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Hydra Gang, or simply Hydra, is a gang established by Juan Carlos "Flippy" Hernandez.

General Description

Hydra Gang was established in September 2020 by Juan Carlos "Flippy" Hernandez, alongside Fernando "Mario" Reyes, Raul Rodriguez and Susie Carmichael. Since 2020, the gang went through phases of existence and non-existence and at some point being rumored to not be a gang at all. Hydra entered a phase of renewal in March 2022, starting with a relocation of turf from Mirror Park to Little Seoul and new members being established.

Hydra consists of many skilled criminals, with members specializing in drug manufacturing, combat, hacking, street racing, or getaway driving. The gang is regarded as one of the wealthiest and most lethal gangs in the city, operating as a semi-independent gang under the criminal syndicate of Chang Gang.

Hydra manages the Vendetta racing crew, as some members and associates are also avid street racers.


In 2020, Mario approached Flippy after leaving the Vagos and asked him to create a group with him; due to their strong friendship, Flippy agreed. During this timeframe, Raul Rodriguez had also left the Vagos and approached Flippy, hoping to join the crew. As Raul shared being an ex-member of the gang, they both decided to invite him to the crew, in turn inviting his girlfriend, Susie Carmichael. After months of doing jobs and hanging out with friends, they slowly gathered other members such as Deejay Bartello, Miguel Almerion and Olga Sazkaljovich, later gathering members from other gangs.

Despite some members leaving the city or going M.I.A, Hydra Gang continued to grow and currently boasts 15 full members.


Hydra has been dubbed various names throughout its existence.

Shnake Gang - Many of the OG members of Hydra are former members of gangs (such as The Families, the Vagos, the Angels and the Russian Mafia) who "betrayed" or "snaked" their original gang for varying reasons, including feeling left out or not having a purpose within the group. Therefore, Hydra was/is a gang of "snakes", hence the name.

"Flippy's Crew" - An older term used prior to March 2022, during a time Hydra was barely considered to be an organized gang with a consistent name. The term was used by people who were unaware of the gang's real membership or proper name, so they just referred to the group as simply 'Flippy's crew', consisting of Flippy's friends or people who hang around him.

Mario Gang - Hydra Gang's original name, named after Mario. The term is still sometimes used as sort of a joke name implying that Mario is the real leader of Hydra, or is the leader of his own gang of loyal sycophants.

Hydra Gang - The most commonly used name for the gang, coined by Flippy and used by the majority of the crew and citizens of Los Santos. The word "Hydra" comes from the Lernaean Hydra or Hydra of Lerna, a serpentine water monster in Greco-Roman mythology. This means that 'Hydra Gang' devolves from the theme of snakes and serpents, which also links back to the gang's other moniker, "Shnake Gang". Every new member recruited is akin to adding a new head to the Hydra.

Hydra Gang Commandments

1. Thou shall not listen to Miguel.
2. Thou shall spend time offline.
3. Thou shall not date within the gang.
4. Thou shall ERP while in times of peace.
5. Thou shall carry cuffs at all times.


2021 Events
Mario Gang

October 9th 2021 - Mario Gang

Throughout the entire day of October 9th, members of Hydra presented themselves to Fernando Reyes, mostly known as Mario, with "I <3 Mario" shirts. This is because this day was marked as Mario day, a day where all members of Hydra- Including Flippy- had to provide respect and care to Mario.

While this day ran its course, friends of Hydra were also found to be repping the shirt and showing their love to Mario. Examples of these people are: Vladimir Raven, Nicholas Simone and Eddie Marshall.

Hydra vs Angels War

December 8th 2021 - Hydra vs Angels War

After Angel member, Claire Seducer left notes all over Flippy's house, a petty war between the two ensued. However, their gangs quickly got involved into this pettiness.


  • Flippy threw grenade at The Angels house, it hit Alex.
  • The Angels went to Flippy's house, parked over 10 cars around it and set them alite, ultimately blowing them up.
  • Hydra Gang flew helicopters to the Angels mansion, handcuffed all the Angels present and blew it up infront of them.
Volunteer EMS

December 11th 2021 - Volunteer EMS

In the early hours of December 11th, members of Hydra Gang: Juan Carlos Hernandez, Susie Carmichael, Mike Wadum, Fernando Reyes, Chloé Blanc and Aleksander Sazkaljovich decided to volunteer as EMS under the watch of Chief of EMS, Leonardo Sand and EMS Lieutenant Balto Connelly. After the crew dressed up in white shirts and dark pants, they signed on duty under the callsign "HYDRA" and set out into the city of Los Santos.

