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Hope White is a character role-played by Buttrito

General Description

Hope White also known at Pinky, was born Canadian and later moved to Los Santos after her parents forced her to move out in hopes that it will help her be more mature and responsible. Her mother is a motivational speaker and her father is a pastor. Hope tends to come off as a little bit "not all there" but has a kind heart. She constantly states that she has "never committed a whole crime in her entire life" as her records do in fact come up clean.

Hope has a tendency to "fall in love" easily although it is unsure if her feelings are genuine. At times she can be found searching for dating advice and going on the occasional date. None have been successful as of yet.

She is always willing to help people which lead her to begin her business as a fitness instructor and life coach. However the legitimacy of her advice is questionable. Hope also helps out the employees at Crusade Medical Center. Working with their finances and making invoices.