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Holden D. Block is a character role-played by Jonthebroski


Holden wears an over-sized red football jersey, black glasses, and a black beanie. He sometimes wears a black biker helmet to cover his face.


He is a graduate from the Michigan Institute of Technology with a bachelors in Business. He did not learn the shape and feel of a shotgun while attending MIT.

He became blind on his third and final year of college. He states that he became blind because he was looking at computers all day; his left eye is completely blind whereas his right eye is only 80% blind and he can only see shapes and colors.

Post-Graduate Life

After graduating from MIT, he flew to Los Santos to reunite with his father, Mike Block, and is helping him rob people and the Taco Shop in order to "fund" a $500k ophthalmic surgery to help Holden regain his sight.


  • "Bruh cuh."
  • "Cuh"
  • "EE UR"
  • "Maaaaaaaaaaan..."
  • "I'm legally blind, man."
  • "Aight bet."
  • "Lemme hear some hands!"
  • "Ay yo Pops"


Played By: Jonthebroski
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