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Hutch Hendrickson was a character role-played by HutchMF.


Hutch was a member of the Misfits. He was previously a member of Aztecas for a very short time, but left the gang to join the Misfits.

He was known as being Outto-Tune Tyrone's right-hand man. He was considered one of the best shooters in the Misfits.

Fun Facts

  • Nicknamed "The Reaper" due to his great shooting ability.
  • Said "cuh" a lot, a habit he picked up from OTT.
  • Easy to mald over losing streetraces.


On February 17, 2020, Hutch and OTT were kidnapped by the Chang Gang due to being at war with them. Mr. Chang offered to let OTT go but keep Hutch in his possession with the promise of only releasing Hutch if OTT delivered a bunch of cocaine and pistols to him, which OTT stole from the Chang Gang earlier. He only had 10 minutes to complete this job.

After OTT panicked and failed to deliver these items (instead spending his time trying to think of alternate methods to save Hutch), the Chang Gang relocated him to the mine shaft where he was sliced to death with a machete by Mr. Chang.

Played By: HutchMF
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