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Hunter Skye better known as Wingman is a character role-played by SynthHunter.


Hunter Skye came to Los Santos with aspirations to join the Los Santos Police Department. After failing to find a job,, and with under the influence of Mike and Ro Block, he turned to a life of crime and joined the Alta Street Ruff Rydaz, aka the Block Gang.

He earned himself the nickname, "Wingman", from Ro Block, after helping him obtain a Kitty Dream's number.

Wingman was one of the 'Block Tax' collectors for the Blocks, in which he solicits $50 protection fees from civilians. Having left the Block gang, he no longer participates in any Block related activity and had managed to get himself out of debt.

Wingman owns a family of pet rocks, which consists of Charlie, Casey, Carrie, Charles, Chatman, Chapman, Carter, Carly, Carlito, Carlitos, Carl, Cooper, Couper and Ray Ray.


Murder of NoYu Sukk  

Murder of NoYu Sukk

On June 4, 2021, after the events of the Great Yuno Birthday Massacre, Wingman took the real Yuno and multiple others - including Kitty Dream, Rudolph (Bo Colt), and Geralt of Rivia - on a mission to perform Yuno's first "Block Special" for his birthday.

Wingman directed Yuno to drive Rudolph's vehicle to the Xero gas station in Little Seoul, where Yuno allowed Wingman and those not interested in taking part in the "Block Special" to exit the car. Yuno then drove himself and the remaining passengers into a gas station pump, causing multiple massive explosions and taking out all four pumps, Rudolph's vehicle, and two additional vehicles already at the station.

With most of the party having been downed by the explosions, Wingman called Four Tee to come pick up the group in Yuno's Sultan and take them to Pillbox Medical Center - all of them agreeing to lie and say that it had been a local who had driven into the gas station and blown them up.

Once recovered from their injuries, Yuno advised the group that Officer Garry Berry needed help identifying a suspect from the Great Yuno Birthday Massacre. Wingman, Kitty, Four Tee, and Yuno then drove to the Mission Row Police Department and were brought by Officer Garry Berry into a room with a one-way mirror window.

Trooper Copper then escorted NoYu Sukk into the lineup room on the other side of the mirror, which prompted an outcry of recognition from Kitty and Yuno as they caught sight of his mustache and identified him as the shooter from the party.

Yuno, having flown into a brief rage at NoYu Sukk having shot at his friends, picked up a sledgehammer and attempted to attack NoYu through the glass, to no avail. NoYu then threatened to shoot Yuno next - in response, Yuno brought up the gas station explosion he had just recovered from, questioning NoYu about his involvement even though Yuno knew he was not involved.

Shockingly and possibly accidentally, NoYu implicated himself in the explosion when he attempted to state "No, you!" about Yuno having blown himself up. Immediately afterwards, having realized his situation and that he was certainly caught, NoYu confessed to killing everyone at the Pacific Standard Bank and falsely confessed to having used his phone to trigger an explosion at the gas station.

NoYu then continued on to tout his charges while pacing the lineup room, backed by commentary by Yuno: attempted murder of nearly a hundred people, terrorism, taking up to fifty people as hostages, criminal threats against a peace officer.

As NoYu turned his back to the glass window, stating the he was "Not done yet, though!", Wingman alerted the others that NoYu was reaching for something. Trooper Copper and NoYu entered a brief confrontation as NoYu slipped his cuffs and attempted to steal Trooper Copper's AR-15.

Having failed in his attempted theft, NoYu then huffed some Nitrous Oxide he had stashed in his pockets and began attacking Trooper Copper with his bare hands. He tackled her to the ground and continued to beat her for several moments, while the spectators yelled in the background for Officer Garry Berry to go help her, until Trooper Copper finally pulled out a knife and stabbed him to get him off of her.

On the floor and injured, but not dead due to his knife-proof vest, NoYu continued to mock the two officers and stated that they wouldn't be able to take him out without shooting him.

Yuno and Wingman shouted to the officers that NoYu was faking his injuries and that he still possessed a gun. However, with Officer Garry Berry already celebrating a win and Trooper Copper possibly dazed by the attack that almost killed her, the warnings were disregarded.

Wingman, recognizing the severity of the situation and backed by the cries of "He's still got a gun! He's reaching for it!" from Yuno, ran past Ranger Tessa Lamb into the lineup room and proceeded to shoot NoYu in the head, killing him instantly.

Caught up in the chaos and confusion of the situation, both Ranger Tessa Lamb and Trooper Copper then opened fire on Wingman - hitting him several times as he fled the lineup room.

Wingman dropped his gun on the first floor of the MRPD as he attempted to escape out the front doors of the department. He was then tackled on the sidewalk steps outside the MRPD and placed into cuffs by Trooper Copper before being escorted back into the police department by Officer Garry Berry.

Immediately after they entered the building, Wingman denied any involvement with the murder and when Officer Garry Berry searched him to prove that the murder weapon was in his possession, Wingman pointed out that he did not have the weapon and stated that the true killer was Slingman-dressed-as-Wingman.

Officer Garry Berry left Wingman in a cell and re-entered the lineup room, where Trooper Copper confirmed NoYu's death. Upon hearing this, Officer Garry Berry pointed out that Wingman would then have to be charged for murder.

However, Trooper Copper immediately rejected the charge, stating "I don't think you understand, Garry". She explained that Wingman saved her life and that she was incredibly close to being killed by NoYu before Wingman interfered.

All in all, after committing the murder of NoYu Sukk in the middle of the Mission Row Police Department - in front of three officers and three civilian witnesses - Wingman was charged with only criminal possession/use of a firearm and was sentenced to prison for 14 months and a $1050 fine.

Leaving the Alta Street Ruff Rydaz  

Leaving the Alta Street Ruff Rydaz

After Mike Block learned that Wingman was almost out of debt due to his job at burgershot, he spoke to the manager of burgershot Robert Spowylamywanowski and tried to get Wingman fired so he would spend more time on "da streets." After Wingman found out about this, he gave Mike the required 2 weeks notice to leave the gang, and started to help Deputy Sam Baas locate Mike's stash house.


Played By: SynthHunter
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