together to get Igor out of Police custody. During this, Chang Gang used gun-power to mow down the police and corner them. After the police and SWAT team relocated to the air-hangers, Chang Gang picked them off one by one until eventually two SWAT members were left in the hangers with Igor. Randy and Hutch took this opportunity to gun down the remaining SWAT members and free Igor. Allowing Igor to escape and reside in the Gallery's warehouse.

Igor had an active warrant for his arrest up until November 17th 2021.

Getting Married

November 16th 2021 - Getting Married

On November 16th, members of Chang Gang: Vinny Pistone, Randy Bullet and Hutch Hutcherson helped Igor to repeat his vows with a fake wedding. As Igor was an illegal immigrant in Los Santos, he had Dean Watson forge a marriage certificate with a missing woman in the city (Bri Baker). This meant that during the ceremony, Randy dressed as Bri.

While getting changed in preparation for the fake wedding, Sam Baas happened to walk into the clothing store. As the Chief of police walked into the store, they all froze up in shock, they couldn't let him walk away with the knowledge of the fake wedding. Vinny decided they would take Baas to the wedding to both destroy his reputation and solidify the weddings occurrence.

Upon reaching Chumash pier, the destination of the wedding, Baas was provided oxy and alcohol by Hutch; to prevent him from remembering them kidnapping him. Baas became heavily intoxicated, joining in on the wedding pictures and joining in on the vows between Igor and "Bri" . Eventually, Baas was left in a field by the members and the PD were made aware of his location. The Wedding was a success and an album was created afterwards.

Igor is still in the process of gaining his greencard.

A Good Citizen

November 25th 2021 - A Good Citizen

On November 25th, after being arrested alongisde Randy Bullet, Francis J Francer and Juan Carlos Hernandez. Igor was told that he still had no greencard and was counted as an illegal immigrant due to the violent crimes he'd committed in the past few months. While in the jail cells, he was met by Olivia Copper and Alan Crane who told him that the only way he'd stay in the country is if he became a citizen that the city would want. This meant that he had to obtain a job, a house and avoid violent crimes until the government deemed he deserved to stay in the country.

This caused the start of Igor's job collecting career. Starting with the Tuner Shop, which he was employed to after (brutually) losing in a fist fight against Chip Wheeler, Igor was trained as a mechanic and was known to have very unqiue ways of fixing a car. He then found his way to the newly opened UwU Café, helping around the shop alongisde Benji Ramos until he was employed.

Los Santos Most Wanted

June 2022 - Los Santos Most Wanted

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Played By: GTAWiseGuy
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