While out treating patients, the crew got into plenty of mischief. This included: harvesting weed at the Lost MC compound, Mike and Susie cooking meth, celebrating when cops went down and swarm-healing anyone who came near them.

Hydra vs BSK War

December 27th 2021 - Hydra vs BSK War

(notes - 27th Dec)

  • Outto-Tune Tyrone robs people at the chop spot, doesn't believe that Harmony Repairs Garage workers should be doing it.
  • Jordan Walker, owner of Harmony, finds out about this and calls Flippy due to his connections with Harmony.
  • Hydra members: Flippy, Fernando Reyes, Miguel Almerion, Aleksander Sazkaljovich and Chloé Blanc go to the chop spot to catch OTT in the act.
  • Miguel pretends to chop a car at the chop spot, OTT and other members of Brouge Street Kingz pull up on him.
  • While confronting Miguel, Flippy and other Hydra members pull up in a car to check on Miguel and are spotted by BSK.
  • BSK shoot down Miguel and begin to take shots at the Hydra members in the car.
  • BSK downs all Hydra members and robs them clean, OTT taking Flippy's chain.
  • Hydra get treatment at the hospital, gear up and set out to BSK's hometurf to get their revenge.
  • Hydra gang are downed once again.

(Notes - 28th Dec)

  • Flippy, Vinny Pistone, Mike Wadum, Fernando Reyes and Miguel Almerion go to BSK's hometurf to continue the "war".
  • After BSK hideout in a parking lot for 40 minutes, CG/Hydra members decide to push into BSK's turf.
  • With strategic movement and teamwork, Hydra/CG manage to down all BSK members with no injuries- 5v8.

(Notes - 4th Jan)

  • After losing all battles apart from 2, BSK decide to end the war.
  • BSK agree to Harmony repairs terms and give them 50k to end the war.
2022 Events
Facing The Senate

January 2022 - The Lost vs The Senate

In the mid hours of January 24th 2022, members of Hydra Gang were invited by the Lost MC to join their war against Los Santos Senate who were pushing to take away land owned by The Lost. After a successful battle, The Senate and Unified Police Department issued a full retreat due to all their weaponry being destroyed. Despite winning the battle, The Lost alongside other criminals in the city, had not won the war. Warrants and lockdowns were issued to those who were known to associate with The Lost, this included the properties of: Juan Carlos Hernandez, Susie Carmichael, Aleksander Sazkaljovich, Miguel Almerion and Mike Wadum.

A few days after these events, all of Hydra were pardoned and their properties were unlocked. They did not join forces with Lost again.

Tensions In Mirror Park

March 8th 2022 - Tensions In Mirror Park

After HOA had tensions with the Angels, they decided that all Angel sprays were to be removed from Mirror Park. The issue occurred when Daryl Dickinson decided to remove an Angel's spray from Susie Carmichael's house in the sack, doing so right Infront of her as she told him to stop. This angered Susie as she had both paid for the spray and believed she could have what she wanted on her own house. After making other members of Hydra aware of what had happened, Flippy decided to call HOA members down to the sack and tell them that Hydra now owned the sack and they shouldn't remove anything from their houses any longer.

Later on that same night, Siz Fulker - leader of HOA - awoke to settle the "drama". He told Flippy that everything in Mirror Park belonged to HOA and that if Hydra wanted their own turf, they had to move. Flippy agreed to this as he wanted no beef between the two groups and as a long-time friend of Siz, respected him enough to carry out his wishes.

On March 9th, Hydra members began to look for new places to move to. An area that stood out to them was just south of Little Seoul and was close to the turf of their parenting gang- Chang Gang. On April 18th 2022, Bogo and Flippy officially moved out of the Hydra Sac after living there for little over a year. This was followed by the rest of the gang officially moving away from Mirror Park- signifying the end of an era.

