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Hutch Hutcherson is a character role-played by HutchMF.

General Description[]

I Killed A Man.

— Hutch

Hutch is a member of Chang Gang, officially acknowledged as a member of the gang on February 22, 2021 by Mr. Kebun and Vinny Pistone. He is a close friend of Charles 'Chawa' Johnson, a well known Chang Gang member, and often organizes/participates in races with him whenever together.

Hutch is known for his love of cars, with his favorite car being the Mustang 2020. He is also known as a race organizer as he creates, obtains, and handles many races within the Underground racing scene.

Hutch is known for being an early pioneer, or even creating, the racing scene in the new city with Chawa, as they hosted numerous "car shows" at Paleto Gas Station and the Pier, where all the racers knew the tracks by heart before the racing app was implemented a few months down the line.

Hutch loves to always stand out from the crowd at any point of time. This could be seen when he dressed in towels to only shorts and warped his face so that his features were more distinct.

Hutch invented the surprise suitcase attack which got its name when he cut a mans head off and put it in a suitcase with the help of Charles Johnson, putting it in the back of a car "aka mustang pony" to get airlifted by the Puppet Master.

Getting the 9's[]

I Killed A Woman.

— Hutch

On November 2nd 2021 after leaving the interrogation rooms as a "paralegal" for Robert Locksley, Hutch went and did a Bobcat Security Vault with members of Chang Gang, leaving blood on scene. Mr K, Randy, Hutch, and Francis then got into a shootout with the police at the construction site, eventually being downed after shooting Air One. Hutch was then held until the Ramee raid was over.

A raid upon Hutch's properties commenced while Randy Wrangler poured over the Witness Tampering charge. Wrangler eventually decided that Hutch shooting at police while they attempted to raid the Gallery was Witness Tampering, as it prevent Wrangler, an "individual", from presenting any illegal evidence that would be found in the Gallery to the courts.

Wrangler then threatened to put Hutch in for the 9s on a Witness Tampering charge unless he would flip on Robert Locksley. Wrangler then had a BAR complaint written up against Locksley, and is attempting to push either Accessory to Felony Obstruction of Justice OR Accessory to Witness Tampering for bringing a known felon into the holding cells as a "paralegal", resulting in that known felon interfering in a raid by shooting at the police attempting to fulfill the raid warrant.

Hutch was pulled into an interrogation room to discuss the Witness Tampering charge on the table. He refused to answer any questions after Wrangler explained why he was planning on convicting Hutch for Witness Tampering. Hutch continued to refuse to answer any questions and Wrangler told him that any deals would be off the table once a lawyer walked into the room. Hutch requested a lawyer, instantly pled Not Guilty, and was sent in for the 9s. Upon hearing the raid report from Hutch's properties, Wrangler told the officers handling the initial case to charge Hutch with Weapons Trafficking after finding out that they found 9 different firearms.

Hutch was later found Not Guilty to all charges.

Death & Resurrection[]

In the late evening of July 22nd 2022, Hutch was invited to join a bank robbery with fellow Chang Gang members after being away from the city for a few months. After hours of planning out a getaway and securing a bank to rob, Hutch found himself inside Legion Square Bank alongside: Ramee El-Rahman, Randy Bullet, Mr. Kebun, Jaylen Carter and Vinny Pistone.

Unfortunately, this robbery turned sour rather quickly when Ramee accidentally punched one of their hostages, who was a security guard by the name of Pat Jackson; Pat was knocked unconscious on impact of the punch and the PD demanded that he be given medical attention by the EMS. CG members agreed to this and handed Pat over to the PD, intending on the continuation of negotiations and to use their other hostage as leverage- However, when Randy Wrangler arrived on scene, he scolded other officers for letting a hostage be harmed and ordered the bank to be breached, to which it was. During this massacre, Hutch was shot point blank in the head by SDSO Officer Jeff Waters and died on impact.

He was later announced dead by doctors at Vice Roy Hospital, with Novah Walker being the first to hear of his passing. The police are yet to be held accountable for his death.

Zombie Hutch is born[]

On July 24, Chang Gang began preparing a funeral and burial for Hutch, but not before Mr. K conducted a bizarre voodoo ritual at Humane Labs and Research.

Zombie Hutch (AKA Zutch or Big Hutch) does not speak, he can grunt but only sometimes. He carries around two different colored umbrellas. When he pulls out the red umbrella, it is to let you know he is angry. When he pulls out the blue umbrella, it is to let you know he is happy. Usually if he pulls out the red umbrella to a person more than two times in a row, it means he is about to kill you.

Zombie Hutch has taken a liking to doing security work. He randomly showed up to the Fleeca Bank at Legion Square (the bank he was killed at) one day and noticing people harassing the security guards. He took it upon himself to help protect security guards Hat Carl, Mark Deck, and Paul Blart. Since then they have accepted him into their security team, Titan Maximus Security. They gave Zombie Hutch the nickname, Guardian Angel. They praise him all the time also referring to him as “a good boy”.


  • According to Hutch, he "doesn't shower" and fills in his eyebrows with a Sharpie pen every morning.
  • Hutch is one of the most trigger-happy members of Chang Gang, often ready to gun down anyone regardless of rank or reputation. Remember, he killed a man.
  • Is sometimes criticized for making deals with other groups on behalf of Chang Gang before prior consultation with his fellow gang members.
  • He likes to play guitar.
  • Reached S+ tier in Boosting on April 11th, 2022.
  • The only person in the city to survive death.



Played By: HutchMF
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