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Hutch Hutcherson is a character role-played by HutchMF.

General Description

Hutch Hutcherson is a Chang Gang Associate, he is most known as Hutch.

Hutch loves to race cars. His favorite car is a mustang 2020, He is also known as a race organizer he handles the money for races and distribute to the winners at the end of a race.

He loves to always stand out from the crowd at any point of time dressing in towels to only shorts.

Hutch invented the surprise suitcase attack.

Hutch has cut a man head off and put it in a suitcase with the help of Charles Johnson and they put in back of a car "aka mustang pony" got airlifted by the Puppet Master.

Chang Gang

Hutch Hutcherson - Officially acknowledged as a Chang Gang Associate on February 22, 2021 by Mr. K and Vinny Pistone. He is close friend of Charles Johnson and organizes/participates in racing.


  • "I killed a man."
  • "He killed a dog."
  • "I killed a woman."


Played By: HutchMF
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