Vendetta Countach Boost

May 21st, 2022 - Boosting the Countach LPI 800-4

On May 21st, 2022, Vendetta (Hydra) successfully completed an S+ boost for the 1-of-1 Countach LPI 800-4 after being tasked by Puppet Earl. Arnie drove the car while Niko did the hacking, with Scarlett, Flippy, Miguel and another member playing interference. The car was successfully secured at the Snake Pit, however policed remained chasing Flippy. The chase eventually resulted in a shootout with police at a tunnel in the Vinewood hills, with everyone escaping. The Countach was stored in the shared garage.

On June 2-3, Hydra sold the Countach to Marlo Stanfield, a fan of Lamborghinis, for $5+ million.

Road to 54: Turf Expansion
Retrieving the flag
May 24th, 2022 - Retrieve the flag

Section needs expansion

Turf expansion begins

May 24th, 2022 - Taking the canals
In late May, in order to expand into the Vespucci Canals, Mr. Kebun placed a CG spray on a building in the canals, then unclaimed it, allowing Hydra to claim the spray, solidifying Hydra's entry into the canals. Over the next few days, Hydra steadily expanded its turf throughout the canals. With the canals secured, the next step was to push directly north, up Prosperity Street, securing Burger Shot, the "colorful garage", and Bob Smith Police Department along the way.

Flippy's overall goal was to reach 54 sprays by all means necessary, through war and/or diplomacy. But firstly, Seaside and Bondi Boys MC sprays in the Vespucci/Bay City area had to be dealt with.

Chess Games: West Side Politics

May 27th-June 4th, 2022 - Diplomacy with the Bondi Boys MC

Flippy paid a visit to the Billabong and spoke with the Bondi Boys MC (BBMC), making assurances with them about Hydra's intentions in the Vespucci Canals. BBMC confirmed that they did not want Palomino Avenue to be a conflict zone and that they had no interest in contesting the canals and that they never claimed it. Subsequently, Hydra sought to expand north of Burger Shot but could not due to the proximity of BBMC and Seaside sprays in the area; Flippy decided he needed more breathing room. Days later, on June 2, Flippy called for a meeting with Irwin Dundee. The meeting took place at Legion Square, and Flippy gave Dundee an ultimatum to either give up a chunk of Vespucci (4 sprays) or Hydra would take them by force. Concluding that BBMC were not financially ready for a turf war with Hydra, Dundee reluctantly agreed to avoid war and instead give up the sprays. With this move, Hydra had absorbed a chunk of Vespucci with no conflict, and Seaside and BBMC turf was now separated by Hydra's buffer. Beach Team's turf was also absorbed into Hydra turf, and Junior Meats, BBMC's overseer of the Beach Team, met with Phantom and Bogo on the roof of the Snake Pit to smooth out relations. As long as Beach Team did not attack Hydra locals or tamper with sprays, nothing would change for them.

June 5th-14th - Diplomacy with the Mandem

By June 7th, Hydra had expanded their turf as far north as Lifeinvader at around 30 sprays, blocking the Mandem from expanding east past the golf course. Flippy and Miguel decided to focus on squeezing Seaside, in turn proposing a generous deal to the Mandem to get them to surrender in their concurrent war against Seaside so Hydra could make their own demands from them. Hydra and the Mandem later met in the Russian docks, with the discussion resulting in two possible deals: a 3-for-1 deal, where MDM offer up three sprays on Bay City (including Blue Cage) and Hydra gives MDM the latest spray on Lifeinvader, or a 4-for-2 deal where MDM offer up all 4 sprays in Bay City (making Hydra be a wall between Seaside and them) and Hydra gives up 2 sprays near Lifeinvader. Tommy T and Hydra initially agreed to the 3-for-1 deal at the meeting, but hours later Tommy called Miguel and the two sides tentatively agreed to the 4-for-2 deal.

On June 13th-14th, Mandem finally handed over four of their sprays to Hydra, with Hydra in turn transferring two sprays to them. The Mandem had hoped the handover would secure a solid wall between them and Seaside, but Hydra would not fully commit to the deal, handing over two of the sprays to Seaside.

June 8th-18th - Diplomacy with Seaside

On June 8th, Seaside met with Hydra in the Snake Pit to discuss turf plans moving forward. Flippy initially demanded five or six sprays, but the discussion eventually resulted in Seaside demanding more time to make a final decision. Benji Ramos later called Flippy and said he would swap two sprays with Flippy immediately, to honor an agreement made weeks prior concerning sprays.

