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Hydra Sec. Is a private security company owned by Dean Quincy.


After being fired from his job at Diamond Hand Credit, Dean looked for a new way to make money. He then ran into Dean Watson and asked him if he had a job that he could do. He then said that Burger Shot was in need of protection, as it was frequently being robbed. Dean, along with Moses Khan and Patar Bellosh, decided to make a private security company. The next day, Dean told Tommy Tate about the company and made him a Founding Father. At first, Tommy was hired, however he had to be removed due to his criminal record. He is know a Shadow Partner of the company.

They made their proposal and had the business approved, however it got suspended within two hours, as the security guards did not have gun licenses.

Since then Hydra has taken on a contract to protect Burger Shot, and recently provided security for the Grand Opening of the Diamond Casino Hotel, as well as hiring many new employees.

Dean Quincy secured a future contract for security at VLC Fight Nights with Ramee El-Rahman as part of a deal when selling him his Bentley Continental SS.

After Dean was given access to a weapons bench, himself and The Mandem use Hydra Sec. as a front company to be able to collect the funds from selling the guns, thermite and lockpicks that Dean creates with Patar being in charge of the company bank account, covering up in true income source labelling it as "private security payments" so when asked about it they can claim customer confidentiality.

Hydra Sec. is owned by Trident Investments.

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