On June 14th, after the Mandem handed over four sprays to Hydra, Hydra secured a deal with Seaside, trading over two of the four prays (that Seaside wanted all along) to them in exchange Benji gave up two or three sprays near Bay City. On June 17th, Hydra reached 47 sprays. Seaside subsequently unclaimed two sprays (the one north of Bay City Bank and one in the underground Vespucci canals) for Hydra to take. In the end, Seaside and Hydra both essentially got what they wanted and avoided conflict.

Chess Games: Southern Shield & the 54th Spray

June 8th-21st - Great Wall of Hydra and skirmish with R.U.S.T.

By June 8, R.U.S.T and the Angels' turf sprays in the Los Santos International Airport (LSIA) area, around Greenwich Parkway, had become closer and closer, with BBMC's turf reaching the nearby sea wall to the west. Around this time, Flippy proposed a deal to Claire Seducer to have Hydra become a shield between the Angels and R.U.S.T. by un-claiming a spray and offering it to Hydra and allowing them to then expand. On June 8th, Claire informed other members of the Angels of the plan, to which the group agreed. Angels would become the fifth gang (including CG) to hand over sprays to Hydra during their expansion with no conflict.

On June 9th, Hydra discussed pushing south towards LSIA. That day, the Angels handed over their spray along Autopia Parkway, closest to R.U.S.T.'s spray, to Hydra. Hydra then used that new location to place its own spray just south of it to extend the shield. On June 10th, Hydra placed a third spray near the Los Santos Customs garage, with R.U.S.T. members in the area observing. Moments later, after some verbal confrontations, R.U.S.T began scrubbing off the second Hydra spray. Hydra responded and it resulted in a two hour shootout, in which Clarke Bishop and Kio Shima were shot down, and over 10 R.U.S.T. members were shot down. After the victory, Hydra began scrubbing the R.U.S.T spray furthest down Greenwich Parkway, near the LS Customs garage. Two R.U.S.T. members (Cydney Lune and Eleanor West) responded but were shot down as well. The spray was successfully removed. After the skirmish, R.U.S.T. requested a ceasefire until Raymond Romanov woke up, to which Hydra agreed.

Hydra later met with Ray, and, at the time, Miguel insisted if R.U.S.T. attacked the Angels, Hydra would not be obligated to involve themselves. The next day, June 11th, R.U.S.T.'s second in command, The Chemist, called Miguel and officially conceded they did not want a war, and that Hydra can "go south" and R.U.S.T. would "deal with that shit up north".

On June 12th, the Angels handed over two more sprays to Hydra, meanwhile Hydra had expanded on its sprays near LS Customs. Miguel insisted Hydra had no plans to go north of La Puerta Freeway, but south into LSIA. By the 14th, Miguel and Raul had convinced Flippy that the plan of completely shielding the Angels was the best, rather than only shielding part of it. Hydra placed more sprays towards the east, with plans to further expand south towards LSIA on the western flank. Around this time, Hydra had reached 40 sprays.

On June 21st, after weeks of somehow avoiding conflict with all of its neighboring gangs due to them choosing diplomacy and deals over confrontation, and Hydra building a "great wall" of sprays to shield the Angels from R.U.S.T.'s expansion, Hydra placed their 54th spray at LSIA, topping off their journey.

First Hydra vs GG War

July 18-19th 2022 - The two-day "Ego War"
To be written

Second Hydra vs GG War

July 30th 2022 - The Second Hydra vs Gulag Gang War
To be written

Hydra vs R.U.S.T. War

August 2nd, 2022 - The First Hydra vs. R.U.S.T. War

On August 2, Hydra was fighting GG around the old courthouse area. A rogue red frogger was flying above them and landed on a roof. Hydra and GG shot at it thinking it was each other's heli. The R.U.S.T heli blew up. During the Hydra v. GG fight, racers picked up the R.U.S.T members and took them to grandma's. After the fight, Hydra went to grandma's. On the way Mary called Flippy and mentioned that R.U.S.T were the individuals that were in the heli that got shot down and that hey to talk. When they arrive at grandma's Hydra and a GG member explain the situation, but Kaiba demanded an apology and other R.U.S.T members were making comments. Miguel said to leave or he will start shooting. After counting to 3 Hydra shot down all the R.U.S.T members.

Phone Call between Flippy and Ray:

After hearing the situation, Ray calls Flippy to figure things out. Flippy calls Rust people delusional for thinking, that they did nothing wrong and that they were shot for nothing. He explains his side of the story. Ray says, that Flippy acted wrong and that they needed to apologize. Flippy said, that he did that except for using the words "I'm sorry" and bending the knee to them. Ray still doesn't believe, that shooting people in the back who are leaving is right thing to do, even though Flippy says that they were shot for the comments that they said while leaving. Ray says, that he wouldn't do that and he wouldn't let shit get under his skin for little comments, but Flippy brings up the past and says that he already did that a lot of times and why would he let someone disrespect them right in front of them. Ray brings out that two respected gangs shouldn't shoot each other over smalls things, but Flippy replies with "I don't respect your gang though". After that Flippy says, that Rust has done nothing to gain their respect and Ray responds with "I guess we will find out".

To be expanded upon

On August 10, Kaiba from R.U.S.T met with Hydra Gang at the Snake Pit and paid out of pocket the 1.1M to end the war.

Déjà Vu
August 16th 2022 - Tyrell Fresh meets with Hydra

Tyrell meets with Hydra

After Hydra finish a boost, Tyrell the leader of the Ballas called Flippy to have a small talk. Tyrell pull up his Mercedes-Benz AMG GT Black Series that wasn’t painted in purple but in fact it was painted in brown. Tyrell was also not in his normal purple colors. On the Snake Pit roof, Tyrell explained to Hydra that his time is up with being in the southside and as the leader of the Ballas. Flippy pulled Miguel to the side to talk, and askedl if they should pull a Miguel 2.0 (Context, Miguel was GSF in 2.0. Flippy saved Miguel from being blooded out. If Flippy didn’t save Miguel he would have died). Miguel told Flippy why not , Tyrell is a pretty level-headed. Then Flippy asked everyone in Hydra what they thought about him. The conclusion was to save Tyrell and if Hydra works out for him, it works out , if not then it’s okay at least Hydra saved him. Tyrell accept this offer and told them that they will be at the docks by Autopia Parkway. Hydra set off to set up the ambush for the Ballas who will try to blood out Tyrell.

Tyrell meets with O Dogg

After a deep conversation, Tyrell hands over his flag to O Dogg, O Dogg pulled out his AK. Tyrell walks toward to ocean putting his hands up facing his faith…Hydra gun down O Dogg stopping Tyrell from being blood out. Tyrell walked over to O Dogg body telling him that he couldn’t go out that way. Tyrell texted Taylor (Ballas) to get O Dogg who’s bleeding out on the ground. Tyrell drove near the shoreline of the airport putting down his mask on the ground as a sign of an end of an era.


Ballas followed Hydra after they gun down O Dogg. Hydra and Ballas had a small gunfight where Hydra came out on top. Hydra picked up the Ballas and took them to grandmas to pick all of them up while handcuffed. Flippy told the Ballas “You lost a member today, he’s a good guy and I’m sure you like him. We wanted to help him out and make sure he went out on his own terms. If you want to retaliate, I understand, I wouldn’t take it personally but know that Tyrell is going to be protected by us. If you guys want the smoke it is what it is.”


Initiation task of James 'Phantom' Thompson

March 14th 2022 - Initiation task of James Thompson

After getting invited to Hydra Gang on March 12th 2022, he was told, that he will have to do an initiation task. The tasks are picked to people by OG members, referencing their main talents. James Thompson, better known as Phantom, is mostly known for his great driving, so his initiation task was to do a solo meth run and was scheduled to happen on March 14th 2022.

The task was started and for the meth run Phantom got one of the worst cars you can get. His job was responded by 2 interceptors, 1 bike, 1 air-one and 3-4 cvpi cars. Even though his driving was near to perfect and air-one (piloted by Skye Faye) exploded mid chase, but the car couldn't shake of the bike and interceptor units at the same time. The chase was long enough that fuel became a problem, so he called in for help and Juan Carlos Hernandez, Susie Carmichael and Kio Shima came in to help him refuel. First try to refuel failed without Phantom even reaching the gas pump, because Matt Rhodes was right behind him going into the gas station. At the second attempt neither of the helping people were ready for him to go in, so he got to the gas pump, got boxed, tazed and cuffed.

After looking for cuffs in his stashes, Juan Carlos Hernandez came back to attempt uncuffing Phantom. He told Susie Carmichael to distract cops at the front, so he could go from the back and uncuff Phantom. This plan didn't work well, cause T.J. Mack spotted Juan Carlos Hernandez before he even entered the scene, which made him panic and run to Phantom through everyone. Even with being called out, the cops didn't realise what is happening in time and he successfully uncuffed Phantom. After a small foot-chase and the both having to break cuffs twice, both Phantom and Juan Carlos Hernandez were picked up by other gang members and they all got away.

Initiation task of Vincent 'Arnie' Carl

April 8th, 2022 - Initiation task of Vincent 'Arnie' Carl

On April 8th, 2022, after Vendetta won a racing tournament against Redline, Flippy approached 'Arnie' of Bowl Cut Gang and offered him membership into Hydra. Flippy said he'd develop an initiation task for Arnie within the next two weeks. And after that it was forgotten for months.

On July 26th, 2022, Miguel and Flippy started thinking about people who are in the gang, but still haven't had their initiations yet. Arnie came into mind and they began to think over ideas relating to him driving. Miguel came up with the idea of Arnie getting a new PB or Lap Record while having a bomb strapped to the car, and if he is unable to get a PB or LR - he blows up.

He did this initiation on July 27th. He was given a choice to pick between two sprint races - Guillotine or Power Lines. Arnie picked Guillotine and his choice of car was a LFA. He beat his personal best for this race only by 1.11 second (Race time: 8:42.654, previous PB: 8:43.764) and by doing that he completed his initiation.

Initiation task of Kio and Niko

Kio Shima is known as one of Hydra's best drivers and Nikolai Filatov is considered one of the best S+ boost hackers in the city. For their initiation tasks, they would have to duo an S+ boost with swapped responsibilities: Kio is to hack, and Niko is to drive.

Meth operations

Hydra cooking meth in the Snake Pit

Hydra specializes in manufacturing and trafficking meth, as Susie Carmichael is one of the biggest meth cooks in the city. Hydra partakes in large meth runs regularly and, to help keep up production during periods of burn-out, Susie has often enlisted Street Team members, such as Daph Lilith, to assist in their cooks. Vinny Pistone has also volunteered for Hydra meth cooks. Phantom became Hydra's secondary cook after Clarke Bishop was removed from the gang.

Hydra primarily supplies meth to Chang Gang and the Brouge Street Kingz (BSK). Ramee El-Rahman and Hutch Hutcherson are big customers of Hydra's meth within Chang Gang, and Denzel Wallace buys from Hydra when BSK are not cooking their own.

On May 31, 2022, Hydra agreed to buy BSK's meth lab for $3.5 million, resulting in Hydra owning two meth labs, with the first lab being acquired from Ramee after he bought one from the Lost MC many months prior. As part of the Hydra-BSK deal, Hydra were to sell meth to BSK at a negotiated price and share the meth lab until BSK reach 100% quality meth. Flippy would then move the lab to a new location if needed.

On August 9, the Bondi Boys MC accepted Hydra's offer to share the former BSK lab with them.

Vendetta and the Underground

Soup (Alexander Campbell) joining Vendetta

Hydra established and manages the Vendetta underground street racing crew, which participates in car boosting, tournaments, and missions for the Puppet Master. Vendetta has a racing garage nicknamed the V.A.G. and has an initiation track that allows a racer to complete the circuit three times, and if any of these attempts succeed a time less than 24:00:00, the racer is welcomed into Vendetta.

Vendetta contains some of the most skilled and renowned drivers in Los Santos, including Flippy (Bwo), Randy Bullet (KillaManShankz), James Thompson (Phantom), Jordan Walker (Shadow), and Vincent Carl (Arnie).

Although it is managed and maintained by Hydra, not every Hydra member is in Vendetta, and not every Vendetta member is in Hydra.


  • Hydra's "gang locals" all suspiciously resemble Mario.
  • Hydra is the only gang in the city that possesses two meth labs.
  • Hydra was the second gang to place 54 turf sprays, achieving the rank of "Powerful" in the Gang App.


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